Pressing her Buttons (M looking for F) [NC-EX]

Started by Swordsman18, February 26, 2011, 04:09:29 PM

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Sam had been wondering about her for a while now. She was always gone all of the time and she always seemed so distant. He wondered what exactly was she doing while she was gone all of that time. He never confronted her about it. He just continued to have his suspicions. With her being kind of close to him, he did worry about her when she was gone. She was only 21 and yet she spent days at a time away from home and not even bothering to call or even text him. Sam just wanted to know that she was alright.

In truth however, she was an assassin with a variable genetic code. She was working for the Ferrymen Corporation. They had given her the variable DNA that would allow her body to change and transform into any human like thing they wanted to change her into. And as a bonus they installed a chip in her head that could modify her memories and personality to make it so her new transformations would be believable.

She was great at her job and had many successful hits. And at 21 they were ready to retire her after 100th job. She was still relatively young and there was still jobs they could use her for but she had fulfilled her contract to them. So she was going to be set for life. They were even giving her the control device to her transformations. They delivered it to her home just before she returned from her job. And she had not had the chance to become herself yet.


I was thinking this is where it would pick up. It is subject to change depending on how you want it. Any ideas for her relationship to Sam are up to you to decide. You can reply here or by PM.