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January 24, 2017, 11:30:13 AM

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Author Topic: Red Stained Snow  (Read 351 times)

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Offline AriesChanTopic starter

Red Stained Snow
« on: February 27, 2011, 07:36:07 PM »

Welcome to Genso, a world with the landscape and architecture of Feudal Japan and the technology of the Modern World. It is home to both humans and demons; however, almost every single human has some magical ability. So even though Genso is beautiful, it is also very dangerous; to make matters some what wost...for the last ten years it has constantly been snowing, regardless of how warm or cold the day is. Some say it started the day two clans, a ninja clan called the Arikinari Clan and a samurai clan called the Ikeda Clan, began a brutal rivalry. Some say it is a sign of the endless sorrow of the Ikeda Clan leader who lost his lover. Others say that simply a Dragon of the Elements has died and it will continue to snow until they have found peace. Regardless, the snow and the fighting has got to stop and with the current Clan Leaders growing weak with old age, could the new generation be the hope Genso needs...or will the fighting just continue?

So this is a clan RP(der) and um...not much to elaborate on. A may make a side love story between the Daughter of Ikeda and the Son of Arikinari...but I am not sure yet ^^ I have found a pic I can use for like an inner city of Genso but I need to find one for the Ikeda estate and the Arikinari estate and maybe a map. I'm thinking eventually everyone dies...or atleast the Daughter and Son, and definitely the old leaders. If I do decide to go with the side love story...if anyone has seen the anime Basilisk (BEST EVAAA!!)...think of something like that. Anyway....character sheets xD.



Position(Specific Positions are below, if you not applying for one then simply put 'Member'):

Race(because characters do not have to be human):




Physical Appearance(body, if you don't want to use a picture):

Material Appearance(clothes, if you don't want to use a picture):


Weapon of Choice:

Special/Magical Abilities:



Daughter Of Ikeda: Kyoko Ikeda -AriesChan
Son Of Arikinari:
Ikeda Betrayer( the one who truly killed the clan leader's lover and communicates with the Arikinari Spy):
Arikinari Spy(....umm...well they are a spy...):
Arikinari Bodyguard:
Ikeda Bodyguard:
Arikinari Assassin:
Ikeda Solder:

As I stated in the character sheet, if you don't want any of these roles, you can still submit a character as just a member of the clan. These roles are only specific.

I will have mine up soon and I will add more onto the story as I see fit



Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Kyoko Ikeda:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Clan: Ikeda

Position: Daughter of Ikeda

Race(because characters do not have to be human): Elemental (Human)

Age: 17

Personality: She is much like her father in every way but one. She is stubborn, short tempered, and quick tongued. She cares less about what she is told to do and more about what she wants to do, so don't expect her to follow instructions right away...or at all. She is a carefee spirit who wants nothing more than to go out and enjoy the beauty of Genso without worrying about being covered in snow...or blood. This is where she differs from her father, who believes the fighting will never end until he gets his revenge and kills every last Arikinari; Kyoko just wants it all to end and somewhere deep inside she knows that her father does too because let's face it...fighting is not something her mother would have wanted.

Weapon of Choice: a double ended sword that can be detached at the handle, once detached the blades would become slightly bigger and sharper, if she willed it they become frosted over with sharp jagged ice, that cause a cool burning inside the skin of her opponent.

Special/Magical Abilities: each elemental starts off with one element, she was given the power over water and all it's forms. She can use it in battle, to heal, or to simply water the plants in her room. Recently she has been seeing hints of being able to control fire but she hasn't grasped it and doubts that she will. She loves using water far too much.

Bio/Other: She was born to the Ikeda family one rainy day in April, so there was no surprise when one day at the age of three she almost flooded her room. She was upset of course, because she thought she would get in trouble; instead she received some what of a celebration...followed by training of course. For the next three years, her mother trained her personally then, one night..just a week or so before Kyoko's sixth birthday, she was killed.

Before her mother's death, Kyoko had never heard of the Arikinari clan; and since then it's been the only thing talked about. Since then, her father has been growing older with the day due to sorrow and rage and all Kyoko can do is sit and wait. Wait for the day the reigns are passed to her and she'll be forced to continue this deadly game of revenge. In her wait, she has learned two important things: 1) this is not the first time the Ikeda and Arikinari have been at each other throats, the rivalry dates back atleast three hundred years and started with two half brothers fighting over the same woman, since then it has been and on and off thing marked by shaky alliances; and 2) she had absolutely no desire to fight.

Offline Grunt777

Re: Red Stained Snow
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2011, 04:53:14 PM »
I do need to ask before I drop a profile.  What kinda race restrictions we looking at?

Offline AriesChanTopic starter

Re: Red Stained Snow
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2011, 04:38:05 PM »
Any type of race you can think of, even make up your own if you want. They do not have to be humanoid races (like you can have a character that is a dragon or animal) but they should have a human form they can turn into just in case.

Offline Grunt777

Re: Red Stained Snow
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2011, 08:57:57 AM »
Heh, thanks a ton!  Now with that out of the way I am free to throw out a character sheet!

Clan: Ikeda

Position: Ikeda Soldier

Race: Kitsune Anthropomorph.

Name: Nogitsune, Irani Tenko (First name, Irani)

Age: 23

Appearance: Irani's visage is something strange.  Conflicting blood types prevent him from holding a permanent form, but his changes don't need to be big.  Often times, a simple color change is enough.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Here are his three most prominent forms.

Personality:  Irani is of course a bit of a trickster, but a rather benign one in day to day life.  He's been known to transform at night and play pranks, such as shaving the men bald, and "styling" the females hair in fashions fitting for a fox.  (shortish, often cute by today's standards)  Irani is not as carefree in battle however, and often comes close to violating Bushido to win his fights.  A very simple and carefree creature who simply wants to find love, and kick much ass.

Weapon of Choice:  Amaterasu - Katana forged by Irani's father, and Onisaru - a wicked looking Naginata.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Special/Magical Abilities:  Irani is capable of all sorts of high level Illusory magic, and also has the ability to manipulate fire when in a predominantly fox form.  His strongest abilities however come from when he couples his magic with his fighting style, using illusions to his advantage on the battle field, he is quite capable of making "clones," and "transforming" into familiar forms.

Bio/Other:  Irani was not born into the Ikeda clan, but rather was abandoned after his village was destroyed during the war.  At the age of 15 he swore fealty to the lord of Ikeda, and began his military career as a sandle bearer.  It was not until 4 years later that we was allowed to fight and began his formal training.  His abilities increased quickly, yet he has remained a soldier, as he has no real ambitions.