A home for 1 on 1 ads?

Started by kylie, May 23, 2007, 02:10:22 AM

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I think recently Elvi (was it?) mentioned somewhere that people tend to put requests for 1 on 1's into Games Wanted...  So to bat this around a little:

1.  Would there be much benefit to having a separate space dedicated to requests primarily for 1 on 1's?
2.  Is it more important not to increase the number of categories on the front page at this point?
3.  Do many of the 1 on 1 ideas balloon into multiplayer games anyway -- and if so, would putting 1 on 1
requests somewhere separate detract from that?

I'm not extremely bothered by having 1 on 1 ideas among Games Wanted, along with concepts intended to go multiplayer.  In fact, I may put another 1-1 call there after writing this (plug, plug). 

On the other hand, I get tired of finding topics entitled _only_ "another 1 on 1 idea" (telling nothing else of the contents). I wondered if many people might prefer to have a dedicated area for them.  Other ideas?  Is it moot anyway?




Well, that was fairly unanimous >_>


I totally claim responsibility for the new category even though I had absolutely nothing to do with i!

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Perhaps to divide up ads into 1 on 1 and multiple player ads?
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