Geniuses! m/f and m/m

Started by WittyShrew, February 28, 2011, 07:27:13 PM

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So. I love Spencer Reid, right? Yanno. Criminal Minds. ANYWAY.

Weak plot is weak:

So whether it be a professor, an FBI agent, a homicide detective, a PI a CEO or W/E... This young man is as socially awkward as they come but he's been blessed with smarts. My character could go be one of three things. A gold-digging twat who will attempt to seduce the nerd who will obviously resist because it's unprofessional, a really STUPID girl who happens to catch the nerd's attention and he's like oh yaaay do want but has no game so he struggles, OR...a guy who just so happens to be even smarter than said nerd despite his age. Can we spell tension?

(: There it is. I usually don't request with such specific plots in mind but god damn I love Spencer Reid's character so hard that I gotta give it a shot. Besides, socially awkward geeks are endearing. You're better off sending me a private message or sending me an im to get my attention.

I have several character profiles up that I am more than willing to send your way. My on/offs always depend on the character I am playing so if you wanna know, feel free to ask. Also, I'm always open to any rps that involve the crime genre so if you enjoy that, hit me up.

Thaaanks. <3