Something Naughty (F/F BDSM)

Started by Villain, March 01, 2011, 01:35:47 PM

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Inspired by some stories I took part of on an old rp board. PM me if you're interested and would like to know more.

Their names are Elicia and Candice they have a secret. A few months into being married, on a night out with some friends, Elicia cheated on her husband Nick with Candice. She's regretted it ever since and swore never do it again, but unfortunately for her Candice is a bit sweet on her. Everytime they've met by chance Elicia has shown total resentment towards her, but Candice isn't up for giving up even if Elicia is married. Approaching her at her own apartment Candice decides to try something else, something which will be naughty and an awful lot of fun.

Elicia Description
Name: Elicia Black
Nicks: Eli, Baby Doll
Height: 5'8"
Frame: Shapely.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Dark blue.
General: Adorably curvy
Heritage: Japanese and Italian.
Personality: Elicia is a sweet girl with her loved ones' best intentions at heart, if at times she seems spoilt and selfish. She has a quick temper and can even be perceived as snotty or childish, but all in all, she's grown into a strong woman who no longer retreats when times get rough.
Hobbies: Piano, singing, songwriting, and acting.
Loves: The stage and the approval of an audience.
Hates: Drunks
Style: A mixture of trampy and Bohemian.
Studied: Music and Musical Theory.

Candice Description
Name: Candice Dolton
Nicks: Candy
Height: 5'9"
Frame: Shapely.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
General: Confident and tanned
Heritage: American
Personality: Candy is a very outgoing girl. She lives her life to the fullest, having fun whenever she can and not letting rules or peoples opinions stand in her way. If she wants something she'll have it.
Hobbies: Dancing, Burlesque Dancing and Painting.
Loves: Clubs and dancing
Hates: Close minded people
Style: Trendy.
Studied: Art and English