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Author Topic: Seeking Worlds To Build/Explore: Companions Apply Within (M seeking F, assorted)  (Read 811 times)

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Online TheGlyphstoneTopic starter

I’m a world-builder at heart. I love creating settings almost as much as I love playing in them. Alternate histories, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, you name it. But it’s a lot of work, and collaborative creations are always more satisfying in the end; after all, you can only play with yourself for so long before it gets boring. I’ve got some preconceived RP concepts below, but I’m always open to offers, and the more opportunities for creativity, the better.

Story Prompts:
All The Time In The World (Light/BON or NC)
Twenty Minutes into the Future, stable and somewhat economical time travel technology letting people visit the past has opened up an entirely new form of tourism..and an entirely new form of crime. Wealthy, unscrupulous collectors pay big bucks on the black market for temporal artifacts of all kinds, everything from famous paintings to authentic brass subway tokens. In response, the Temporal Police (in between preventing madmen from changing history to make themselves rule the world) are forced to open a special department designed to prevent or counter these otherwise minor thefts, having no way to predict what otherwise innocuous objects might cause a major paradox if disturbed.
Enter two figures. A seemingly uncatchable master time-thief, rich off countless heists and a constant thorn in the side of the authorities. A stoic, relentless detective who has made it the goal of their career to catch this "Phantom". Pursuing a tip-off that for once turns out to be accurate, the detective manages to corner their prey somewhere far in the past, and a struggle ensues. Somewhere during the fracas, both of their travel devices end up damaged, stranding them in the past, two refugees displaced far away in time and space from their home...

I'm open to playing either the thief or the detective, and the setting could be anywhere from medieval times to the current "present" by our reckoning, and all sorts of things in between. As a Light/BON scenario, it would probably involve the two characters grudgingly deciding to work together voluntarily, either to wait for some sort of rescue, or to engineer an escape by themselves. It'd also work as NC, in which case whichever character I end up playing (I prefer writing as dominant) would end up overpowering the other during the initial struggle, possibly including rape, and only afterwards discovering they are trapped, at which point it would proceed much the same as above minus the 'voluntary' part.


The Blonde Stranger (Light, Seduction/Adultery)

This is an odd one, so bear with me. Basically, a short RP inspired by this Jimmy Buffet song/video:

Jimmy Buffett - Who's The Blonde Stranger?

TLDW: A couple goes on vacation to some tropical resort (the song has Texas, but it could easily be the Carribean or Hawaii). The wife is laid up with sunburn, the husband goes out wandering, and ends up cheating on her with a hot blonde. Simultaneously, though, his wife happens to cheat on him with another man at the resort. In the end, they both go home pretending nothing happened, and pretending they didn't know the other was up to something.

The way I see this working is a little odd, but could be fun…I’d be playing both men, and need someone to play both of the women, so that the two sub-stories 'end' together. In both cases, the ‘blonde stranger’ is the seducer.


The Second Most Dangerous Game: (NC, Bon) (credit to midnight diamond, from whom I blatantly stole borrowed the concept)

Nothing excites him anymore. He’s one of the world’s top ten richest men, with personal wealth exceeding that of numerous small nations. He runs or ruins corporations, dines with world leaders, and could easily be considered one of the most powerful individuals on earth. But when you’re at the top, nothing is interesting anymore – nothing excites him. The most potent of drugs fail to entertain him, the most exquisite cuisine is dull and mundane at his table. The most beautiful women in the world fail to invoke his lust any longer, and no extreme sport or big game can send his adrenaline pumping…so he decides to invent his own sport, and hunt his own game.

He has a private island, uncharted in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, holding his own private residence and a number of small houses and shelters kept stocked with food and…other accessories. According to his tastes and whims, he has attractive women of no particular importance abducted off the street, disappeared without a trace, and brought to him on his island. There, he sets them free to wander the jungle – and hunts them, a challenge to evade his pursuit in exchange for fabulous wealth. When he catches them, they are his to ravish and rape – then he lets them loose to try again, over and over until their entertainment value dwindles and they are sent home in one fashion or another.


Also interested in:
-Post-apocalyptic settings
-Sci-fi settings
-RP in David Weber’s Honorverse (OCs only, as noted in Ons/Offs)
-RP in the Warhammer or Warhammer 40K settings

If anything here interests you, post here or PM me.
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Online TheGlyphstoneTopic starter

All The Time In The World and The Second Most Dangerous Game are now spoken for.

EDIT: Blonde Stranger claimed. All nonspecific RP concepts are still fair game.
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