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Author Topic: Two D&D Characters in Search of a DM (D&D 3.5)  (Read 627 times)

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Two D&D Characters in Search of a DM (D&D 3.5)
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:52:31 PM »
So, for the past few days, I've had ideas for two seperate D&D characters rattling around in my head that don't really seem to want to be let go of. ^^; One character is rather more developed than the other one at the moment, and after building and rebuilding the first character in my head, over and over again, for the past few days, I've come to the conclusion that my best shot for getting both of these character out of my head would be to wind up playing as one or the other of them in a game.

Thus far, quite a bit is negotiable.  I haven't finalized stats on either of them, so either point buy or rolling are fine, I'm good with any setting and the only books I'd really require for playing as either character are listed in the descriptions for said character.  Admittedly, as far as sexual content goes, I'd prefer for more of a focus on adventure and/or intrigue, rather than straight-up sex, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be interested in sexual elements of any kind working their way into the story, and indeed, I even have some ideas on what could happen with each character, which will also be listed in the descriptions below.

If you'd be interested in DMing a game involving either of the characters listed below, please feel free to either express interest here or PM me.  We can discuss the general setup, possible plots, builds, getting another player or two on-board...  Anything needed to get a game started, really.

And so, without further ado...

Lucca Poltergeist, the more developed character of the two, is, mechanically, a Hellbred (Fiendish Codex II) Ghost (Monster Manual), using the Ghost template's innate telekinesis supernatural ability to enter into the Master of the Unseen Hand prestige class (Complete Warrior).  Ideally, I'd be using the Ghost Savage Progression, which I can multiclass out of after three or four levels, rather than the template, but if you think that's too powerful, I'm fine with using the template, instead.

The basic character concept is somewhat based on the 1989 film The Crow, and keeping with that spirit, part of the class progression used to qualify for Master of the Unseen Hand would be four levels in Hexblade, with the Dark Companion alternate class feature (Player's Handbook 2) flavored as a ghostly, illusory raven that follows after Lucca.  Rounding that out would be one level of Dread Necromancer (Heroes of Horror) for some self-healing, and after it would come levels in Fighter with the Dungeoncrasher alternate class feature (Dungeonscape), unless you think that that, too, is too powerful.  The Ghostly Grasp feat (Libris Mortis) allows for limited interaction with the living, while most of the other feats would be chosen to allow Lucca to better take advantage of the 'combat maneuver' part of her telekinesis.

As far as her backstory goes, Lucca is, essentially, a damned soul who refuses to let even death stop her in her quest for redemption.  The servant of a fiend in her former life, she repented of her wicked ways in her last few moments of life and was brought back from death in order to be given a chance to redeem herself (pretty much the basic backstory for all Hellbred, as outlined in FCII).  Unfortunately, before she could get very far in her quest, agents of the fiend who had a claim on her soul killed her, intent on reclaiming her soul for their dark master.  This plan was then unexpectedly thwarted when she refused to pass on, instead rising from her grave as a wandering ghost.

Depending on what level she starts at, Lucca is thus either kept in this world by her quest for redemption, or she has already succeeded at redeeming her soul, but is still tied to this world because the fiend who formerly had a claim on her soul decided to steal her body, instead.  Either option could lead to some interesting storylines, and the first option could well lead into the second one at some point, as she gradually levels up.

As far as potential sexual elements go...  Well, for starters, being undead means that Lucca essentially has no libido.  However, that does not keep her from longing for the touch of a living person in a different way, and since ghosts are strongly charisma-based, it's easily possible that a (tragic) romance with an adventuring companion could develop at some point, perhaps helped along by either certain magic items or spells.

Thirteen of the Lucky Numbers (name is negotiable), on the other hand, is the lesser-developed of the two characters.  The main thing I've got down for her is the racial choice, which would be a type of LA+3 outsider called a Keeper (Fiend Folio).  Keepers possess most of the same immunities as constructs and a few other nifty abilities, key among which is the ability to cause their natural weapons to mimic the properties of any manufactured weapon they've seen.  To that end, I imagine at least part of Thirteen's build would involve either the Kensai prestige class from Complete Warrior or this magic item called the Necklace of Natural Attacks (Savage Species, and also here if you scroll down to the bottom).

Keepers got their own 'Ecology of...' article in Dragon Magazine #353 which helped flesh them out a bit from the basic treatment they got in the Fiend Folio, and which would provide at least part of Thirteen's backstory.  Essentially, they're D&D's version of the Men in Black, enigmatic, dark-clothed beings who go around asking bizarre questions and making threats, and occasionally acting to silence witnesses to certain events, or people who have learned knowledge they wish kept secret.  The main reason I'm interested in playing a Keeper is because it seems like the makings of a really interesting sort of campaign, in which the player would alternate between being a hero in certain situations, and a villain in others.

Admittedly, on the sexual situations front, Keepers don't appear to reproduce sexually, and thus don't have libidos, either, but that wouldn't necessarily keep them from attempting such activities.  Part of the write-up for them in Dragon 353 was that they often attempted to 'blend in' to regular society, but that they tended to get things wrong as often as they got them right, such as buying food without eating it, or hanging out in popular social spots, but never saying anything.  Combine that with sexual situations, and I can't help but imagine some very interesting and hilarious roleplaying...

And... that's basically it.  If you read through all of the above, congratulations and thank you.  And again, if you're interested in DMing for either of the above two characters, feel free to post in here or send me a PM. ^^;

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Re: Two D&D Characters in Search of a DM (D&D 3.5)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2012, 04:12:38 PM »
Hey Kuno. It's been a while. I was wondering if you'd managed to find a DM for this particular threat or are even still looking considering the length of time since it was posted. I ask because I have been playing D&D irl for some time now and I DM games regularly. I have a campaign idea that might be of interest to you if you're still game. Let me know.

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