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Author Topic: Open Vacancy - ShareHouse Welcoming New Tenants {PAUSED} [Light-H]  (Read 7871 times)

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The ShareHouse is a type boarding house, available to college-aged individuals who seek a temporary or long-term living space. Tenants have access to the bathrooms, the living room (internet access), and the kitchen, where they are able to store or cool their personal food items. Tenants using the ShareHouse are able to use the house as a meeting place, a study room, a party location, and more. The ShareHouse is a three-story townhouse in a residential area close to the city's downtown hub. It has eight rooms, able to fit two tenants in each room, making the maximum number of tenants 16 persons. The total rent of the ShareHouse is $4,000 and each tenant pays a percentage of that amount. If there are more tenants living in the house, then each individual's rent will be lowered. If you are interested in becoming a tenant, please reply in this thread and/or create a tenant sheet.

Sharehouse Layout: The following is the layout of the Sharehouse. It includes the tenants of each room (two beds each) as well as additional information of playable locations. Locations are determined by cardinal directions.

1st Floor:
  • (CENTER) Living Room - Includes HDTV, empty desk, desk with desktop computer, enough furniture to seat 20 people, a fireplace and two coffee tables.
  • (SW) Entrance and Foyer - Includes a coat rack, umbrella basket, shoe rack, ShareHouse bulletin board, and closet, which holds additional coats and shoes.
  • (S) Half-Bathroom - Includes a sink, medicine cabinet, and toilet. Sink has a built-in cupboard that holds additional toiletries.
  • (SE) Office - Includes a desk with a desktop computer, Internet router, file cabinets, and floor-bolted safe.
  • (NE) Staircase - Includes pictures of past tenants on the walls as well as group portraits of special events.
  • (W) Kitchen* - Includes cupboard, dishwasher, full sink, gas range with oven, microwave, coffee machine, and refrigerator
2nd Floor:
  • (SW) Full Bath w/ Shower - Includes sink, toilet, and fully-enclosed shower. Cupboard under sink stores shampoo, soap, and toiletries.
  • (NW) Room #201 - Cadeon Hyadane's Room
  • (W) Room #202
  • (NE) Staircase
  • (E) Room #203 - Megan Shaw's Room
  • (SE) Room #204 - Austin Brooks and Shayla Murrow's Room
Top Floor:
  • (NE) Staircase
  • (SW) Full Bath w/ Shower
  • (NW) Room #301 - Trish Crawford's Room
  • (W) Room #302
  • (E) Room #303 - Raul's (NPC) Room
  • (SE) Room #304 - Chelsea Damariz
Exterior Room: The Exterior Room's primary function was to create a greenhouse effect for plants to grow in, but it has been used for different purposes. In the Exterior Room, the following can be located:
  • Washer and Dryer - Tenants can do their laundry here. The room is big enough to hang clothes to dry.
  • Panelboard - In the event of a power outage, tenants can check to see if the panelboard, and thus the electricity is working right.
  • Motorcycle Garage - Room enough for 2 motorcycles
  • Garage Cell #1 - Reserved for Megan's 2000 Toyota Corolla
  • Garage Cell #2 - Reserved for Cade's Dodge Challenger
  • Garage Cell #3 - Reserved for Shayla's Opel GT
  • Garage Cell #4
  • Garage Cell #5
  • Garage Cell #6
* Please refer to Kitchen Replenishing System below.

Kitchen Replenishing System: The following is an example of the list of items in the kitchen's inventory. If your character is a tenant who lives in the Sharehouse and would like items (only for your consumption, unless someone else is granted permission) to be put in the pantry or refrigerator, please state so in the character sheet below.

Mugs (one for each tenant)
If a mug is broken,
they must be replaced
House Blend Coffee
(18 cups/24 cups)
(15 cups/16 cups)
[Chelsea] Sunflower MugBread
(40 slices/40 slices)
Orange Juice
(16 cups/16 cups)
[Megan] Hello Kitty Mug[Chelsea] Homebaked Chocolate Chip Cookies
(25 cookies/30 cookies)
Limit: 1 cookie per tenant

ShareHouse Rules: The following are some rules, both as a Roleplayer and a tenant in-character, that all must abide by.

  • This is a Light-Human Roleplay, so anything below Light-H, including VAN and non-adult, is permitted. Anything above Light-H, which includes Light-E (no aliens, no monsters), Bondage, Non-Consensual, and Extreme genres.
  • All sexual instances must be done behind closed doors (or under covers if you are sneaky enough) or in place that is relatively private. No random sex scene in public.
  • All posts within the ShareHouse itself must be made in the "ShareHouse - IC Thread" (coming soon). If your roleplay will take place in one of the eight available rooms in the ShareHouse, regardless of its length, your posts must be in a separate thread for that particular room (PM Eliza to get one established). If your roleplay takes place outside the ShareHouse, your posts must be made in the "ShareHouse  - Outside IC Thread" (coming soon).
  • This is a reality-based RP, therefore roleplay in such a way where it does not defy the laws of the universe (gravity, momentum, etc.)
  • Please refrain from roleplaying another tenant's action and speech. They are playing in this roleplay as well.

If you have any rules to add and any question on any rules listed, reply in this thread.

Roleplay Style and Time Format: This RP will be played by posting in a format where you note where and what your tenant is doing at the time of posting. Below is the format in how you should create your post. Please follow this format to help other tenants know where you are and what you are doing so no one runs into you (and kills you by accident while they hold a knife to cut a sandwich). Please post 2-3 complete paragraphs (no one-liners and no small novels).

Please use the following format to write your posts:

Code: [Select]
[i][color=use any color you want or delete color code][TENANT NAME] - [CURRENT ACTIVITY] at [CURRENT LOCATION/SPECIFIC LOCATION IN SHAREHOUSE][/color][/i]

1st paragraph

2nd paragraph

3rd paragraph

TimeShift: This is a system to progress a day using sections of a day. Below is an example of a TimeShift in the ShareHouse RP. The weather will also be included in the schedule, so tenants know how the day will be at any given section of the day. Also, events that happen in a certain time of day will be listed in the TimeShift. The time of the day (early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, midnight) will be changed via mod post once everyone is finishing posting for that section of time (please post in the OOC thread that you are done posting for a particular time of day).

... from its peak, the sun now falls ...

Date: Friday, March 4, 2011

Current Time: 1:00pm / Afternoon

Early MorningMorningNoonAfternoonEveningMidnight
(1:00 AM - 6:59 AM)(7:00 AM - 11:59 AM)(12:00 PM - 12:59 PM)(1:00 PM - 6:59 PM)(7:00 PM - 11:59 PM)(12:00 AM - 12:59 AM)
RainPartly CloudyOvercastSunnyClearClear

Daily Events:
ShareHouse mail arrives at Post Office (In The City Thread)

Special Events:
Austin Brooks and Shayla Murrow moves into the ShareHouse

Posting Allowed for:
Chelsea Damariz (Eliza)
Megan Shaw (Rachubka)
Austin Brooks (Wykyd)
Shayla Murrow (Wykyd)

Participants: The following is the available spots and a list of those who shared interest and are willing to participate in the ShareHouse RP. I've also added whether they have a tenant sheet submitted, as shown by Tenant's Name, and have chosen a room to use. I'm currently looking for more people to participate.

#Roleplayer's NameTenant's NameRoom #
1)ElizaChelsea Damariz#304
2)ElizaRaul Cortez#303
3)RukioCadeon Hyasude#201
4)RachubkaMegan Shaw#201
5)WykydAustin Brooks#204
6)WykydShayla Murrow#204
7)DKDBSDTrish Crawford#304

Character Sheet: If you are interested in participating in this RP, please complete the following character sheet. Be detailed in every category (or else I'll have to ask you to elaborate). Submit your character sheet in a reply to the thread.

Code: [Select]
[b]Tenant Name:[/b]
[b]Tenant's Age:[/b]
[b]Position in Sharehouse:[/b] Please state what kind of position you hold in the Sharehouse (manager, party planner, handyman, etc.). If your tenant does not have a position, just put down Tenant.
[b]Tenant's Occupation:[/b] What kind of job/career your tenant has.
[b]Tenant's Job Hours:[/b] According to the TimeShift and a day schedules, please state when will your character be out to work and when he/she will be free.
[b]Parking Space?:[/b] Answer Yes or No if your tenant will be driving a car and want to use a parking space. If you do have a car, but do not wish to use a parking space, put No as your answer.
[b]Description:[/b] (Please include a picture so other participants can know what your character looks like) The outward appearance of your tenant. Please include hairstyle, outdoor outfit, work outfit, indoor outfit, and any other details you can think of.
[b]Character Traits:[/b] List 5 or more traits that your character/tenant has.
[b]Profile:[/b] A brief history of your tenant.
[b]Kitchen Items:[/b] Please list one to three unique grocery items your tenant puts in the kitchen and is only available for them. Also include who has permission to take said item.
[b]Room Number:[/b] Request a room number your tenants would like to stay in. Please refer to the ShareHouse layout. If you do not request a room number, or if the room is already occupied, I will assign your tenant a room from those available.
[b]Bunking Comforts:[/b] Please state whether you'd like to bunk with a female tenant or male tenant. State "Either" if you don't care. Please consider other tenant's comforts.
[b]Mug Design:[/b] All tenants get a designed mug as the sign of their residence in the ShareHouse. Either describe the mug or provide a link to a picture.
[b]Miscellaneous Info:[/b] Please state any additional info not covered in the categories above.

If you have any ideas or stuff you'd want to add, any questions, or you are simply interested, reply in this thread. I will keep updating, so check back often. If your friends need a place to crash, and the Sharehouse has room, tell them to come on by.

ShareHouse RP Locations:
-Room #201-
-Room #202-
-Room #203-
-Room #204-
-Room #301-
-Room #302-
-Room #303-
-Room #304-
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Offline Nohbdy

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2011, 08:59:58 pm »
This sounds interesting, if a little complicated. Would there be a specific goal, or rules on what is and is not acceptable to RP within the house?

Offline LadyDiscord

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2011, 09:02:43 pm »
I like the way it sounds. Kind of reality t.v.-ish.

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2011, 09:13:12 pm »
@ Nohbdy: The limits are Light-H, so not anything too nasty or kinky. If I was to guess, something that is rated R and can be put on television. Death and rape is definitely not acceptable in this Sharehouse. Romance and drama are probably the top of the list of acceptable, if not encouraged, aspects of the Sharehouse.

@ LadyDiscord: It is inspired by a TV show. I just wanted to do something that doesn't require much research of lore and fan stuff. Y'know laid-back stuff, yet real, like Real World.

Offline LadyDiscord

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2011, 09:31:23 pm »
Oh yea, I can digg that.

Offline Nohbdy

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2011, 10:02:35 pm »
If this gets off the ground, I'd definitely be interested.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to withdraw my interest. I'm in too many roleplays as it is. Good luck, though!
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Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2011, 03:08:38 am »
Updated first post with Sharehouse layout. Changed total of ten rooms to seven rooms.

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Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #7 on: February 24, 2011, 03:21:19 am »
I would really like to be a part of this if it gets going. I am confused though on who the rent system works, do we have an income?

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #8 on: February 24, 2011, 03:27:53 am »
Rent comes from the tenants own pockets, including the manager (me). On the character sheets (I'm coming up with those) there will be a place where you put an occupation down.

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #9 on: February 25, 2011, 02:21:12 am »
Changed the layout of the Sharehouse and added the Kitchen Replenishing System to the first post

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: Sharehouse {Interest Check} [Light-H]
« Reply #10 on: February 25, 2011, 04:45:09 am »

Here is my tenant sheet as an example:

Tenant Name: Chelsea Damariz
Tenant's Age: 25
Position in Sharehouse: ShareHouse manager - handles the rent of other tenants, does occasionally shopping and cooking.
Tenant's Occupation: Talent Director
Tenant's Job Hours:
Sunday - Free
Monday-Thursday - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday - On call
Parking Space?: No
Description: Chelsea, who gets to meet different people through her work and through the ShareHouse, is open-minded when it comes to dressing and looking nice overall. Chelsea is Asian-American by her looks, light skin, and slender figure. She wears her dark auburn hair down while outdoors or at work. When in the ShareHouse (thought occasionally at work) she wears her hair up, in a high bun. At work, she wears semi-formal to formal outfits, most regularly with heels, depending on the situation. She may occasionally wear casual outfits if the event at work permits it. While outside, Chelsea remains casual, wearing no heels but sneakers. At parties, she takes on the semi-formal route. Chelsea is laid-back in the ShareHouse. You can regularly see her in sweats or short shorts, and either a t-shirt or hoodie on her upper body.
Character Traits: Systematic, Patient, Reliable, Faithful, Hospitable
Profile: Chelsea became the manager of the ShareHouse when she was a regular tenant. She used the ShareHouse as a home away from home while she worked at her current job as a Talent Director. Her skill at handling money and her skill in hospitality caught the eye of the last manager, who gave her the position and the duty of keeping the ShareHouse open. To attract new tenants, mostly young students and workers, she puts flyers up on public bulletin boards in her spare time. Chelsea's busy life does not grant her a chance to meet someone special, a potential husband perhaps. Her focus in life and in the ShareHouse is to gain new friends and share new memories with them.
Kitchen Items:Pantry: Jar of 30 Homebaked Chocolate Chip Cookies (limit one cookie per tenant)
Room Number: #304
Bunking Comforts: Either Male or Female
Mug Design: Sunflower Mug
Miscellaneous Info: Chelsea may be a heavy drinker sometimes, but she rarely gets a bad hangover. Chelsea loves to take pictures, which the ShareHouse has a great number of framed ones.
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Offline white

Re: Sharehouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #11 on: February 25, 2011, 07:33:20 am »
I'm interested to take the (W) Room #302 .

Not decided a character yet, is this open roleplays ?

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: Sharehouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #12 on: February 25, 2011, 10:27:43 am »
The IC thread isn't made yet, so I'm still waiting until 6 people total are interested.

Edit: I need at least 6 people interested in becoming tenant before I make the IC thread.
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Re: Sharehouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #13 on: February 25, 2011, 01:37:55 pm »
Updated first post with the Roleplay Style.

Offline white

Re: Sharehouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #14 on: February 26, 2011, 01:48:14 am »
The IC thread isn't made yet, so I'm still waiting until 6 people total are interested.

Edit: I need at least 6 people interested in becoming tenant before I make the IC thread.
How many people already intrested atm ?

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: Sharehouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2011, 02:01:09 am »
I think 3 have stated that they're interested, and one stated interest but withdrew due to "RP Overload"

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Re: ShareHouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #16 on: February 27, 2011, 01:10:11 am »
Updated the first post

Things I've added/changed:
-ShareHouse Rules
-List of Participants/Tenants
-Post Format Code

Need two more interested/tenants before I start the IC thread, Outside the ShareHouse IC thread, and bedroom thread (PM me to request a thread to be opened)

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Re: ShareHouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #17 on: February 27, 2011, 12:54:20 pm »
Alright. I think I could come up with a college student type guy for such a thing. I'm in. I'll make a character.

Offline Rachubka

Re: ShareHouse - New Tenants Welcome! {Interest and Sign-Up Thread) [Light-H]
« Reply #18 on: February 28, 2011, 10:10:56 pm »
Okay, I'm probably responsible for at least a quarter of the views on this thread. :P May as well throw my name into the hat. Character to come!

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Alright, to those interested, there is now a total of six players interested in participating in this RP. If you are still interested, can I please get those who do not have a character/tenant information up yet to try to get one in by next week?

Offline white

I don't have 1 yet...

Offline ElizaTopic starter

If you're still interested on playing, can you get one done by next week? Just to assure you, you don't have to be a long time tenant. Like every tenant (even NPC ones) they come and go. This is the main draw of the RP. You can stay as long as you want as an RP and tenant, but if you feel like it's not working out, you can withdraw ... just make sure you withdraw and take your things out via IC.

Offline Rachubka

Tenant Name: Megan Shaw
Tenant's Age: 23
Position in Sharehouse: Event Coordinator (Birthdays, dinners, etc.)
Tenant's Occupation: Part-time student, part-time bartender

Tenant's Job Hours:
Monday: 9:00AM - 2:30PM
Tuesday: 11:00AM - 4:30PM, 10:00PM - 3:00AM
Wednesday: 9:00AM - 4:30PM
Thursday: Off
Friday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM, 10:00PM - 3:00AM
Saturday: 10:00PM - 3:00AM
Sunday: Off

Parking Space?: Yes - For her beat up 2000 Toyota Corolla

Description: Megan has learned one valuable lesson from her time spent in the bar: you look good, you get paid better. Not that that is the rule beyond the realm of the night life, but she has adapted it to her everyday living. The girl spends a lot of her time in front of the mirror and in the gym to keep her body in shape and her features pleasing to the eye. American for at least three generations, Megan's skin tone is a light tan at the very least. At home, she tends to relax a little if she doesn't anticipate being around someone she's keen on impressing. Her hair is either worn in a ponytail or left to dangle around her mid-back, depending on what she's doing. Her dress would consist of pajama bottoms and old T-shirts. If she had gone to class and just come back, it would likely be anything casual. Jeans and hoodies are usually her go to clothing - borderline scenester. For working at the bar, her casual look takes a step up, wearing fitted T's and skirts to leave very little to the imagination. If a night on the town is calling for her, Megan isn't afraid to don a pair of heels or knee high boots to go with the few dresses she does have.  Her hair is often straightened with her bangs swept to the side for such occasions.

Profile: Megan decided that the Sharehouse would be a good fit for her when looking for places to live around the local college. It was designed to house plenty of people and plenty of people are what she is comfortable with. She just moved in before the start of her current semester, which is a part-time one as she cannot afford to go into it in full stride. It's not as if she's worried about it, though. No rush, no fuss, and more time to live the college party life!

Kitchen Items: Refrigerator: Soy beverage with her name on it, literally (10 cups/10 cups)
                         Refrigerator: A container of mixed greens for salads (20 cups / 20 cups) (1 cup per tenant)
                         Pantry: Case of Monster Energy drinks (24 cans / 24 cans) (1 can per tenant)

Room Number: #201

Bunking Comforts: Either.

Mug Design: Not a real coffee drinker, so Megan thought it would just be funny to have a Hello Kitty mug. Medium sized, two-toned with pink on the outside and white on the inside. Hello Kitty is sitting there as she usually does with hearts and flowers on either side of her.

Miscellaneous Info: Can easily get drunk, but Megan is never a 'stupid drunk' - can be incredibly obnoxious at her worst. A closet Hello Kitty lover. Vegetarian. Lactose intolerant.

Offline Acid Lips

Are you still looking for players?

Offline ElizaTopic starter

Always looking for more, Acid.