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Author Topic: Pervy fandom play! Extreme kinks! FF, RE, FMA, more!  (Read 1198 times)

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Offline As Day FadesTopic starter

Pervy fandom play! Extreme kinks! FF, RE, FMA, more!
« on: February 24, 2011, 08:04:57 PM »
I am in the market for some new writing partners! Elliquiy has been splendid to me in the past; shall it again? Oh but before we get too into things, I suppose there's those necessary basics to get out of the way:

- I am a male and I wish to generally play the male roles. This can vary depending on the storyline. I'm not opposed to playing females, or multiple characters, or etcetera, but what I'm getting at is I'm looking for a female player for any of the female roles listed below.
- I have grown to really like IM play as of late, and as such I would like to do our story together through a messenger. If you are opposed to this though I can likely be sweet-talked into email, pm or forum play.
- This does not mean, however, that I am looking for something short. Descriptive writing is an awfully delicious thing! I would prefer my partner comfortable with doing 2-4 paragraphs per reply, varying as the situation calls for. I do, of course, give plenty to work with in my replies, so don't worry about a lack of material!
- And speaking of length, I'd also like the roleplay itself to be a longterm one. While my ideas below could easily go right into the naughty bits, I find that the build makes everything all the more fun. I like a solid mix of shameless smut and delectable plot, so trust me, there'll be plenty of both!
- I can really enjoy when it's well-done fluffy 'n sweet, but if I had to pick one aspect as my favorite, I'd say that I like things gritty. I like things that are increasingly messed up. The more desperate yet somehow realistic, the better. The more we can take characters we love and twist and corrupt them and somehow have it all be believable, I think that's where the real fun is at. Mindfucking is awfully delicious, mm? Feel free to suggest whatever you want kink-wise, because the list of what I wouldn't be into is a pretty short one: scat, full furry, consensual male/male. Anything else is all fun in my eyes. That's awfully vague, I know, one day I really do need to stop being lazy and comprise a list. For now, assume that whatever exciting, fledgling kink you'd like to play out, I'm probably game for. ;) So don't be shy! I may even have a few ideas of my own to toss in. We can incorporate really anything, so long as it's done believably. That, I think, makes it more fun than anything, that you could really see it happening.
- Show me your interest! One-sentence messages make me =/. Tell me what you saw here that you liked. Tell me what you'd want to leave out, if something didn't do it for you. Tell me what you'd like to add. Simply put, tell me what you're thinking! It's always flattering to get a response to something like this, but aggravating when I have to prod people's interest out of them. You have the nifty benefit of reading through this all before contacting me, so you have an idea of where I'm at, where I'm coming from, what I'm thinking. There's no pressure, no intimidation, just tell me your thoughts too! Help us break the ice!

- I'm super relaxed and friendly. This is a hobby. I'm approachable, swears.

- Finally, the pics below are way NSFW(though the videos are fine). Most of them don't have much of anything to do with the suggested storylines. Just some quickly chosen visual aids that I've collected over time. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy XII
Basch/Ashe  -  This one feels really tame compared to most everything else I'm in the mood for, but I've always been interested for a good, simmering something between the two. I think Basch is my favorite heroic character evar so naturally I'd enjoy playing him, and I really enjoy the dynamic of how much Ashe's opinion comes to change about him over the course of the game: Initially she hates him, seethes at his presence. Slaps him. Constantly giving the evil eye. She'd probably spit at his name if it weren't so unladylike! But over time Basch slowly regains the group's trust, little by little, and eventually his innocence is revealed. I'd like to play out everything, whether it be parts we saw in the game or parts we didn't, fleshing out what might have happened during off-camera moments, or altering things slightly. I would like to skip around through the game to really see the shift in her attitude toward him over time, and would like a Lady Ashe player that would also enjoy playing all this drama between them. Once we get to post-game we can change things up a bit or work within the parameters the ending has given. I wonder if Ashe will have changed enough for love to really blossom? Who will make the move to take things beyond friendship? Will it be the ever-righteous knight or Her strong-willed Highness who at one time would have seen him put to the sword? Would either of them even dare broach such a subject as unexpected love?
FFXII - Basch to Ashe - A Thousand Years
FFXII: Basch and Ashe 'If You Only Knew'
?/Penelo  -  Lovey dovey stuff aside, now it's time to get lewd! I've always liked Penelo best and have wanted to play opposite a good one. Vaan doesn't really interest me as someone I'd want to play, Balthier I always seem to be on the fence about, and I like Basch but have never really come up with a good story idea for the two of them. So, why not just pair her up randomly? After coming across this picture recently I thought about Penelo's change to a dancer post-game and how that might fit in with the storyline... Once the events of FFXII come to an end Fran and Balthier are back to sky pirating, Basch is a Judge Magister for Archades, Ashe has been crowned and has a country to rule, and Vaan and Penelo are right back where they started. Oh they get their own airship and become sky pirates, but eventually -- airships are a mite expensive, and what happens in the year or two leading up to that? I would imagine they would return to Rabanaste, and I would imagine Vaan could burn through whatever profit they made on their journey without much of a thought. Maybe Penelo was gone for so long that she lost her position in Migelo's shop to Filo or Kytes or whomever else. Maybe she decides on a whim that she's always wanted to be a dancer, thus the costume change, and starts up in the bazaar as a street performer working for tips. Maybe this turns out to be far less profitable than she thought. Maybe, after some time, things have gotten so bad, there's so little real work available, and just as little money to go around, that she's working places like The Sandsea and other awfully shady taverns as a different kind of dancer. I think the humiliation aspect could be delightfully fun here if done right; how she'd hate it, hate that she loves it, be desperate that none of her friends find out, try to cling to the artistry of it, know she doesn't have much of a choice, and just gradually descend into being some well-used working girl.
Final Fantasy Tactics
Delita/Agrias  -  This is something I've been curious to play out for awhile, as I feel they could have a very interesting, and delightfully tense post-game dynamic to them. She was Ovelia's sworn bodyguard. He was first the Princess' kidnapper, then eventually her husband. Everyone else has accepted the relationship as legitimate, but by the time the game ends and Agrias is able to leave Ramza & Co. to return, Ovelia is mysteriously murdered. Would she know this upon returning to the capitol? Would she be oblivious? Would she suspect King Delita of foul play? Would she come before him to submit herself to her shame as a knight, having failed to be by Ovelia's side all this time to protect her, complicated situation aside? Regardless of her reasoning, when she returns this is the reaction I see Delita taking, trusting her as little as she trusts him. I'd like to see a torture scene come of her punishment. I'd like to see an elaborate torture scene, as well as some things done to simply cause her shame and embarrassment. I think Delita would really delight in putting her under his boot heel. Or will her strong will see her through it all, somehow? I can see him wanting to break her to the point of being a trophy, of being little more than a consort, because he won't have anyone opposing him. I can see her wanting answers, and doing whatever she must in search for the truth of Her Highness' murder.
?/?  -  I really love the FFT world. Do you like it too but the above idea doesn't do much of anything for you? Do you have a canon pairing idea that you'd like to play out? Then by all means, hit me up with an idea! ...This is also one of a very limited number of settings I'd be fine playing an original character opposite an original character in the canon world, both because I loved the gritty, dismal setting/storyline and because it's quite difficult to find someone for. If we go with that as the case then I'd prefer characters to have archetypes, such as mine would be a monk while you can play a chemist or whatever, and we'll brainstorm on something together from there.
Final Fantasy VI
?/Terra, ?/Celes (Hell, maybe even Relm?)  -  Here's another setting and cast of characters that I absolutely love. Nothing's really jumping out at me though, so if there's anything particularly fun that you'd like to try out, I'm all ears. There could be some fucked up shit going on within the Empire pre-game, or maybe someone has to pay their way for something mid-game (cash, grass or ass ladies!), or we explore the deplorable, dismal setting that is the World of Ruin. I always wondered what would happen if one of the girls turned on the group at the very end, for whatever reason we can come up with together, opting to side with Kefka out of worship, fear, or a mixture of both. Imagine the lady of your choice sitting there with Kefka, he on his throne atop his tower, she in some bawdy attire as she attentively nuzzles his lap, dealing with the inner turmoil of if what she's chosen is right. Did she cut a desperate deal with the madman? Was she a mole; has she been on his side all along? Is he using a slave crown? Or how about something really nasty? What about if at the end of the game Kefka only kills some of the heroes and fucks with the rest? How about some elaborate battle scenes/death scenes/desperate scenarios where they're defeated, restrained, carted off to the colosseum and made to fight hordes of monsters, or even each other?
Fire Emblem
?/?  -  Here is...erm...another!! >.> Another fandom that I'd enjoy trying a game in, but nothing specific really comes to mind. I'm familiar with the Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn setting and characters. Titania and Mist jump to mind as ladies I wouldn't mind playing opposite against, but really, this 'verse has such a cool cast that I don't really envision many things I'd say no to. One of the only things is with the laguz; I'm fine with them, but human form only please. Things like catgirls and so on are all fine, but furry doesn't do a single thing for me, so ahead of time I want to state that I have no interest anything sexual with the laguz in their shifted forms.
Resident Evil 2
?/Claire  -  I'd like to play a RE2 story where Claire just gets into naughty situation after naughty situation. ;) Whether it's being webbed against a wall in the sewers and filled with spider eggs, or a zombie gangbang, or on her hands and knees with a pack of rottweilers, one going to town on her from behind while another drools and snarls in her face, or having a licker's tongue wrapped around her throat while it takes her on the cold tile floor, or suspended in the air, or depraved people that see a fine piece of ass walk by during the end of the world and only think about having some fun with her before their eventual death... Does this all sound like fun to you? I'd eventually enjoy Police Chief Irons getting his hands on her and doing all kinds of horrid things. The guy is clearly nuts, and the more you would enjoy violence/pain/mutilation, the better! Also, way bonus points if you'd be willing to double as Sherry, but it's not required.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Alfred/Claire  -  That guy is disturbed, and it'd be fun to fuck around with how much of a mental case he is. Altering the events of Code: Veronica considerably, what if Chris comes to rescue his sister, is caught, and in Alfred's obsession he makes Claire an offer in direct connection to her brother's life? Rather than Alfred running around crossdressing pretending to be his lost sister Alexia, what if Claire were to take up that role? Would she be a convincing actress? Could she force herself to be, knowing that as long as she keeps this up her brother will be allowed to live? What choice is there? She'd have to change everything, from the way she walks to the way she talks, to her clothes, her hair, her mannerisms, to event he way she thinks. She'll have to be transformed from a sporty tough gal brunette to a debonair better-than-you blonde, giving up her shorts and jacket for perfume and lace. Alexander has completely lost it in his obsession for his dear sister and their once-proud family lineage. Would Claire only go along with things long enough to find a way out of this for her and her brother? Will she turn on Alfred when the time is right? Or will she perhaps lose herself in the position that transforming into Alexia affords her, not so sure she wants to give up the pampered life, the power and adoring worship that her new brother is all too happy to give her?
Fullmetal Alchemist
?/?  -  This is another setting/character list I really love, and could be persuaded into playing quite the variety of pairings in. Whether you're more of an Olivier or Riza gal, whether you prefer Izumi, Winry, or whomever else, I think they're all wonderfully fun and can see something interesting surrounding any of them. What if when Fuhrer Bradley reassigns Hawkeye to be his personal assistant he takes the 'personal' part of that a bit too far? Altering her uniform to something of a military personnel, something of a trollop; imagine that blue-and-white State Military uniform tailored to have a short skirt and show ample midriff. Or 'finding' things she should be reprimanded for and beating/lashing her, not about to let that sort of behavior slide in his military. Or some very personal body alterations, from intimate piercings to some sort of symbol of ownership. All of this would be done with little actual interest in her other than a toy; no major attraction, but he wants to fuck with Mustang for daring to rebel, and he plans to have fun hitting the Colonel where it hurts. Or what about something with Winry post-series bedding both brothers in secret, torn between them? ...What about something between Winry and Barry the Chopper? Or Barry and Riza. If the violence would appeal to you, that could be awfully thrilling. Olivier is something too. Would she and Mustang have a too-proud-to-admit-I-want-you relationship that occasionally manifests itself behind closed doors? What about an equally hush-hush love affair with Alex? The Armstrong family bloodline stays strong somehow, mm? I see Olivier as the type to fight for dominance in bed as much as she does in everything else; secretly wanting to lose, putting up a fight, not admitting a damn thing to anyone though, even herself. Izumi's someone I've always thought was really gorgeous and I like her characterization a lot, but I've never been quite sure where to fit her in fandomplay-wise. Maybe she takes on a motherly role for the Elric brothers, initially unintentional, but quickly filling the void they all have? I can see something between them and their new 'mommy' being very intimate, very passionate and deep. Perhaps they've risked their lives too many times and though she has faith in them, she just wants them to stay with her in Dublith.
Naruto/Sakura  -  I'm actually open to a wide variety of pairing people with Sakura, 'cause she's awful puurrdyy, but this has always been my favorite. I love how hilariously abusive she is toward him when he so much as tries to simply compliment her. Inbetween smacking him around, I can see her growing a real soft spot for the boy. Whether they're on equal grounds, or Sakura's in more of a femdom role, whether we mix in a plentiful amount of comedy or seek to take them a more mature route, whatever we come up with, I like these two together.

Naruto/Kushina  -  I've been interested in doing a mother/son roleplay that centers around affection and intimacy, and these two never getting any canon time together is something I would enjoy remedying. Perhaps Naruto managed to take what of Kushina's chakra was within the kyuubi and somehow bring her back using that? It's sketchy, yeah; it would be glossed over just as something used to set up the actual story itself. I'd like a 'making up for lost time' kind of theme, with Kushina realizing her boy is all grown up and she missed out on so many motherly things together. Intimate things. Bonding things. Pervy things. ;) I'm sure the similar personality Naruto and his mother share, as well as the physical resemblance he bears of his father, won't make it easy for her judgement to stay pure for long.
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Re: Pervy fandom play! Extreme kinks! FF, RE, FMA, more!
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2011, 09:32:06 PM »
Final Fantasy FREAK here :)  XII sounds fun :D

Offline As Day FadesTopic starter

Re: Pervy fandom play! Extreme kinks! FF, RE, FMA, more!
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2011, 11:12:20 PM »
3/3 - Minor edits.

And thanks for the interest Brit. Can you go a bit into what's appealing to you, what you'd like to do together, etc? Give us something to build a conversation off of. =)