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Author Topic: Urban Fantasy: The Delicious Intricacies of the Fallenstar Family  (Read 754 times)

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Offline DariusfallenstarTopic starter

The Fallenstar family currently has two (2) primary openings, each with the deliberate intent of diversifying plot and adding tension. This game is meant to be cooperative and not "run" by any one person - no "Godmode" no "Autoing" etc; we're just looking for sensual fun with supernatural elements. We are interested in post style as well as length in potential players.

Themes\kinks of this game include, but are not limited to:

  • Incest
  • Power plays
  • Intense sexual gratification
  • Supernatural partners
  • Supernatural violence/plot elements
  • Political maneuvering between supernatural elements and human elements
  • The humiliation and possible abuse\use of regular humans by supernatural beings
  • Magic

Primary Openings:

Brother: The clan currently has a vampire and a sorcerer; any new brother characters should be different enough to add unique flare and flavor to the game.
Sister: Bisexual preferred. The current clan has an extremely lust-driven (one might even call her slutty as hell) sister. We're interested in another female to diversify the plot/personalities here.

Secondary Openings:

Occasionally there may be room for people to "peek" in - playing mortals seduced by these supernatural creatures, or antagonists for brief scenes. People interested in these roles should shoot me an email.

In addition, there may be room for non-forum play with "side" family members. This roleplay would be considered non-cannon (meaning it doesn't actually influence the forum story at all). If you are interested in IM roleplay in this setting, feel free to contact me.

See the thread introduction here for an idea of the flavor we're going for. I've also copied the basic rundown of the world below for your easy perusal.


Time: Current
Location: Atlanta (among others)

   The world of the Fallenstar fantasy abides all manner of magic and supernatural mayhem; albeit with a slanted catch. In this world, all supernatural beings use their powers at risk – they tempt an addiction. Ancient sorcerers wield their spells carefully, as magic drains their higher brain functions and fuels their flesh, leaving them highly over-sexed.  Vampires might feed on lust or bodily fluids (orgasmic fluids, usually) rather than blood, and werewolves could use violent sex as an outlet for their transformative powers. Other addictions are, of course, possible; vampires addicted to crack and Incubi addicted not to sex, but to some other substance, are possible – but rarer.
   Sorcerers are considered the top of the food chain, but anyone can use magic with the proper training, though the consequences can be daunting and dangerous. A vampire who accidentally casts the wrong spell and summons tentacle monsters, then subsequently goes into a blood/sex frenzy at the same time…well, you get the picture.
   Because of the nature of the world, a massive industry of new fetishes and sexual slavery have arisen – mostly on the black market. Huge wealth exchanges hands over the sale of so-called “Over Addicted” spell-casters – usually female – who need constant stimulation for power. Likewise, the supernatural porn industry is a multi-billion dollar business – which is where the Fallenstar family comes in.

The Fallenstar Family (Currently Active):
   Darius (Human Sorcerer): The sorcerer patriarch. Darius Fallenstar is a distant, but extremely controlling father figure to his family. Having long since become powerful enough that his lust can reach extreme levels, he has had offspring with a wide variety of supernatural beings, giving himself a large family. He rarely interacts directly with his family – though he would to protect them or his own interests. He runs a corporation that specializes in the training and protection of any person who wants to learn magic safely and reaps tremendous profits from it.
   Malek (Vampire, Lust Addicted): Malek is one of Darius’ younger sons via a coupling with a succubus. Though he can feed on either blood or lust, he’s taken his particularly gifted appearance and gone into the underground porn industry (much to his father’s dismay). Malek runs the “Fallenstar Adult Entertainment Group” – one that accepts only the most attractive and enterprising supernaturals for some of the most…taboo roles possible. So far, he’s made little money in the industry, but it’s looking to pick up.
   Holly (Sorceress): Holly is Darius' youngest daughter. Her mother was a particularly powerful sorceress as well; lending itself to Holly's studies. In her years since maturing, Holly had dedicated her life to becoming as powerful as her father. For a time, Holly was known as the Queen of Illusions. Unfortunately, frequent use of her powers  has caused Holly to become all but addicted to sex - including types of sex more intense than most mortals can handle.
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Re: Urban Fantasy: The Delicious Intricacies of the Fallenstar Family
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Updated requirements, postings.