Starfighter-esqe M/M ([BON] to [EX])

Started by Nadir, February 28, 2011, 10:32:35 AM

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(Based loosely on the NSFW webcomic, Starfighter with a little sprinkling of Firefly)

Okay, so, generic space war, blah blah blah, vast resources, huge technological breakthroughs, blah blah, spaceships that are controlled by thought, blah blah blah blah. (Can you tell sci-fi isn't my favourite? *snerks* Don't worry, interesting part starting now.)

But wait! These spacecraft need two crew, raised and trained to perfectly synchronise with each other, allowing them to work almost seamlessly in tandem. One navigates, the other mans the weaponry. It is unheard of for a spacecraft to work for any but such a duel-unit.

A squad of these elite are sent out from the training grounds to the outpost with only one other ship serving as a nanny to make sure the new crews wouldn't start dicking around. Without warning, they were ambushed. Their defence is slow and sloppy, though they put up a good fight their radio is jammed so they can't fight as they had been trained. One by one, they get picked off.

After the skirmish, the enemy leave. Out of the dozen ships, only two people are still alive. One fighter and one navigator. Both on different ships.

(I see this game following those two, first talking over the coms then getting to a ship that is more spaceworthy, then limping to the outpost, possibly getting captured and escaping along the way. I'd love for them both to be quite dominant. I'd prefer to play the fighter, though, who should lose the struggles of dominance more often than not.)