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Started by Raevyn, February 24, 2011, 05:56:21 AM

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I've got a craving for some kidnap/violence/non-con/extreme RP at the moment.  I had a couple going on the board and one over email, but they seem to have dropped off.

I guess I'm a rubbish hostage :-p

So hit me with your best ideas over PM, once you've checked my on/offs? There's a good boy.

"Don't think this means anything. This is just pillow talk, baby."



I'd like to have a go at kidnapping and forcing myself upon you. Did you have any particular scenario in mind, or do you simply want your character to be kidnapped for the napper to gratify his sexual needs? I am open to anything and can get into whatever you are looking for. Hope you'll give me a try!
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Nope. Didn't have anything specific in mind, and happy to go with the flow.

Open to any genre, most scenarios and any kind of character.

I'm easy like a Sunday morning.
"Don't think this means anything. This is just pillow talk, baby."


Hey there, sounds like your my perfect partner. I am a natural dominant and I've been looking for a RP to that end but with no specific guidlines. I was thinking of perhaps agirl who works in an underground club as a dancer or hooker is taken on the way to a private show, the organiser of which will be discovered later. The girl in question dosn't know if this is part of the show or a sick minded prank, but slowly she will relise how wrong she is. I am also GMT(UK) so would be good for timing as well. I thought it might help if I dropped you a little writing sample so here goes-

It was dark as Rachel left the club, streetlights faded and merely bathing the battered car park in a brown film. She walked, half staggering with drunkeness, across the car park, not afriad of the strange light or dark. Almost to her car she breathed a sigh of relief at the end of a hard night. Then her sigh was cut short....

I know it's not much lengthwise but I leave the rest to your imagination.

PM me if your interested, thanks alot,
Sorry to anyone I was talking too or planning an RP with. My health took a turn for the worse and am now back on my feet. Hope you all understand.