Henry VIII is Dead (M seeking F, NC)

Started by kurioustoohear, February 26, 2011, 12:41:58 PM

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 The reign of the Tudors continues to plague England.  King Henry VIII is dead, and his reign has nearly bankrupted England.  In a desperate move, Parliament passes the "Vagabond" laws in the hopes of gaining free labor and remove the poor from the streets.  The law is simple: if a person is seen loafing for three days, he/she is to be reported.  The accused is branded with a 'V' on his/her chest, and the one who brought the accusation now owns him/her for two years, to do and use in any way they see fit ... only bread and water are required to be provided. 
Just read about this and it seemed like a good RP idea.  Not fleshed out yet ... that can be done if there is any interest.  I would be interested in starting an RP either as the Vagabond to a female accuser, or the accuser to a female Vagabond.  If you are interested, PM me ...