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September 28, 2023, 03:09:44 am

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Author Topic: The Devourer/Unknown  (Read 1337 times)

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The Devourer/Unknown
« on: May 17, 2007, 09:40:46 pm »
Ok, so this is definately a bit different then the sort of thing i seem to normally post. Both ideas are designed for a *small* group game.
I imagine posting to take the form of once a day, with warnings of time away etc.

Game 1: The Devourer
This game stems from a story i've been working on all semester. I've decided to focus this on a few key, main characters which is where it diverges from the novel-form of the idea that i am writing. Based on the wanted players, the game will start after a few events having already unfolded. The premise behind the game is this:
Patrols from Finnigans Keep have gone missing with out a trace. The Keep guards a pass into the North-Lands, where tribal, less civilised people roam along with wild beasts. Its also another path into a neighboring, rival Kingdom. But the neighboring Kingdom isnt behind this, something else is. The Northern Tribes are being pushed southwards by something, but no one knows what.
Sam had survived the horror that befell his village and that of the neighboring village by pure luck. His friend Marcus had also escaped the onslaught but had been swept away while crossing a river during their flight. Sam had managed to crawl out of the freezing river bank and was rescued by a fisherman working the waters further south, at Wayfarers Post, a thriving town on the flood-plain. Recovering from his ordeal, he tells a tall tale that few believe. However, three people in the inn are intrigued by this story and are familiar with similiar stories and other disappearances enough to give credit to his story and accompany him on his journy to Finnigans Keep, the nearest bastion of the King and the quickest way to spread word.

Sam is about 18 years old and relatively fit, though not a male speciman. He knows basic swordplay but prefers the bow. Survival skills are minimal but he is good at sneaking around. THIS IS NOT A STAT BASED GAME. Characters needed are all human. Interested parties need to respond here and i will PM you at a later date with relevant game-world information:
  • Male Ranger/Tracker/Hunter Character
  • Female Swashbuckler/Mercenary Character
  • Female Healer-Rogue Character

Game Idea 2: Into the Unknown
An idea i've thrown out there before, and got a few bites. So now i will reintroduce it having thought through it a little more.

Its the year 2468, and Space is truly the frontier. Humans, in their bried history, have only encountered two other humanoid space traveling races and have so far managed to keep a pretty peaceful relation with them. There are only a few places where these Races mix and mingle, mostly at predesigned borders and Trading Colonies. The Outter Ring, however, is on the border of unchartered space. Planet Z, the furthest planet controlled by humans away from Earth, as it is called, is a frutiful planet where Humans harvest natural riches from its surface, along with the typical businesses of a planet governed by two seperate 'countries'. All is fine and dandy until a completey unexpected attack by a new alien race wipes out the defence force in a matter of hours, along with the Space Colony that orbits the planet. Chaos reigns in the streets as people try to flee the planet or hide from their attackers. Konrad Roht, smuggler that he is, sees this as an oppurtunity to exploit those in need. He offers his services, taking on the first five people who can produce the money he requires for their safe passage off the planet. Its a tight fit in the small ship, called The Swallow for it is one of the fastest ships on the planet. The take off goes well but as they run the blockade of the planet, an engine and the navigation system gets damaged from enemy fire. They're forced to flee into uncharted space, not knowing that is where they are headed, in desperate need of a repair and little time to do it in unless they want to drift through space with no power.

Characters i am looking for can be from any walk of life.
  • 2 Crew Members - male or female. No one wants to be a crew member/smuggler that is fine
  • 3 Female 'civilians'
  • 2 Male 'civilians'

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Re: The Devourer/Unknown
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2007, 09:54:40 pm »
you always have a creative mind, i envy you for always coming up with something.