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May 22, 2018, 05:26:42 AM

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Author Topic: Interest Check: Cyberpunk  (Read 395 times)

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Interest Check: Cyberpunk
« on: March 06, 2011, 03:00:12 PM »
I've had an idea for a roleplaying setting set in a futuristic city run by computers. The basic idea is that every electronic mechanism has a virtual world inside of it that can be accessed by humans. Everyone born in the city has a device implanted in their bodies that they can connect to an electronic device with the proper port. Their entire bodies are converted into digital data, which then enters the virtual world therein. At this point, they technically do not exist in the real world until they leave the cyberworld, where they will be reformed in the spot where they came in.

Some rules of the world:
--While in the real world, you can change how you will appear in the cyberworld. You can change every aspect of your appearance, up to and including race and gender. You don't even have to be a human being in the cyberworld. The only rule is that you must return to the real world first if you wish to alter your appearance.
--If you are killed in the cyberworld, you will usually be kicked out and sent back to the real world. The administrator of the cyberworld may also choose to have killed persons reappear somewhere else in that world, however.
--Speaking of administrators, they have the power to create, destroy, and modify any element of their cyberworld as they see fit. They can decide who is allowed into their world, and can banish unwanted guests at will. Administrators can also grant others any of their powers for that world if they wish it so.
--Any cyberworlds connected to each other through a network or the internet can be reached from within the cyberworlds themselves. Depending on the world, this may appear as a portal or a door or a train ride that takes you to another cyberworld. Once you cross the border to another cyberworld, you will be subject to that world's rules. If you are carrying a virtual item with you that is forbidden in a world, it will disappear until you return to a world where it is permitted.
--If a cyberworld is deleted by the administrator or the computer housing it is destroyed, all people inside will be kicked out, returning to either the real world or, if they are on a network, the world they came in from.

Of course, there are hackers that can circumvent many of these rules. Depending on how skilled they are, they can make themselves immune to the banhammer, prevent administrators from modifying their own worlds, use the networks to physically travel across the real world, modify cyberworlds without permission, change the properties of other person's avatars, and, if the rumors are to be believed, delete an actual person to cease his existence in both realities.

I think this idea could go quite a few ways. Player characters could take advantage of being able to play as whatever they want in a world of their own design to play out sexual fantasies, or they could become hackers seeking to uncover a dark secret that the city's government is trying to hide from the public.

If anyone has any questions or ideas or is interested in this setting, please reply here in this topic, or PM me if you have to.

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Re: Interest Check: Cyberpunk
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 02:32:56 PM »
I could give it a shot if things get off the ground