Starcrossed Lovers (Female looking for Male)

Started by TheMuseErato, February 26, 2011, 04:13:01 PM

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There will come a day...

              Somewhere far away....

   In your arms I'll stay, my only love....

                            My only love..

               So, I've suddenly been itching for a Sailor Moon inspired roleplay. I know..I know, the American version was hokey and badly dubbed on a good day and even the Japanese version can't really cover up the fact that it's ..well...Sailor Moon. Still, it was my first anime and there is something charming about the series.
Maybe it's the fact that within every girl lurks a pretty, pretty princess that is waiting to be found by her prince. Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. Don't judge.
Anywho, the idea I had involves my own version of the fan-made character, Sailor Sun. A lot of people have their own version of this senshi that never made it into the series and I'm certainly no exception. I'm looking for someone firstly who is familiar with the series and can contribute to the plot by bringing creativity and imagination to things as well.
The idea I have so far is that Sailor Sun has been locked within the Sun for eons, watching the events of the other senshi but unable to leave her station until (Insert name of villian here.) enters the galaxy and lands on earth. Of course, much in the same way that the moon princess had her prince, Sun was destined for a Prince of her own but because of her inability to leave the Sun, he's been reborn countless times to await for her arrival on earth.
I kinda picture the time period to be some time after the Galaxia arch, leaving most of the senshi high school age. I will double or triple up as the other senshi as needed to make the plot move along.
If interested, PM me and we can vet this out together. I know there are some men on here with an interest and knowledge of this series, so don't leave this princess waiting, fellas ~_^
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