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June 23, 2018, 06:56:13 PM

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Author Topic: Shamelessly naughty originals! Extreme kinks!  (Read 2944 times)

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Shamelessly naughty originals! Extreme kinks!
« on: March 03, 2011, 11:15:26 PM »
I am in the market for some new writing partners! Elliquiy has been splendid to me in the past; shall it again? Oh but before we get too into things, I suppose there's those necessary basics to get out of the way:

- I am a male and I wish to generally play the male roles. This can vary depending on the storyline. I'm not opposed to playing females, or multiple characters, or etcetera, but what I'm getting at is I'm looking for a female player for any of the female roles listed below.
- I have grown to really like IM play as of late, and as such I would like to do our story together through a messenger. If you are opposed to this though I can likely be sweet-talked into email, pm or forum play.
- This does not mean, however, that I am looking for something short. Descriptive writing is an awfully delicious thing! I would prefer my partner comfortable with doing 2-4 paragraphs per reply, varying as the situation calls for. I do, of course, give plenty to work with in my replies, so don't worry about a lack of material!
- And speaking of length, I'd also like the roleplay itself to be a longterm one. While my ideas below could easily go right into the naughty bits, I find that the build makes everything all the more fun. I like a solid mix of shameless smut and delectable plot, so trust me, there'll be plenty of both!
- I can really enjoy when it's well-done fluffy 'n sweet, but if I had to pick one aspect as my favorite, I'd say that I like things gritty. I like things that are increasingly messed up. The more desperate yet somehow realistic, the better. The more we can take characters we love and twist and corrupt them and somehow have it all be believable, I think that's where the real fun is at. Mindfucking is awfully delicious, mm? Feel free to suggest whatever you want kink-wise, because the list of what I wouldn't be into is a pretty short one: scat, full furry, consensual male/male. Anything else is all fun in my eyes. That's awfully vague, I know, one day I really do need to stop being lazy and comprise a list. For now, assume that whatever exciting, fledgling kink you'd like to play out, I'm probably game for. ;) So don't be shy! I may even have a few ideas of my own to toss in. We can incorporate really anything, so long as it's done believably. That, I think, makes it more fun than anything, that you could really see it happening.
- Show me your interest! One-sentence messages make me =/. Tell me what you saw here that you liked. Tell me what you'd want to leave out, if something didn't do it for you. Tell me what you'd like to add. Simply put, tell me what you're thinking! It's always flattering to get a response to something like this, but aggravating when I have to prod people's interest out of them. You have the nifty benefit of reading through this all before contacting me, so you have an idea of where I'm at, where I'm coming from, what I'm thinking. There's no pressure, no intimidation, just tell me your thoughts too! Help us break the ice!

- I'm super relaxed and friendly. This is a hobby. I'm approachable, swears.

- Finally, the pics below are way NSFW.
I would like to try a roleplay where a young woman becomes a surrogate, a replacement for someone else, having to alter everything about herself from her appearance and her body to her clothes, her way of speaking, her way of thinking, even her name. She would have to become this other person. That is my base idea, exploring the transformation she has to go through, and what she comes to think of herself and how her life has drastically changed with it, but how we go about it is something I'm open about.
This was inspired by a few things so I do have a default idea in place, in case it's something you would like to go with. Whether it be replacing a sickly princess in a castle, Victorian-esque with a manor on a large estate, or modern day with a mansion and a yacht, a rather privileged young woman dies suddenly and, for whatever reason, grief, denial, love, to maintain an heir, a replacement is sought. Why would another person agree to take on this role? Perhaps she is an underprivileged street urchin. Perhaps her family is desperate, and she can afford them all a better life by doing this. Perhaps she's a college student, or a recent graduate, and just sees this as a different, oddly appealing way of life. Perhaps every little girl simply grows up wanting to be treated like a princess. I would like to explore the varying extremes of having to be someone else in this one, and would like someone who would enjoy not skipping over the awkward mentality, the mixture of guilt and thrill of becoming someone so different from yourself.

Incest is fun. Naughty, naughty fun. I've been hoping to try a good mother/son situation that has a lot of tender intimacy to the taboo, but of course it can get plenty raunchy at times. ;) I would like the mother to be the primary instigator here.
Does she have a breakdown, want to go back to a simpler time when he was still young? Was she a young mother that had to give him up, and when he's eighteen he tracks her down; has she regretted it all these years and wants to make up for lost time? Is she overprotective, perhaps to the extreme, and lets her own loneliness and sinful attraction cloud her thoughts on things like protecting her boy from other girls; can she be all he needs? From teaching him how to dress to teaching him about girls, from making sure he knows about safe sex to things like how to talk to someone, how to be a good kisser, where will bad judgement take it from there? Do they miss the private things a son and his mother do together? Bathing together? Breastfeeding? Do they try these now and love it, something private just between them? Do they end up feeling guilty? Do they delve further anyway?
Oh, how the proud will fall... I would like to try a roleplay where a lady knight falls from glory and is subsequently punished for it. Where we go from there is up to us.
What did she fail in? Was she to protect one of royal blood? Charged with the security of a small, but strategically valuable border town? In charge of a convoy carrying valuable gold and supplies? Whatever we go with, was it her fault completely? Was it not her fault in the slightest? Is this once-proud knight being held responsible for the loss, or worse, did the events go so poorly that she is being accused of treachery? Regardless, I would enjoy a strong, proud female character to break down and abuse, either by her lord or by an interrogator -- physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it. She will be blamed. She will be used to vent upon. Jailed. Chained. Degraded. Humiliated. Privately. Publicly. Like an animal. Less than female. Less than human. Paraded around naked for the public to pelt with rotten fruit. Pinned against the wall of a hot, musky stone cell, branded like an animal. This can go many places. Would you like to be abused? Can you keep a backbone throughout, do you think? Will it be a deliciously endless cycle, or at some point will she have a chance to redeem herself?

I've been interested for awhile now to play out an incest scenario where mutual respect/familial respect/human respect in general sort of just falls flat. I think this would be more believable in a cousin/cousin set up than brother/sister or something of the like, because there's nothing saying the two have to be close. Just bound by blood, so 1) they're supposed to help each other out, and 2) touching the no-no spots are taboo.
What I envision for this is the two cousins both living in an area without any other family around, most likely a city setting. They don't live together; they're at opposite ends. Economy sucks though. Money is tough. And who's to say either one is super responsible? Maybe the female lost her job, lost her place, and now she has no one else to turn to, just sort of showing up outside his door one day. Legitimate bad luck? Substance abuse? Gambling problem? Times are just that tough? Maybe he's not an incredibly upstanding citizen either. His apartment is shit, and if she's going to want to stay there with free room and board maybe he makes her earn it. Should a lustful relationship start between the cousins first due to their living together, and then it descends into objectifying trash? Or does he make it clear that she's gonna have to earn her keep from the get go, and despite it a dependency on him as a provider develops? Should we do a sweet, private, even adorable relationship that turns sour when she shies away from the incest and he forces himself upon her? Do times get tough and he has little option but to start whoring his cousin to the landlord? What do you think?

Best Friend/Best Friend
I'd like to do a crossdressing play. This doesn't necessarily have to be two best friends, it could be cousins or siblings, but I think that's where my preference would be.
Basically I'd like a situation where the girl catches the boy experimenting, and instead of letting him clam up and get super embarrassed/uncomfortable/distant, she's tender and encouraging in the way that girls do best. Or maybe it's the result of a dare, which are totally law, and that's when Pandora's Box is opened. As much of a shock as it is, maybe it really excites her to be a part of it. Maybe she encourages him every step of the way in this exploration. Sleepovers where she teaches him all kinds of girly things, from make-up and clothing to movies and magazines to walking and sounding like a female, to even sexual things. Would you enjoy being this guiding hand? Do you think you could take a curious boy and help him transform enough that you could take him out to the mall or to the movies as your new female friend and nobody would ever notice?

Basically, I'd like to experiment more with various extremes.

This could easily be in either a real world setting or something more fantasy-ish, depending on what we'd like to do together. What we incorporate would depend entirely on what we decide to play together, and I assure you, I'm open to trying anything you are. Violence? Gritty desperation? Vore? Cannibalism? Mutilation? Character death? Etcetera. Perhaps your character is a simple maiden collecting flowers in a field, her town existing on her country's border, and a group of soldiers patrolling from the other country happen upon her and rape and beat her to death right atop those beautiful wildflowers she's loved since she was a child. Perhaps your gal is an adventurer that bit off more than she could chew, and she ends up getting knocked unconscious and dragged back to a troll camp where she's then stretched and stuffed with vegetables and tossed in a simmering pot, or roasted over a flame. Or your character watches the rest of her party go down one by one in a random battle that they were just outclassed in; maybe she's disarmed and taken as a slave, or executed in public due to her race or her connections, or just raped there in the center of the battlefield and left afterwards, they taking a sick amusement in allowing her to survive what will always be a nightmare. Or just some good, ol' fashioned monster rape/egg impreg/dismemberment/vore. This is all, of course, quite extreme. Feel free to toss your own thoughts for a fun scene my way if this kind of thing interests you! Some tasteless visuals~