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Started by KikuLei, February 23, 2011, 03:40:08 PM

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{ Bolds are my role }

Doctor x NURSE
A perverted doctor has been taking a liking to the nurses lately, it seems groping has turned into alot more. { Very bendable obviously, not much of an idea just smut basically. Doctor can also be changed with patient. }

Popular Girl x Guy
A popular girl seems to be making fun of or ignoring a guy who has had a crush on her for a very long time. { Possibly jock , nerd , ect. } Well , he finally gets tired of it and knows for a fact she will be home alone. He sneaks into her house and decides to teach her a lesson.

Student x Teacher 
A student the young fiesty teacher has taken a liking to has been forced into some one on one tutoring after school, however the subjects are not quite what he expects.

Prostitute x Cop
What happens when a prostitute meets a quite nicely built cop? Well , in this story the prostitute is drop-dread gorgeous and the cop just can't say no.

Girl x Brothers male friends { Possibly twins? }
A beautiful girl has been getting a few stares by her brothers friends. There seems to be something wrong with her brother recently. They share the bills together, but he is always in the basement. What happens when his friends agree to pay him if they get to fuck his sister in the basement.

City Girl x Country Boy
Well, it seems that the City girl visiting distant family has taken a liking to a neighborhood boy though she pretends she finds him and his ways repulsive until one of them takes a turn trying to force themselves onto the other.

Popular Girl x 2 Brothers { Brothers can be changed with friends. }
Well, it seems that taking a short cut to town is a bad idea when there are two brothers whom you make fun of who own it. What happens when the two brothers decide to take revenge on her body in the woods.

Country Girl { White } x Black Male { Adult Actor }
A Country girl, found for a modeling agency is surprised when she walks in for a meeting and her first video! However she finds out even though she has to do it for the money, that this is a porn modeling industry. However, this is not all to add to it her male partner is an african american. Though she is not racist, she fears her father finding out, yet she can not say no to the money or his dark good looks.

Girl x Uncle or Brother { Not much of a plot, just roles and a general idea. }
A girl finds herself home alone, however her odd and strange brother or uncle show up to keep her company. What will happen when she finds out that they are trying to only keep something in their pants company? { Uncle or Brother is prefered to be slender , athletic or muscular no obesity and may be Jock , Surfer , Emo , ect. for brother ,for Uncle can be Cowboy attire, or anything. }


Female x Barbarian -
A female warrior finds herself defying the code that woman shall live under man, however the leader of her village plans to fuck some sense into her , making her one of his wives.

Super Heroine{ Female } x Villian{ Male }
A female super hero falls into a villian's plan. He teases her and turns her into a slut for humiliating him in public.

Princess x Knight
The Princess is getting a bit too arrogant, what happens when her knight decides to teach her a lesson?


Hey, I saw your post and if you still need someone, I'd be happy to fill either the DoctorxPatient or StudentxTeacher roles. or Both :3
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I'm really into the city girlxcountry guy and the stuentxteacher pairings.
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Heya, rmemeber me? LOL...I'm interested in the StudentxTeacher RP if you wanted. :)