"In the Dark" game of escalating dares

Started by darklightning, February 23, 2011, 09:42:27 AM

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This is an idea based on the book "In the Dark" by Richard Laymon, but you definitely don't have to be familiar with it in order to play. It's based on a simple idea: an innocent librarian drawn into a game with a sadistic, devious admirer. He uses her greed against her to get her to take bigger and bigger risks. A description from Amazon:

Quote"Returning to her desk in the Donnerville town library just before closing time, librarian Jane finds an envelope on her chair. Inside she finds a fifty dollar bill and a message: "Dear Jane, Come and play with me. For further instructions, look homeward, angel. You'll be glad you did. Warmest Regards, MOG (Master of Games)."
Guessing that the mysterious Mog is referring to the classic book by Thomas Wolfe, Jane locates it on the shelves. In its pages she finds a hundred dollar bill and further instructions. Thus begins a high stakes game of cat and mouse between her and Mog, a game where risks and rewards escalate at each stage. Appealing to Jane's greed and competitive spirit, Mog gradually ups the ante to the point where Jane is battling for her very life, a battle where the odds are most definitely against her."

I'm open to playing either role in the story.

If you play MOG then your role will be devising each escalating dare and portraying any NPCs that are involved. MOG himself shouldn't appear in the story for a long time - his role is more of an invisible tormentor, always seeing everything but only communicating through his notes.

If you play Jane you can provide your own picture, but she should be late 20s at the youngest, probably in her 30s, and have a bit of a dowdy librarian look.

Contact me by PM if you're interested in either side of this story.