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Author Topic: Campus/Mad Scientist group game - Seeking Dom+Lez Head Mistress (Extreme)  (Read 1010 times)

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Offline XillenTopic starter

The Campus Lab [Players Wanted]
The Campus Lab [OOC]
The Campus Lab [Characters]
The Campus Lab [IC] - The Laboratorium
The Campus Lab [IC] - Biology classroom
The Campus Lab [IC] - Head Mistress' office
The Campus Lab [IC] - Hallways and other classrooms
The Campus Lab [IC] - Sports area
The Campus Lab [IC] - Girl's dormitory

What I'm looking for

I'm in the process of setting up a Campus game, where several female students join a biology experiment (or are forced to join the project as repercussion for their misbehavior), being promised that the project will earn them some easy grades. Little do they know that the scientist who is leading the project is planning to experiment on the students themselves. While it's quite likely that the scientist will force himself on one or more of the girls at some time in the story (it's a guy, after all), that's not the main focus of the game.

Instead, the focus is on the experiments themselves, doing weird stuff to the students, or transform their bodies (think anthropomorphic features, or being turned into a futanari) and see how the girls cope with it, or force them to do stuff to each other. There are also a lot of weird objects and creatures in his lab that he'll make the student interact with. Of course, the project is not something that they are present in 24/7, so the girls have some life outside as well.

The game is also aimed at some kinks, which can include stuff like watersports, bestiality, enemas, barbed/spiked cocks and character death. I send a list of possible kinks to all players involved, so the players can then reply which kinks they particularly enjoy, which kinks they are ok with and which kinks are completely off to them, and will make sure to abide by the off list and try to please in the on list where I get the chance.

I've already been discussing this game idea with several people that seemed interested in the game, and already have a group of students. While there might be room for another student or two, I'm actually hoping to recruit anyone interested in the following side roles. Note that I prefer people playing true to their gender, so I'm basically looking for female players for female roles for this specific game.

Biology Teacher - TAKEN

This is a young lady that used to be a student at the same campus only a few years ago, and had submitted herself to the same experiment as the students are doing now, as misguided as the current students are. She's coerced by the scientist to lure a few cute female students to join the project. She can be an assistance in some of the projects, but this is not required if the player is not interested in that.

The teacher is basically the scientist's pet and sexual plaything. While the students will mostly be subjects in the weird experiments, the teacher will instead be involved in more contemporary scenes, where the scientist uses her for his own needs. Because of this, this character won't be involved in the weird experiments that the student characters are involved in (unless the players wants to be included, in which case I can certainly include that).

I imagined her as someone with long, thick hair, glasses, big breast, and dressing a little nerdy, but this is not a requirement. She should act submissive towards the scientist. Because she will be involved in quite a bit of straight sex with the scientist, in contrast to the other characters, I prefer a player that doesn't mind some one-sided sex such as anal (preferably to the discomfort of the teacher) or oral (the teacher giving it to the scientist only).

One reason for the teacher to consider the scientist as her master could be that something snapped in her mind back when she participated in the experiment, twisting things so she ended up with a complete devotion to the scientist character. Alternatively, the scientist could have some recordings on her from back when she was participating in the experiment, which she doesn't want to go out, so he basically blackmailed her into being his assistant. I'm open to other suggestions.

Head Mistress

This lady is in charge of the campus and has the final say in most matters. She's a lesbian and a sadist, and when a female student disobeys the rule, she takes great pleasure in giving them their rightful punishment (male students crossing the line instead are sent off to her assistants to deal with). She also enjoys using her influence in school matters to her own enjoyment. The female P.E. uniforms and swimsuits have become rather suggestive and skimpy over the years, while the male P.E. uniforms and swimsuits are unappealingly old fashioned and baggy looking.

While the head mistress is not averse of sex, she dislikes female students having sex with male teachers and vice verse.  In addition to trying to stop such scenes whenever she can, she will also seek to punish the female student or teacher. In contrast with that, she is aware and actively supports the experiment lead by the scientist, on the promise that he keeps personal involvement in any scenes to a minimum. Special camera feeds, to which only she and the scientist himself have actions, allow her to monitor his actions and enjoy herself by watching the students.

Appearance and personality is basically up to the player, though she should definitely be the dominant and sadistic type. She's not planned to be involved in any weird experiments, but she could be for her own benefit, such as small transformations on her own request, if the player is interested so.

Other notes

I'm not actively looking for any other characters. Most other teachers wouldn't be big enough of a role. The scientist is not in any way interested in male students (including male students turned female), and is too selfish to take on any male assistants. If you have a really interesting idea, you can always try me, but don't be offended if I say no.

Feel free to state your interest or ask any questions in either this thread or my PM box.
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Offline elfguy

Re: Campus/Mad Scientist group game - Seeking F (Extreme)
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2011, 10:12:28 PM »
I'd be really interested in playing the biology teacher if you don't mind. She could be a willing pet to the scientist, having been exposed to experiments which greatly increases her sexual pleasure, her body becoming stimulated whenever pain or pleasure is applied to her, or sees the students being submitted to the experiments. She'd also be interested in being changed more. I'd like any kind of sex and breast enhancement, forced cumming / milking, altho one thing I won't do is herma/futa.

Offline XillenTopic starter

Re: Campus/Mad Scientist group game - Seeking F (Extreme)
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2011, 11:51:23 PM »
My apologies, but someone else beat you to the spot, and the teacher role is filled.

I'm currently only actively recruiting a possible head mistress.

Offline XillenTopic starter

Re: Campus/Mad Scientist group game - Seeking Dom+Lez Head Mistress (Extreme)
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2011, 05:02:44 AM »
The spot for Head Mistress is still available, though I'll probably make it an NPC when not filled by the end of the weekend, considering there's a student about to be placed in her not so careful hands ;)

While not actively looking for other roles, people can always surprise me with an interesting idea (But do check the notes above).

Offline XillenTopic starter

Added the links to the initial post.

Offline Acid Lips

If you still need a head mistress hit me up I can rp her.

Offline XillenTopic starter

*hits Acid* :P

I'll send you a PM. :-)