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Author Topic: Into The Wild (Fantasy; M/M; BON)  (Read 687 times)

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Into The Wild (Fantasy; M/M; BON)
« on: February 28, 2011, 03:21:48 pm »

Into the Wild.

Picture Inspiration: N/A

Role Desired: Dominant Male Character (To play the elf-like male)

Setting: Fantasy.

What to Expect: This will probably be a lighter story on the more romantic side of things. Though if you wish your elf to be cruel; distrustful of humans and such, then there is a definite possibility for NC, bondage, etc.

Plot: The kingdom of Argon is vast and wealthy; the people being ruled over by the same royal family for countless generations. The family were known for their kindness and willingness to listen to the people and thus, they were always popular and beloved by their subjects. The armies they possessed were strong and disciplined, food supplies were stable and plentiful; the kingdom had no need for fear or worry as everything was as it should be.

Discontent grew in the shadows, however. Those who lusted for power plotted behind closed doors, prepared daggers to pierce the back of the young Prince who would be the next heir to the throne, believing that the royal bloodline should be severed; power given to those who fought for it through nefarious deeds, no matter how the people adored their King and Prince. The leader of the revolt was none other than the King's Second; his closest adviser who was trusted above all others and as such it was a simple task to smuggle in the hired mercenaries hired to rout all within the castle.

And so, on one fateful night, the assault began suddenly and without warning; men disguised as servants suddenly turned on the guards, slaughtering all in their path, throwing the castle into disarray. The safety of the King and Prince were paramount and as such they were taken swiftly and ushered to a secret pathway leading to the borders of the city that fringed with a deep forest; their only chance of safety.

As they entered however, they were spotted by one of the many mercenaries that had been hired to bring destruction to the once peaceful castle, and an arrow struck the King, rendering him dead, with the final words to his son; "Run...! Run, Aven, and do not look back!"

Aven did so; fleeing into the darkness of the forest in nought but his night clothing, fearful and anxious for unknown dangers. Still, he pressed on through the night, panic and sadness enveloping his heart at the loss of his beloved father and as he fled, he had little idea that he was being watched by the people of the forest; unseen eyes gazing at the uninvited guest into their realm...

Akin to elves in their grace and stature, they were known as the Wildis; men and woman of the Wilds who lived in the dense forests. Being deeply protective of the greenery that they call home, they sent forth a scout to meet with the unknown man who tresspassed into their home, to learn of his purpose and determine his fate...

Potential Plot Expansion: The story could begin when the two characters meet; Aven and the Wildis male, and would stem from there. Aven would be taken into the village among the treetops, whereupon any number of things could happen; the people could be welcoming and caring, or suspicious, distrustful. Eventually there could be a return the the castle to take back what was his family's, or Aven could find comfort in the Wilds... There are many possibilities and I would love to discuss them with you.