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Author Topic: Interest Check: Afternoon (Trashy) Talkshow Cast, Cast and Guests! [MUL]  (Read 670 times)

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Offline MoiraeTopic starter

"Today on Now! with Todd and Candy ... 'My baby's feather is my estranged cousin!'  Meet mothers who are reaching out their long lost cousins to bring them together as a family and introduce them to their sons and daughters, and meet with our in house psychologist.  Are these cousins prepared to face the reality of their decisions, though?  Can they truly form strong, healthy family ties?  Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster and a special musical performance from Dirty Kitty today on Now! with Todd and Candy!"

"Did he just say feather?" the Producer whispered, casting a quick glance to the board technician beside him.

"Shit, shit, shit," another in the control booth whispered as the Executive Producer slowly rose from his chair on the raised level. 

"I think he's drunk again," the Producer said, a little more clearly, as the audience's applause ran out over the arrival of the Todd and Candy.  "Camera 2, close up on Candy.  She doesn't look high today."

"Bloody hell," the Executive Producer hissed.  "Does Todd have an erection?  Camera 3!" 

Now! with Todd and Candy is an hour long afternoon talk show that airs from 12PM -1PM on the CBN network (ranked 6th) and is filmed in Atlantic City, New Jersey and airs live on the east coast and central standard time (five second censor, of course).  It is currently ranked 5th in its category and 15th overall in its time slot ratings.  It is premiering in its fifth season changing from Now! with Todd with the arrival of a new, fresh co-host and some other changes the "upstairs bigwigs" have decided are necessary to keep the show alive and on the air.

Among the chaos and tension of producing the show, catering to the 'talent,' and keeping the special guests under control, drama, sex and comedy play out behind the scenes among the cast, crew and lucky guest. 

This show is a bit of a mash up of a morning show and every trashy afternoon talk show you've seen -- Tyra, Jerry Springer, Maury, etc.  It's main focus will be the core cast and chew (Anchors, Producer, Director, Bouncer, psychologist) and the revolving guests that appear.  Provided on interest more crew roles, or assistant roles, may be opened; for the interim they'll be filled as NPCs or simply left in the shadows.

Players interested are welcome to submit interest for an available role or assume different characters as guests and/or audience members; multiple roles are being accepted.  We're looking for players who can be active on at least a weekly level, write with at least a modest level of literacy and consistency and plan on having a really fun (and naughty) time.  All proposed characters must first be approved by the GMs (Moirae and Ramster) before being posted. 

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer:  Mikey Kenneth // Moirae
Executive Producer:  Rob Anderson // GrapeTootsiePop

Natalie Morris // Kendra

Co-Anchor (Todd):
Todd Landry // Ramster
Co-Anchor (Candy):
Candle "Candy" Light // Moirae

House Bouncer:
Keller Duncan // Elina

In-House Psychologist:
Dr. Gabrielle Stewart // Zillah

Guests of the Show:
Betty Sue Taylor // lovelylilT
Tory 'Tiger' Bane // Kendra
Cecil Wilson aka Master Big-n-Hairy // olive
Brenda Jerkins aka Juicy Fruit // olive
Charity Grace // Zillah
Unnamed // Elina

Recurring Audience Members:  These are small roles to be filled during the show, a handful of people the show hires to attend and ask hilarious or dramatic question. 

Character profiles should be sent to Moirae and Ramster for approval.

Character Profile
Show Position:
Description and/or Photo:

Code: [Select]
[u][b]Character Profile[/b][/u]
[b]Show Position[/b]:
[b]Description and/or Photo[/b]:

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Offline Ramster


We have now filled quite a few positions, so here's an update on who's doing what and what's still available:

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer:  N/A (Moirae)

Producer: Open

Assistant: Open

Director: Open

Co-Anchor (Todd): N/A (Ramster)
Co-Anchor (Candy): N/A (Moirae)

House Bouncer: a charismatic psychotic sociopath, to be played by Elina

In-House Psychologist/nutritionist: a ditzy, unqualified, highly judgmental and sanctimonious bitch to be played by Zillah

Guests of the Show: Show themes will be available (cousins marrying cousins, my sister slept with my first ex-husband and had my second husband's baby, I won the lottery and now I'm broke, I'm pregnant with my principal's baby, I'm my own grandfather, Ten ways to become a pimp, and etc), C and D list celebrities and politicians.  These will be brief roles only occurring once in the story. 

Players interested in playing guests: [Moirae, Ramster] olive, Kendra, possibly Zillah and Elina. We can never have enough guests!

Recurring Audience Members:  These are small roles to be filled during the show, a handful of people the show hires to attend and ask hilarious or dramatic question.  Ramster will probably be unable to help himself at some point, and expect several other interesting characters played by the rest of the cast, or cameo appearances by others.

Offline MoiraeTopic starter

The OOC Discussion and Chatter page is up!

We still have a few roles open, and are always taking guest characters, if anyone else would like to join in!