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May 26, 2018, 01:06:36 PM

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Author Topic: Under Sovereign's Sky - Custom System, Small Group, Sci-Fi, Players Needed  (Read 4044 times)

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Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

True. Still, even if that happens, having someone who can tell a toaster from a computer will turn out to be very helpful.

Offline Amelita

I just had the most hilarious mental image of a situation where the tech guy botches up and the others go "no! NO! don't let him touch it! Make him tell you what to do, but no matter what you do -don't. let. him. touch it!"

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

That is why it is always a good plan to expect horrible and crippling failure.

Moved and expanded the Computer and Personal Technology section.

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

Expanded the environment section, and added an animal life section under it, in the Setting Reference.

Offline Sasha

 Still working on Character sheet ....but will be away till Monday , traveling this weekend . Smiles .

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

Great, we should be able to start after monday then.

As a note, if anyone has anything they'd like me to clarify, add, or suggestions for the Setting Reference, just PM me.

Offline Aiden

Checking in to see where we are at.

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

I wanted three players to start, so we're just waiting for one more character.

Offline Amelita

No one biting?  :o

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

Looks that way. I'm contemplating starting anyway because we can always add other characters later.

Offline Amelita

Well, you do have two awesome players lined up  8-)

I'm good with whatever you decide, Peace. If you wanna wait and see, that's fine too :)

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

You guys are absolutely great.

On that note, I will be starting tonight or tomorrow at the latest. If anyone gets a CS in and accepted before then, or before the story gets started, they can join right away, after that, if anyone wants to join they'll have to be worked into the story at some later point.

Offline Amelita

Woohoo! ;D

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

Soverign's Sky OOC

The OOC, information and character sheet threads are all now up.

Offline Jazra

This game sounds fun. Do you need any particular class or type of character? I've read through the rules and the initial post. Since I don't have a specific character type in mind yet, I'd be glad to fill any holes that you might have.

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

We don't have any social or tech specialist characters at the moment. Tech offers more utility, but social can be helpful in bargaining, and of course, in convincing/bluffing NPCs. It is completely up to you, I'm not averse to multiple character chosing the same field, all the specializations offer different ways of approaching problems.

Offline Jazra

Name: Jen-Jones

Age: 27

Appearance: Jen has long dark hair. She likes to add reddish highlights. Her eyes are almond brown, but she often chooses to wear exotic contacts in greens and blues. She is 5'6" tall and weights 120 to 125 pounds. Moderately fit, she enjoys running and works out kick-boxing, which keeps her fit.

Bio: Jen spent a typical middle class youth in Korvus City. In school, she was identified as gifted in mathematics and channeled into computer science and engineering studies. Advanced several years ahead of her peers, she finished her formal schooling at age 19 and began an intern under the direction of Lane Rivers of Rivers Financials. She grew close to Lane and moved in with him as his personal assistant and companion. His company managed pension and retirement funds for primarily low level workers in a variety of fields. Lane put Jen in charge of computer security and coding the interface between his company and the banks handling the invested funds. On her third year with Lane and Rivers Financials, auditors discovered that the bulk of the retirement funds had been siphoned off. A small portion of those funds were discovered in the personal accounts of Jen-Jones. She was arrested and despite protesting her innocence sentenced to labor and restitution. The first years were hard, because she felt wronged. But eventually, she regained access to the computer network. A short time later, it was reported that restitution had been completed. At age 27, she is finally free of the burden of working for free, but without funds and her career destroyed. Eager to reboot her life, she looks to begin again.     

Level: 1

Tech: 1 + 3
Survival: 1 + 1
Combat: 1 + 1
Social: 1 + 1

Speciality: Computers

Weapons: Handguns, Knives
Modifications: Wrist terminal.

Clothing: To Be Decided
Items: To Be Decided

[I wanted to get a character up. I'm open to suggestions as Jen is still a bit rough.]
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Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

Great, I'll put up your CS, and you're good to go.Soverign's Sky OOC

Offline Aiden

This game has started, check out the IC.

Would be cool to have some more players. There is a lot of info, but it is a good read to familiarize prospects with the setting.

Offline Morloki

Wow this seems like an awesome RP.  And a big thumbs up for PeacethatPowerbrings for the level of detail. I'm still reading hehe.

Maybe if there is still a spot for a relative newbie (just got approved) compared to the experiencest players in this RP, i can cook up a character and join you.

If you do have some use from me is there a perticular character you prefure ?

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

You're welcome to join. I don't think we need any kind of character in particular, so it's completely up to you. Just write up a character sheet and PM it to me. You can PM me any questions you might have as well.