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Author Topic: A Difference in RP Requests (M for F)  (Read 429 times)

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A Difference in RP Requests (M for F)
« on: February 23, 2011, 12:06:29 AM »
Howdy. Thanks for checking in. First things first, the curious would do well to check out my signature. My on/offs page covers a lot of my basics (repeated in my Role Play Preferences page) and has a few neat bits: a gallery of favored art for character ideas and several of my core story concepts. Darren & Kim: Chapter 1 - Darren's First Night [VAN] is a good sample of the sort of work I do when inspired, and also demonstrates how I believe simple premises can be made compelling and rich in narrative heft.

What I Seek

So, if you read the on/offs page, you'll have some feel for my tastes. For the sake of clarity, I'll lay out my interests more explicitly. When I think of plots, I tend to work in terms of characterization first and foremost. It's really easy to take a character concept and fit it into whatever genre seems most compelling at the time, and so that's what I concern myself with most. Richard Harrington is a prime example of that. On that note, while I express a strong erotic current to my RP desires here, perversion is not the sole, or even most compelling, drive in my mind. I've found that online RP tends to struggle with plot development compared with my IRL RPG experience, and so the natural rhythm of sex and seduction serves as a solid guide of the storytelling curve - the climax often literal and figurative for those stories. It's worth noting that I don't need an erotic bent in a story if it draws me in otherwise, which usually happens through intrigue or promises of solid relationship developments (romantic or otherwise). What I desire most is a story which allows the strands of story and eroticism entwine, where a sexual interlude enhances the drama and building of character rather than detracting from it.

Richard is my primary character concept online for those reasons. A young man with a lot more potential than perceived value leaves much room for personal growth, which can make simple plots carry deeper context than they would seem at first. Likewise, the back-and-forth with other characters can be a catalyst for a feedback loop of character development, the changing self-understanding morphing the relationships. Intrigue is so valuable when used properly for the same reasons; as new information slips, opinions change and relationships shift with the winds of fate. That's not to say I cannot play more mature, fully-formed characters; it just usually takes a more complex scenario to make that sort of character feel useful for a long-term story.

One final verbose note on my physical preferences: if you saw my gallery, the exaggeration of physiques should be rather clear. First, I am not beholden to playing as or with characters built as shown; I can easily scale my guys to less superlative sizes and enjoy girls not as abundantly curved. That said, the more you indulge my tastes there, the more flexible I can be for other fetishes and things. Also, like how I mentioned before with sex-as-story-flow comparison, one thing I find fun when indulging in size play is the inherent challenge it brings to sexual scenes, creating a dynamic where the act is not just a coupling but a solution to the challenge. With creative partners, the new ways found to overcome difficulties with more standard techniques is rather exciting to me as much mentally as carnally.

Pairing Preferences

Usually, there's a list of role ideas. I'm going a different route: character archetypes. Each will cover some role pairings that suit them as well what really draws me in that regard.

Female Mentor: Fitting rather well with my Richard archetype, there's always something that compels me with the maternal sort of figure that helps forge my character into a greater man. The obvious roles for this are mom/son or its ilk, and teacher/student. "World's A Stage" from my O/O is an example of a professional form of this with master & protege, and I've had an idea for a while of a matronly mistress taking on a young gigolo under her wing. These pairings can work many ways, and while I generally prefer relations that aren't particularly D/s, I can lean either way in the right stories.

* The Lieutenant: On that D/s note, something I've wanted to try for a while is a role where a male character is a favored servant or the like of a powerful woman. Whether truly submissive to her himself or somewhat distanced from that, the idea is that he would be dominant over other females but faithful to her wishes. In a harem example, the alpha female might be the head of the harem, and he serves as a close assistant to her. Perhaps she calls upon him as a "surrogate cock" she uses on others or uses him as an envoy to deal with her rivals and reward her supporters.

The Equal in Awkward: This one can be tricky at times to get started, but I always enjoy the stories that can take off from this pairing. Falling back onto the Richard case, this would be something like student/student or a pair of peers, both with some room for personal growth. An idea I like in this vein is the young, nerdy couple that finds both halves shy about their bodies; over the course of their relationship, they warm each other to positive body images. As they both come out of their shells, they become more confident with others, and perhaps even a bit exhibitionist along with that. This pairing tends not work well as a D/s relationship at first, and usually feels most natural growing as a mostly even pair.

Distinguished Opposition: Intrigue works best as a game. Whether the foes are equally matched like a game of chess or mismatched in a cat-and-mouse affair, a good challenge can be stimulating, especially when the challenge is such that is forces the players to change from the experiences. In "World's A Stage", this would play out well with the studio head and/or her inner circle vs. other companies, and with "Edgeworld", this can occur between faction heads as the survivors settle and consolidate. Rivals in business or the clash of heroes and villains (super, fantasy, etc.) are all fair game to me.

The Worthy Woman: I'm not an overly dominant person, normally. What usually suits me best for this sort of pairing tends to flow out of the previous one, preferring a strong woman who ends up bowing to my master character rather than a weak girl being taken. The earning of that domination feels more fulfilling and suits my sensibilities better. The Horselord character is based on this premise, and I long ago had a concept using Nightmare from Soul Calibur defeating fighting game girls and claiming them to great effect. If you're looking for me to dominate, I am more drawn to strong personalities than ones which are already cowed.

Multiple Character Concepts

Something I really like to do when I get the chance, especially in forum RP, is to roll with stories that use multiple characters. I must admit some greed here, enjoying MFF+ scenes, but I also like any story where the relationship web with a larger group becomes more interesting. For partners willing to take on several roles with me, I open up more concepts into which I can delve because I have the 'anchors' of the comfortable parts to ensure a level of interest. With that in mind, some ideas that particularly grab me:

Band on the Run: After seeing the fifteenth 'rock band' RP idea, I started formulating my own concept. What I've had in mind is a new band that's trying to make it big in the harsh-but-huge LA scene. While the band members are all consummate performers, skill alone isn't getting them that pop they need to chase real stardom. They decide to play up their looks in a big way, going erocktic to turn heads and draw attention. Ideally, there will be some tension within the band as they make their revealing turn and get that attention they sought. There's plenty of room for drama like a crush between band mates getting rough when groupies start pouring in, or how popularity might go to the artists' heads. Maybe there's even pulls between them going separate ways even as success drags the band as a whole upward.

The Golden Kids: Right out of "World's A Stage", this premise involves a group of rising stars that come up together (e.g. Breakfast Club, Freaks & Geeks) as part of a common studio. Like with the band, there's a lot of room for drama, and with a larger 'in' group with the studio, there's potentially even more directions a major character might be pulled. There's also room to play veteran actors along with the neophytes.

Big Fish in the School Pond: Possibly tamer than the previous ones, this concept is an oldie-but-goodie, the world of school with the students and those around them. The various tropes are always interesting play with, and there are plenty of ways to bend them as well. If you're into anthro characters, I have a whole potential setting designed. Also, I have a setting in mind for a private academy run by a secret society of eugenicists. The society and the school espouse a belief in the inherent superiority of certain traits, chief among them male sexual endowment. In its attempt to encourage the breeding toward their idealized uber-studs and the partners suited for them, families of good stock attain quite a bit of notoriety and power within their circles.

The Betty & Veronica: Appealing right to my greed, this one is a time-honored challenge to a man of two women vying for his affections. This can be done as a sexual vehicle, but it also works really well when there are other reasons to need the man at the center. For example, with Richard's supernatural background, I've thought this could work well as his use as a mystical power source becomes the real reason to want him, with love or lust possibly just tools to claim him. For those looking for a dominant man, this might be a war between lessers, like wives or mistresses under a lord. This idea fits well into the larger ones, and a couple of these can create central focuses for an ensemble cast story.

Divided Loyalties: There are a few methods to tap into this idea, using characters that are working against each other as they work together. As with "World's A Stage", a studio head might be seducing someone at another company to steal him while the rival head works on someone under the first head to get information. This can work really well with any organizations, like crime syndicates or spies, superheroes & villains, and so on. I'm down for a lot of different settings, so the real key is a willingness to play characters that aren't necessarily linked directly - that is, you play a character from groups A & B and I do the same, rather than you playing all the A-side and me all the B-side.

Why I'm a Liar

Finally, for those who've read this far, a bit of a confession. While when it comes to sensual stuff, I prefer M/F, I can be sold into other scenarios. M/M is off the table in any case, but most other options can happen in the right situation. I've played female characters before rather successfully, and can do so for multiple-character stories so long as I get some male character attention as well. When it comes to hermaphrodites, I'm a bit picky, but must admit to having a few futa ideas in my head. One I've not seen done elsewhere is a "triple", a three-way relationship between a male, a herm, and a female. I can play futa for most any scenario, and I can do M/Futa for the right story. Like the triple idea, perhaps even a precursor to it, I've pondered an unusual pairing of a hung futa with an even more hung male ("Look, if you go by the difference in our 'sizes', I've only got like 5 inches on you. That's downright normal!").


I love building ideas with my partners, so please PM me here to get in touch. I'll happily play on here or via IM, and might be up for other arrangements. Thanks for reading!