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Author Topic: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!  (Read 5795 times)

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Online KeelanTopic starter

Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« on: February 28, 2011, 01:13:29 am »
Okay, I have this character that I feel is my masterpiece... least for now.  She was made using the dice-rolling method, started at level 20, is a Half-Drow (in PF, it's basically a Half-Elf with Darkvision instead), utilized some of 3.5 Magic Item Compendium, the Advanced Player's Guide for the Pathfinder System, and is set in Forgotten Realms, specifically the Promenade of the Dark Maiden (in the Undermountain beneath Waterdeep), and also in Waterdeep so far, with the intent to go elsewhere.  I haven't gotten a response from my DM in a while though, and honestly I want to keep using her because I'm positively in love with her!  I'm not wanting to change her, so I'm hoping someone would be able to DM a game with her in it, and I planned to use the 3.5 Epic Level Progression for her as well with the previous DM, but we might be able to discuss that part of things if you'd like.

I will be happy to discuss the sexual elements with you (since she herself is a rather sexual person; she works as a divine prostitute for Sharess now and again, even though she worships Eilistraee), the plans I had for her, and other concerns you may have.  I can link you to the previous thread if you'd like to read up on it too, and I should state that I really do only F/F and F/Futa, and am a huge fan of anal as well and so is my character.  Some highly feminine men may be plausible relations (as is the case in the thread I'd link for you), but not necessarily par for the course.  Anyway, I have her character sheet posted below in a spoiler tag, so if you're interested look her over and please, by all means, get in touch with me in one form or another, okay?

Anyway, without further ado...

EDIT: Oh, and forgot to mention, but she uses the Defense Bonus Variant instead of wearing armor, which again I can link to if necessary, but it's in the 3.5 SRD online.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Chessdrilfryn “Chess” Melval
Player: Keelan
Class: Superstitious Barbarian-20
Race: Half-Drow
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Eilistraee
Hometown: Waterdeep, Sword Coast
Size: Medium (5’x5’x5’, 5’)
Age: 25
Height: 5’0”
Weight: ???lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

Elven Reflexes (+2 Initiative)
Sacred Touch (Stabilize Dying Creature as Standard Action by Touch)

Physical Description: Goes to Danbooru, but is safe for work mostly.  Would have darker skin, a bit more muscle definition, and shorter ears.  Oh, and perhaps a larger bust… perhaps Cs, maybe Ds?  She’ll have a small patch of fuzz just above her sex as well, which will be as white as her hair.

Clothing Description: Goes to Danbooru, but is safe for work mostly.  Differences include a lack of the frilly underskirt, thigh-high boots with thigh-high stockings barely visible up top (the lacy part is what’s visible), arm warmer from wrist to shoulder, again with lace on the ends, a thick belt around her waist with a pouch and her weapon sheath, and a long jacket over it extending down to the end of her dress, which is cut to her figure and is designed to be figure-conforming about her waist (belt is often worn over it), have a high collar up onto her neck, and have a big diamond that reveals her ample cleavage cut into it to show off some of her goods.  She does not wear panties ever, and the magical items are in their proper places.  Color scheme is white matching her hair, with some embroidering to give it a fanciful design.

--Sex, Lots of Sex
--Finding Love
----More than one Lover?
------Maybe becoming the lover to Eilistraee?
--Mercenary Work/Working for her Associated Temples
--Defending the Surface Drow/Eilistraee’s Drow
----Bringing the Promenade to the surface and finally out of the Underdark?
--Researching Deification
--More to come I’m sure ^_^

--Promenade of the Dark Maiden (Disciple)
----Eilistraee’s Disciples (Disciple)
--Waterdeep (Ally/Friend)
----Temple of Lathander (Ally)
----Temple of Selune (Friend)
----Temple of Sharess (Friend)
----Temple of Sune (Ally)
--Monastary of the Sun (Friend)

Born to a surface Drow, a powerful healer in the service of Eilistraee, it is unknown as to just who exactly her father is, though it is assumed he is humanoid and, most likely based on her own features, human.  Though a talented healer herself, Chessdrilfryn’s mother did not survive the birthing process due to rather unusual complications, and even with the aid of powerful healing magics throughout the pregnancy.  Chess would then be taken to the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in the Undermountain beneath Waterdeep where she was actually born, and would be raised by the many priestesses there.

As a half-drow, Chess was an… impatient child, growing up far too quickly for her Eilistraeen caretakers, and far too ‘energetic’ to become a healer like her mother had been; it was hard enough teaching her about the faith, which was one of the few areas of academia she seemed to have any real interest (something about ‘Eilistraee is so pretty!’ being quoted of her frequently enough, a sure sign as to where her ‘preferences’ would lie later on).  Her ‘schooling’ was handed over to the battle maidens when she was seven after much insistence on the young Chess’ part, and it was there that she met an entirely different set of problems.

Chess was a natural with a blade in her hands, hell, with any weapon in her hands, even though she was still but a child, it seemed.  Her fellow blade-sisters however were constantly frustrated at her impatience, at how she seemed to never practice the forms she was taught… and further concerned when they saw the dangerous trend of raw, untamed violence that would possess the girl during practice, how she seemed to cackle and laugh as she beat her sparring partners into submission… how she seemed to be falling into the pattern Lolth’s followers did, becoming one with the dark madness and love of violence deep within the heart of the innately chaotic drow kind.  Her training was ended, at least formally, though Chess soon found her training elsewhere: the Undermountain itself.

Though for most, a ten-year-old half-drow child venturing alone into the Undermountain would spell certain doom… and yet, after the first time she disappeared into the depths of the Sargauth level of the Undermountain, which caused an intense panic throughout the Promenade, she returned several days later, covered in goddess-knows what sort of fluids, most of which weren’t from her own body and was, largely, okay.  They were astounded, and despite their best efforts to keep her from going out again, she always seemed to find her way past the guards and wards and spells, and always returned after a number of days covered in grime and muck and blood… and over time more of it became blood and less of it was from her own dark body.

When she was fourteen, having spent four years exploring the depths of the Undermountain and even encountering a large quantity of Lolth’s own followers in the Farms and deeper regions of the Undermountain, and having visited Skullport more than once for sure, Chess decided to pay the surface world a visit, considering that was where she was born and her mother had lived her life for the large majority of it.  However… having essentially spent the majority of her life without any semblance of self-restraint or control, despite all attempts otherwise, she quickly found herself ill-suited for living in Waterdeep.  She lacked the necessary social skills for dealing with the people of Waterdeep, her very presence as a Drow tended to irk and bother people in a myriad of ways, and while occasionally she’d find herself being targeted just because she was a Drow… she also tended to instigate fights on her own, be it accidentally through lack of social graces, or be it intentional for one reason or another.

However, being the prodigy that she was, and being far tougher than her small frame (even by full-blooded Drow standards she had always been short, reaching her peak of 5’0” at age 20) would lead one to believe, she tended to not only survive the fights, but also to outright win a good many of them, and she only got better.  She was honestly a menace, and yet she was but a child whom many were unwilling to punish because… well, it was usually right after she just beat the hell out of a man, literally, twice her size, and who knew how to respond to a child that had done something like that?  Naturally she was quite well known to the guards, but again she was but a child and they were a tad lenient on her.

However, several months later at the age of fifteen she happened to pick a fight that was far beyond her abilities: she picked a fight with one of the master monks from the nearby Monastary of the Sun, home of the Sun Soul Monks.  To say she was beaten, broken, and humiliated was an understatement, the man punishing her rigidly when nobody appeared to have the heart to, and it would be weeks of recovery in a nearby temple of Selune (it seems it’s by luck alone that she wasn’t arrested and thrown into the dungeons), deific ally to her ‘patron’ Eilistraee, before she was able to travel about on her own again.  First thing she did after leaving the temple of Selune?  Headed straight to the Monastary of the Sun and sought out that very same master monk who’d wounded her so very badly.

Time and again, she lost to the man, which only ever infuriated more, and yet despite her other fights where the more bloodlust-driven and furious she got the better she did, she saw no such improvement with this man, finding herself on her back more often than not.  Over and over, for several days this continued, until finally the master monk gave her an ultimatum: beat him in combat this time around, or he would make her stay here in the Monastary and train as the Sun Soul Monks did.  Furious, Chess charged in… and in a matter of minutes she found herself being carted off to rest in what would very soon become her room in the Monastary of the Sun.

Though at first she was resentful and rebellious at her new ‘home,’ it became very clear that she was going to be made to stick to their regiment of meditation, contemplation, training, practicing, and (the only thing she actually enjoyed) sparring.  It didn’t help however that they refused to let her use weapons from the start, making her fight the other monks with her bare hands, which put her at a clear disadvantage against the well-trained martial artists.  Not only that, but she was made to practice, rigorously, the various unarmed techniques, and was educated too in religion in an attempt to improve her and make her fit into society better.  She loathed it all… at first.

Over the next five years, she noticeably changed.  She began to learn restraint and self-control, and with that she learned patience, which was something she had been sorely lacking her entire life until then.  With this newfound patience came a level of discipline, though compared to the monks about her she was still not that disciplined.  With this newfound discipline, Chess found that she could find more efficient ways of channeling her inner chaotic, bloodthirsty nature, controlling her own chaos rather than simply letting herself be consumed by it.  With this channeling of her Drow nature, and combined with the monk-like training she went through, she found herself not only becoming capable in the Sun Soul style, but also while she did not have her mother’s resistance to spells and other magics, but she was surely able to shrug them off with far greater ease than even some of the monks she trained with.  Another thing, and perhaps that which served as her greatest benefit of the mandatory training, was that she picked up the necessary level of social skills for dealing with the menagerie of people (learned by having to deal with people on a daily basis, naturally), to hopefully prevent her from causing the sorts of problems that got her into the Monastery in the first place.

From age twenty, Chess began to actually branch out from mere training, going to the many temples she now had connections to (Lathander, Selune, Sune, and Eilistraee), working for Waterdeep and the Monastary itself, and also going to the temple of Sharess to offer her ‘services’ now and again (first upon her twentieth birthday; a present to herself since she was now, officially, of age, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last time she went, to work for pleasure or do pleasurable work).  The ability to apply all that she had learned and practiced and grown into in one way or another helped her to improve, sharpening her senses as she remained alert in strange and familiar cities alike on the Sword Coast and even further East, bolstering her skills both combat and otherwise through practical application, and while she did fall out of a few of her practices without the careful eye of the master monks, enough of it struck true for her to find a balance in her life between the discipline she had been taught, and the chaos innate to her soul.  It was a happy middle ground for her, and has by far worked out for her in the five years, putting her at the age of twenty-five, that she has worked as a friend of Waterdeep, the Promenade, and the Monastary and all the temples it’s associated with (and, of course, the temple of Sharess too).

As it stands, her senses and instincts border on the supernatural, her strength is beyond that of most orc men, her ability to shrug of spells is second only to full-blooded Drow, and she is as careful, subtle, and sociable as she is deadly, strong, and bloodthirsty.  She tends to do mercenary work for the towns, temples, and groups she’s associated with, and most of what she has done hasn’t taken her too far beyond the Sword Coast, but she is not a simple mercenary in that she is loyal to naught but the coin.  She has some motivations, be they carnal and romantic, economical and allegiance-derived… and in one case, after such an extensive study of religious texts… she may very well be contemplating becoming a deity so that her effect upon the world would be far, far greater…

Level: 20
Favored Class: Superstitious Barbarian, War College Fighter
HP: 245 (305) {385}
Speed: 40x4
Hero Points: 3

Strength: 20/+5 (26/+8) {34/+12}
Dexterity: 16/+3 (22/+6)
Constitution: 20/+5 (26/+8) {34/+12}
Intelligence: 20/+5 (26/+8)
Wisdom: 14/+2 (20/+5)
Charisma: 14/+2 (20/+5)

AC: 41 (10 + 6Dex + 10DB + 5Def + 5Nat + 5Luck)
Flat Footed: 41
Touch: 36

Fortitude: +30 (12 + 8Con + 5Res + 5Luck) {+ 4Con + 7Insight Rage}
Reflex: +22 (6 + 6Dex + 5Res + 5Luck) {+ 7Insight Rage}
Will: +23 (6 + 5Wis + 2Race + 5Res + 5Luck) {+ 4 Morale + 7 Insight Rage, +2/+6 vs Enchantment}

Languages Known:
Drow Sign Language

BAB: +20/+15/+10/+5
Initiative: +14 (6Dex + 6Class + 2Race)
CMB: +28 (20 + 8Str) {+ 4Str Rage}
CMD: 44 (10 + 20 + 8Str + 6Dex) {+ 4Str Rage}

Acrobatics: +29 (20 + 6Dex + 3Class) (+ 4Jumping)
Appraise: +8
Bluff: +25 (20 + 5Cha)
Climb: +21 (10 + 8Str + 3Class)
Craft (Any): +8
Diplomacy: +25 (20 + 5Cha)
Disable Device: +8
Disguise: +5
Escape Artist: +6
Fly: +6
Handle Animal: +5
Heal: +5
Intimidate: +28 (20 + 5Cha + 3Class)
Knowledge (History): +8 (+28 w/BoM)
Knowledge (Planes): +8 (+28 w/BoM)
Knowledge (Religion): +28 (20 + 8Int)
Knowledge (Any Other): +8
Linguistics: +8
Perception: +30 (20 + 5Wis + 3Class +2Race)
Perform (Any): +5
Profession (Any): +5
Ride: +6
Sense Motive: +25 (20 + 5Wis)
Sleight of Hand: +6
Spellcraft: +8
Stealth: +26 (20 + 6Dex)
Survival: +28 (20 + 5Wis + 3Class)
Swim: +21 (10 + 8Str + 3Class)
Use Magic Device: +5 (+25 w/BoM)

Unarmed: 33/28/23/18{37/32/27/22}—1d3+13{1d6+17}—20x2—B
Cold Iron Falcata of Keen Fury +5: 34/29/24/19{40/35/30/25}—1d8+13/+17{19/25}—17-20x3—S
—Keen, Furious, DR: Cold Iron, Slashing, Magic
----Crystal of Returning: Free Action Draw, 30’ Call

Belt of Magnificence +6 (Str,Dex,Con,Int,Wis,Cha, K(H),UMD, [Waist]
Bustier of Luck +5 (Luck-Saves,Resisistance) [Torso]
Ring of Luck +5 (Luck-AC,Natural,Deflection) [Ring]
Ring of Regeneration [Ring]
Amulet of Mighty Fists +5 (w/Immune{Disease&SuDisease}) [Neck]
Courtier’s Outfit
Belt Pouch
--Pocket Watch

Portable Hole (in Belt Pouch)
--740gp Worth of Adventuring Gear (Including 10’ Ladder)
--Courtier’s Outfit x8
--Cold Weather Outfit x10
--Hot Weather Outfit x10
--200’ Spider’s Silk Rope
--Alchemist’s Kindness x10
--Night Tea x20
--Tobacco (19lbs)
--Potion of Futanari (3hrs) x18
--Area Map x9
--Elixer of Luck x4
--Silversheen x19
--Elixir of Hiding x8
--Elixir of Vision x8
--Bottle of Air
Handy Haversack
--Manual of Gainful Exercise +1
--Climber’s Kit
--Masterwork Manacles x2
--Courtier’s Outfit
--50’ Spider’s Silk Rope
--Flash Powder x10
--Alchemist’s Kindness x10
--Night Tea x10
--Tobacco (1lb)
--Immovable Rod x2
--Potion of Futanari (3hrs) x2
--Area Map
--Elixir of Luck
--Elixir of Hiding x2
--Elixir of Vision x2

Half-Drow Racial Abilities
Darkvision 60’ (120’)
Dual Minded (from APG)
Elven/Drow Blood
Elven Immunities
Keen Senses

Superstitious Barbarian Class Abilities
Fast Movement +10’
Rage (50 Rounds/Day)
Rage Power (Superstition +7)
Uncanny Dodge
Sixth Sense (+6 Initiative, +6 Insight to AC for Surprise) (APG)
Rage Power (Strength Surge)
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Rage Power (Witch Hunter +5)
Keen Senses (Low-Light, Darkvision +60’, Scent, Blindsense 30’, Blindsight 30’) (APG)
Rage Power (Clear Mind)
Rage Power (Unexpected Strike)
Greater Rage
Rage Power (Mighty Swing)
Indomitable Will
Rage Power (Fearless Rage)
Rage Power (Internal Fortitude)
Tireless Rage
Rage Power (Brawler)
Mighty Rage
Rage Power (No Escape)

Power Attack (-6, +12/+18)
Combat Reflexes
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Falcata)
Weapon Focus (Falcata)
Improved Unarmed Strike
Improved Grapple
Greater Grapple
Combat Expertise (-6, +6)
Improved Trip
Greater Trip
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Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2011, 02:08:32 am »
Just note that the picture links are not working :P.

Online KeelanTopic starter

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2011, 02:10:35 am »
I realized that, and apparently if you click the link, then go to the address tab and press enter, it works fine.  It's odd, but that's how it worked on my PC... if it continues to not work I'll try and find the image again properly and re-link them that way instead.  Thanks for notifying me anyhow ^_^

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2011, 02:21:58 am »
Ahaa, works for me also. Link goes to 404 but if you press address pad and then enter it works then. Anycase interesting char :). But out of curiosity can you define more what you mean with 'highly femine men'? Without need click link to former thread and read whole thing? So far what the word implied was that I imagine in traditional image of shining armored male knight rescuing damsel in distress from the dragon, but you would swap the genders.

Online KeelanTopic starter

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2011, 05:31:22 am »
Well, the man in the thread I'm referring to is basically two tits and a chromosome shy of being a futanari girl.  Lithe, shapely form, narrow shoulders, androgynous features, hairless where it counts, and tends to be more submissive and shy save for a few instances where he's not.  That's more or less what I mean when I say that, so not quite what you were talking about... more of a 'trap' character I guess.

Hope that helps to clarify things ^_^

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2011, 05:50:06 am »
Ahaa, I see. Thanks for clarification. Anyways I hav eonly tipped my toes in Pathfinder, altough being long term GM in 3.5 DnD I am not sure I can balance things right for your char. But as question (for those who read for interest for adoption) what is your take with tentacles? When tentacles source is 'genderless' or let's say spell like evard's black tentacles conjured by perverted male mage (or same mage summoned succubus give sexual torture round). Just wonder how strict is F/F or F/Futa limits.

Online KeelanTopic starter

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2011, 06:40:05 am »
Well, for tentacles and genderless things I'm rather okay.  Tentacles, indeterminable monsters that aren't in the beastiality spectrum (not a fan of such things), stone constructs more or less, that type of stuff is usually fine, but if it's NC it can be a bit hit or miss so would need to be careful about it and preferable let me know beforehand what you intend to do.  The F/F or F/Futa is more for humanoid-shaped things like humans, elves, dwarves, giants, etc.

Any other questions?

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #7 on: February 28, 2011, 07:09:13 am »
Well, two more I could think what potential GM would like to know; is it possible your char (who is 20th level already) be doing planar jumping and perhaps end up into different setting. Like Eberron example or traditional DnD setting? Or Sigil?

Second is that what things you are willing to alter in char if any. Or what parts you could be willing to change over the time of the game. Example if your char is captured by succubus goddess and her primary goal is to break her into submission would you be okay change her faith or even alignment if it's part of the story? Or same succubus then change some looks of your char (keep as female but perhaps make full drow or expand bust bit more or add feline template so your half-drow catgirl).

Online KeelanTopic starter

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #8 on: February 28, 2011, 07:35:40 am »
Um... well, planeshifting is a possibility, especially since one of her possible goals is deification and she's in love with her goddess in a romantic sense.  Heading to Eberron or other completely different planes disconnected from the Realms is... plausible, but not what I'd prefer.

Now, for the latter question... honestly it's a case-by-case situation; make her submissive?  No, not a chance in hell if it froze over.  Change her alignment?  Highly unlikely without me simply doing a bunch of evil shit willingly.  Changing her looks?  It would depend, probably not a feline template on a half-drow, her bust is C-D range so any bigger is not to my tastes at all, and making a full drow out of her... she'd likely resent it honestly, given her personality, but is the most feasible of the options. 

I would rather not have my character changed on a whim like that though, because if I wanted to play a hald-drow catgirl I'd have made a half-drow catgirl in the first place.  Not that I don't expect bad things to happen to her, but nothing that fundamentally changes the character at her core principles, like her alignment or physical appearance or personality, at least not without damn good reason or she herself doing something to change it.  I could go into detail about that ad infinitum, but I doubt you'd want to read all that so... yeah...

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #9 on: February 28, 2011, 07:41:31 am »
Ok, that's what I just asked; are you willing change any aspects and overall your reluctant :). It helps cut off GM's who want plot to break your char in and enslave her and then change her as part of the slavery physically.

So would you describe your barbarian like religious amazon who dominates in her affairs and seeks greatness to achieve ultimate bliss in arms of her goddess? It kind reminds me about old lore berserkers who were not immortal/demi-god until they have survived 200 battles and slain around 1,000 souls victoriously. Just my comment on here.

Anycase I hope you get GM who is willing run the game with your char and that these questions are helpful for GM candidates :).

Online KeelanTopic starter

Re: Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Character In Need of Adoption!
« Reply #10 on: February 28, 2011, 09:24:08 am »
Actually, my Barbarian is not an amazon or barbaric creature at all; she's essentially a trained, experienced fighter who relies on instincts and experience instead of training for hours/daus/months/years on end.  Her 'rage' is her channeling the innate chaotic, dark nature of the Drow (she's a half drow) and letting it fuel her in combat.  Essentially more of extreme bloodlust than a furious rage.  She's actually got social skills, is well spoken, and can be very refined when she needs to be... but she can also be a rough-and-tumble, rude, crude, and very sexual.  She's also quite intelligent, well educated, and with the aid of the Belt of Magnificence is capable of not only using magical items, but also is even more well-read technically.  She's what I refer to as an 'aggressive tactician', and she wields a falcata instead of a stereotypical barbarian weapon, can make Will Saves out the ass (her 'weakest' save is Reflex), has Blindsight,blindsense, darkvision, low light vision, and scent, and is all in all a tremendous combat beast...

...but she's not an uncivilized 'barbarian,' she's closer to being a holy warrior for her goddess than anything else in many ways.