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Author Topic: kyra's RP ideas. (mostly seeking Dominant characters) updated 2/22/13  (Read 1244 times)

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Offline Kyra QTopic starter

Hello [You],  I'm glad you decided to check this out.

I first posted these,  ideas a while back, now I’m updating to include the first post, or the majority of a first post... That way most people interested in playing, can see my writing style, and hopefully write a response, that way I can choose who may be more fun to play with.

Ill start my first round of RP ideas here. Please Pm me if interested.

Overwhelming tattoos- (seeking a dom character)

Girl goes to a tattoo parlor to get her first tat. she can't decide between a couple and asks the artist or perhaps her friend that came along) to pick the best one. Its a kanji for a word and finds that her personality is affected by it. (For example, if it was the word happy, she would always smile, 'lust' her mind would always be in the gutter, etc etc.) At first she doesn't think anything of it, but after a few days, she realizes that the behavior change started with that tattoo. Goes back to confront the artist, and finds herself talked into another.. this time the tat would allow him to take advantage of her.

(I would be considering to take a f domme on this one, but I think it works a little better with the male.)

The Contract. (Seeking a male or female domme) (had started this a couple times, but sadly never went far)
Two people meet online and are from other places. the woman (played by myself) would go to meet the other, sign a contract to be the slave starting the next day. Of course he or she might try to get her to play the role early, but won't have any of it until tomorrow. Shortly after midnight she is woken up "its tomorrow." And the games begin.   PM me about potential scenes you would like worked in.

I would almost say this could be close to NC, but reluctant at first, she knew what she signed up for, but might have trouble over coming personal issues, like being told to spread her legs for her owner, or just get open her knees and start sucking.  things I would also like to see, heavy use of toys, clothing picked for her (Slutty or fetishwear), vocabulary control, ("don't say 'Penis,'  you say 'cock." type of things), bondage of course.  She would be there for a week, so there could be a different adventure for every day depending.  PM me if you have any ideas or thoughts.

Isle of Ownership.  (seeking Dom/me)

Its the near future.  In the middle of the pacific is a man-maid island.  Though certain practices which the rest of the world at large consider illegal,  are not only allowed, but are required practices.  Specifically the country has a bdsm slave caste that represents the hierarchy.  Of course, the technology is far beyond the rest of the world, so no country makes moves against them, because they all want to buy their technology. 

Visa are granted to people, but it only gets them as far as the docks, unless they have made arrangements.  Usually businessmen and women will agree to be 'slaves' of potential partners knowing they will be treated well.  Rich can pay for vacations in much the same way.  Contracts are always upheld.

A reporter gets a visa as she wants to do a story not realizing she will be turned away at the gates to the city.  But then gets offered to be taken as a slave by a master or mistress.  She of course wouldn't sign a contract as she puts on the collar, and once its on its too late, she is property.  Though she wouldn't know that until the rules were explained to her, by her new owner.

Scenes I would like to see in here:
body enhancement such as piercings or tattoos
breast enlargement
sex toys
name change (or removal for a number?)
clothing picked out for her.
If you have other interests, PM me, I'm sure we could work it in with a society built around BDSM

new on July 21:

Fetish Clothing

The premise could very from a woman going to a hypno show, to maybe a  magic pair of earrings, the triggering event can differ.  The result is that one woman is completely dependent upon another person to pick her clothes out every day.  Every day after the sun rises, whatever outfit she puts on first,will affect her personality.  For example, if she dressed as a cheerleader, for the rest of the day she would be cheerful, if she was a french maid, she might pick up a french accent, and be OCD about cleanliness, if she dressed as a bimbo, she might not be able to think smart thoughts...

Pm me if you want to come up with a plot.

The Piercing.  (nc, bondage, and open to other ideas)

Girl gets her tongue pierced for the first time, the stud she uses has a strange gem in it.  Little does she know, that its part of a pair, whoever owns the other one, will have ownership of her will...  She will never be able to refuse them, until they give her permission to remove the tongue ring... if they ever give permission.

Hussled  (seeking dominant partner,)

A woman has a habit of going to various bars, and sizing up easy targets.  she will play a game or two of pool, and work her way up to betting money, she will always lose but make it look like she's getting better, always making the game look closer, and she always runs out of money after a double or nothing.  She never gives up though, she always offers, all the money he has, or she'll be his sex slave for a week...  She always wins...  except this time.

She finds a mark who recognizes her, seeing it happen a few times in different places.  But due to circumstances, they are in different clothes, cleaned up a bit, and hence look like an easy target...  Taking amusement, this person plays the game right up to the sex slave thing, and then agrees only if she agrees to pretend to like it.. and then shows that they really are good.   She is publicly shown off as ([you]'s?) sex slave before she can get away, and reluctantly goes home. 

(PM if interested, let me know if your character is M or F, and the kinds of things you would like to do with a girl in this scenario)

Added: 2/22/13

The Fetish club. (seeking dominant partner)

My character is convinced to go to a club. by her friend, when she gets there there are two entrance fees, a dominant one, and a sub one.  The sub fee is cheap, but requires the person to wear a collar, the dom/me is pricey, but no collar is required.  My character wears the sub collar, and finds out when she gets in, its more of a sex club than she would have expected, and even worse, she finds she is completely unable to refuse a person who is not wearing a collar.

added 3/11/13


(seeking dominant partner, male or female)

My character would be a lifestyle dominatrix used to getting her way, using people (and being quite open and public about it), and generally enjoying life.  Then she's knocked out (attacked in a dark alley?  a drink at a club that's drugged?  something else?) an she wakes up naked , and informed by your character that she is going to be transformed into the perfect sex slave.  Given a new name (or number? or something else?), an outfit of your character's choice, and the training begins.  But what would your character do?  a punishment/reward system such as shock collars?  hypnosis to slowly bend her will?  drugs and subliminal such as drugging her and then making her watch movies of depraved things, until she feels the urge to do them?  something worse?  something better?
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Offline Kyra QTopic starter

Re: kyra's RP ideas.
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2011, 08:19:35 pm »
The first Posts:  This is what i envision the first post looking like.  if interested in one of my ideas, please PM me, Tell me what kind of things you would like to see (don't spoil too much, but give me a general direction) and maybe what you see as your first response.  I apologize in advance, but i only see my self trying there Rps with one or two people each. 

Overwhelming Tattoos.

I had been thinking about doing this for a while.  But seriously, tattoos are permanent.  I wanted one that would always look good.  Something cool, almost mystical, something that people would ask about.  A couple friends and I entered the parlor, and looked around, immediately a couple girls found exactly what they wanted, and the artists there started their work.

We were all a bit buzzed admittedly, but it was fun.  Sarah cried, while it was being done.  I got up, because I still felt undecided.  I found a hallway, presumably to the bathrooms, and I found a man tattooing a girls back.    It was a small tattoo, and she didn't seem to be in any pain...  I looked at her back, and saw a strange Asian letter, or word or whatever. 

I stepped a little closer, staying silent not to interrupt his work.  It was very ornate, and had a very etheral quality about it.  I wondered if he had custom ink of some sort.  Finally the needle came off her back, and I felt as though I was not gonna cause a problem and asked, “What does that mean?”

(Presumably from here he (you) would say that I wasn't supposed to be back here, this is for special clients.  I'd apologize, but say I was really impressed.  He'd smile and change his disposition offering me a the chance to take one of his marks free of charge...)

The Contract

(NC?  I'm not sure.  She agrees to be a slave not realizing what she is getting into. Bondage, sex, humiliation all pluses.  If you want to try anything more extreme, check with  me)

So I met [you] sometime ago online.  We roleplayed on some chat program from time to time about things like bondage and submission and all that stuff.  Occasionally he would send pictures to my email and say he could imagine me in some crazy outfit. From day 1, and many other days onward he always told me that if I wanted to try out, we could meet, he was well off enough to have any of my fantasies come true.  For two years nothing happened.

Well I lost my job a few months ago, and that was stressful.  But I was hired at a new firm.  I was to start in two weeks... So why not one last wold adventure before started.   I contacted [you], and the next day I received a plane ticket in my email, I exchanged a few emails.  I would go there, be his slave for a week, and be back a few days before my new job started.  I always liked the idea of being tied up while having sex.. it was thrilling.  He even insisted on a 'salve contract,' which just made it hotter.

So here I am, wearing a t-shirt and some tight jeans.  Makeup lightly done, and my hair is up.  I look around waiting to see my escort. 

(Of course, she things that it will be just kinky sex a couple times a day.  But it will actually be a 24/7 lifestyle for her starting at midnight after she lands.  She'll sign it when they get back to his place, presumably a large mansion or penthouse apartment?)

Proper Treatment.

I was at this crazy club.  We were all dressed in PVC, latex, rubber, and the timid ones were in leather.  The place was so rockin!'  My arms reached for the sky as I jumped up and down to the music.  I felt the vibrations in mybra.  I unzipped part of my top, reached in, and saw that (some friend) was calling.  Strange, I thought tonight was the big date.

“Hello?”  it was hard to hear.   I heard sobbing.. Oh No.. “Hold on Sweetie, I need to step outside so I can hear you.”  I ran out the door past the exit and into the parking lot.  “Hi what's wrong.” 

The relationship went in a bad direction.  My best friend got into a huge fight with (you), and started saying some nasty shit.   There was even some physical violence, and one (you) left (my best friend) on the side of the road to walk home in the middle of nowhere.  I was furious.

I jumped in my car, stopped in my place grabbed a bag of goodies, immediately I was aware I shouldn't be doing this.   I was still dressed like some freak dominatrix, which wasn't by design, but considering what I was about to do... it worked. 

I pounded on (your) door,  “hey!  Open the fucking door!”

(This one will be Non-consensual, maybe a bit rough, should be pretty kinky, lol)

Offline Kyra QTopic starter

Re: kyra's RP ideas.
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2011, 11:15:43 pm »
Added Aisle of Ownership..

Tomorrow if i can, I may add one more story, and 'first post' (At least what would be the first post based on what the story looks like now, without a partner's input)

Offline Kyra QTopic starter

Re: kyra's RP ideas. (mostly seeking Dominant characters)
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2011, 07:28:48 pm »
added to the contract description.

added two new ideas: 'The Piercing,' and 'Fetish Clothing'

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Re: kyra's RP ideas. (mostly seeking Dominant characters)
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2011, 11:27:00 pm »
added: hussled

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Re: kyra's RP ideas. (mostly seeking Dominant characters) updated 2/22/13
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2013, 07:39:07 pm »
added :  The fetish Club

Offline Kyra QTopic starter

Re: kyra's RP ideas. (mostly seeking Dominant characters) updated 2/22/13
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2013, 08:24:49 pm »
added 'Toppled'