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Author Topic: A need for the extreme (F looking for M/F Dominant partners)  (Read 804 times)

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Offline AllisonTopic starter

A need for the extreme (F looking for M/F Dominant partners)
« on: February 25, 2011, 02:09:07 PM »
So I've been craving a good roleplay that includes things of a more extreme and explicit variety. I'm wanting these roleplays to have a buildup of course, and plot.. but I want them to be highly character driven rather than scene driven. With that said, let me throw out a couple of pairings and sketch up plots and hopefully there will be some interest in any (or all!) of them.

Trapped (EX, NC, Rape, Beastiality, Humiliation, Torture.. anything goes.. think Saw, but sexual)

She wakes up in a room with a door that's ajar, clad only in panties and a bra. Next to her is a tape, that explains what she has to do to escape from this huge warehouse of horrors, each room bringing new experiences, pain, torture, blood, humiliation and more. If she makes it through and completes all her challenges, she'll earn her freedom. If she doesn't, she will be enslaved to the man (or woman) who set this all up, never to be released. It is midnight, she has until sunrise to escape, what challenges will she face?

****Note, I am only interested in playing the female in this scene, however, you can literally throw anything at me here, play multiple characters, voyeur and lead me through your torturous maze via speakers, or bring yourself into the game as one of the "challenges" for my character to overcome****

This RP has received a lot of requests, all in the discussion phase now, but it's closed to further requests for the time being.

A click away (EX, NC, Voyeurism, Mutilation, Humiliation, Training, Beastiality, BDSM.. again, nearly anything)

Desperate for money and unable to land a job, she turns to the internet to pick up the slack on bills. She starts as a simple cam girl, exposing herself and teasing the men she meets in the chatroom, never going further than she absolutely had to. One day, someone she knows finds her whoring her wares, unbeknownst to her. After a few sessions, he starts demanding exclusivity, and she refuses and bans him from her cam. In a rage, he comes to her home, and slips a note under her door in an envelope bulging with cash. The note demands she cam only for him, and the cashflow will increase dramatically, but only if she can perform whatever he asks. Packages start to arrive at her doorstep, filled with various toys, and soon the cam isn't enough, and he sends men to her house.. and eventually a man and his furry companion.. Finally after she reluctantly gave into his demands.. all of them.. she is kidnapped and taken to his house, to finally meet him. (Possible twist, it could be a family member, ex boyfriend, etc.) What happens after is anyone's guess.

****Note on this story, I'm looking for a M/F pairing, however a F/F pairing could work just as well****

Anal-ize Her (Yes a deliberate play on words there) (EX, NC, Voyeurism, BDSM, Humiliation, Multiple scenes)

A mental patient is sent to a new psychiatrist. She's recovered from a break in reality, and is nearly ready to be released. The state requires an independent doctor do the examination and declaration. Once alone with her, he finds her irresistible and finds a way (whether it be detaining her in the institution, ordering mandatory visits from the state, etc) for her to have multiple visits after the first, and he introduces a new, experimental therapy. AST, or anal shock therapy, forces the vic.. patient to comply through painful shocks administered through implanted electrodes. Because of the side effects, enemas must be administered on a daily basis, and the sphincter muscles must be massaged daily.. rigorously. After several visits, the electrodes are removed, but she craves the painful administrations, and she seeks him out at his home (He can be married or single), and after a discussion, she is taken on as a live in maid, and the electrodes are reintroduced.. and she is forced to succumb to other various anal training, including stretching large enough to insert a fist/bottle/baseball bat (anything else, even double fisting?), various enema plays, and intestinal penetration with 30" long double ended dildos. Can she take it all.. without having another break from reality?

****I am only looking for a pairing with someone interesting in extreme anal play, but not scat play outside of the enemas****

Filthy Doll (EX, Exotic, BDSM, Torture, Humiliation [do you see the theme yet?])

She was a high society girl, but with a soft side. She was always sweet, even to those that didn't deserve it. A volunteer gig at the local charity turned bad however, and she was attacked by a homeless man. Sped to the ER by a man she'd only seen, and never spoke to, she recovered from the wounds, only battered and shaken. The next night, her savior came to the charity once more, and they spent half the night talking. She found it odd that she would only see him at night. Finally, the time came when he revealed himself, and though scared, she wasn't repulsed. Slowly she came around to the ideas he threw at her, of how being fed upon was addicting, and her reward would be strength to defend herself against any future attacks and the ability to heal quicker.. but it came at a greater price, as she would have to subject herself to many awful and unspeakable things that came with being a blood doll for the vampires, whose sexual appetite was nearly as insatiable as their drive for blood.. Hundreds of years had perverted most of them and their kinks were extreme to say the least. She desperately wanted what was offered, and only after she took it would she know the depths of her addiction to being a doll for them to feast upon.. and the depravity and filth they would force her to endure to remain as such.

****I'm not looking for Twilight vampires here.. vampires were never supposed to twinkle****

At the moment, all games are taken or being discussed, if one opens up, I'll change this accordingly. Thank you for all of your interest!
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Re: A need for the extreme (F looking for M/F Dominant partners)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2011, 11:41:12 PM »
I love the idea of Trapped! I was also thinking that he kidnaps her knowing that she would, at some level, be turned on by it. So when, in the final room, she is given the choice to leave to freedom or serve him forever... she has to do some serious thinking.

Offline jagedge26

Re: A need for the extreme (F looking for M/F Dominant partners)
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2011, 01:13:21 PM »
Hi There. I like the idea of Anal-ize her!. I'm interested in all that, but without the scat elements as well. We can work things out ahead of time or see how they evolve.

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I have YIM as well by request.


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