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Author Topic: RLA68's request thread  (Read 379 times)

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RLA68's request thread
« on: February 20, 2011, 12:52:54 PM »
Please PM me if interested.

Ron Helms was an outspoken cocky more than just typical athlete. He now played football at a Division I university and was on his way to likely having a career in the NFL. The issue was a recent paper he turned in that received a failing grade.

Lets back up. Ron 22 years old hazel eyes and light brown hair is a 6’2 235 pound linebacker. He graduated from a small town high school in a town of 1800. He grew up in a orphanage. He never knew family just that his parents died when he was a baby in some type of accident. He led the small town team in the Midwest to 3 state championships but was constantly in some type of war with his coaches. He was loud and obnoxious. He did what he wanted and how he wanted much less loved to party. This transcended to not being looked at by Division I schools despite his athletic ability and All State Football honors. He went to a Division II school as a walk on no scholarship. He worked his way into the starting lineup midpoint of the season. He ended up leading his team to the semi-finals before losing in the championship tournament. He had a tremendous sophomore year leading his team to the Division II championship in the Stagg Bowl named for Alonzo Stagg. He was once again having issues with having little to no discipline. He was breaking curfew and fighting much less what the coaches didn’t find out about.

The fortunate thing was that with the coaching staff as well as dean wanting him gone from the university, they were willing to help get a Division I university to recruit him. He transferred to a southern Division I university. He had to sit out a year. He was fairly well behaved during that year. His old coaches helped a bit with not advising how much of a hell raiser he really was but did tell the new coaching staff that he needed to know the ground rules. He was told very clearly that he his career there would be gone before it started if he screwed around and caused issues. He was having so many issues just keeping up academically that he listened and tried to buckle down. He worked like a madman in the weight room and on his speed. Now, the next year he worked hard in the weight room and on the field but it was again close to midseason that he broke the starting lineup. For his effort, he made honorable mention all conference at linebacker. He helped his team win a non-BCS bowl. For the university, the bowl was a disappointment as they felt they could challenge for a national championship much less get a BCS bowl. He was looked at as the key for the next season. He got cocky and got himself in trouble over and over before the next season. He was told one more slip up and he was gone expelled and scholarship all gone. He tried to keep his act together and had a fabulous season including was up for the Dick Butkus award for best linebacker in college. His university was undefeated with the last 2 regular season games to play before their bowl game.

He received his grade and right after class his coaches met him in the hallway. If he couldn’t get his grade changed he would be suspended from the team for the remainder of the year. It was already in magazines that he was a discipline and attitude problem. He may not be allowed to compete at the combines much less any interest in him no matter what he does.

He approached his English teacher to inquire what he could do. He wasn’t a dummy but it has in fact taken him 4 and a half years to get to where he was ready to graduate after completing these last classes. This teacher in particular was his roadblock. She was his instructor for an English class and Humanities course. He wasn’t doing well in either…thus academically ineligible was in front of him.

It was the end of the day, the 28 year old professor never married and dedicated to her career was still in her classroom as he entered.

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Re: RLA68's request thread
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2011, 12:55:17 PM »
Looking for 1-female to play sister and possibly the girlfriend depending on direction we go with that character if at all. Please PM if interested.

Derek Miller 24 years old 6’2 205 pounds brown hair and hazel eyes. Physically fit. After 6 years in the military, Derek moved to Oregon for a permanent place to hang his hat. The military produced 1 divorce and a handful of unfaithful girlfriends. The price he paid when he was away so much. He didn’t have any trouble getting a government office job as a civilian of course. He grew up in Virginia. So why would he want to settle in Oregon? He wasn’t keen on his family back home especially his father and step-mother. His real mother passed when he was 16. The only other close family is his sister.

Derek’s sister 26 years old. (name and physical description open). She moved to Oregon after completing college for a job. She is recently divorced no kids. She set her friend Lisa up with her brother. Lisa is scheduled to go to training in Florida for two weeks. Lisa asked her to check up on Derek. They were not extremely close growing up but have become somewhat friendly as adults helping each out during breakups and so forth.

Scene start-
Derek’s sister knocks on door of Derek and his girlfriend’s condo. He opens the door.

“Hey there.” He says and smiles. He eyes her in a dress and heels. Sister or not she has always been quite attractive he thought.
(whistles)"Well look at you gorgeous."

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Re: RLA68's request thread
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2011, 12:57:16 PM »
Need 1-female to play wife's best friend and even a bit of the wife interaction. I am open as this can go many ways and one of my all time personal favorites I have done on other sites.

Ron Anderson is 22 years old 5’11” and 185 lbs. brown hair and hazel eyes quite athletic. He has been married for 3 months. He dated his current wife (Chrystal) back during his junior year of college till they got married. He is in the finance industry as a manager. His golf game and network from his fraternity days has been even more valuable than his degree that has him on the fast track.

Kelly 22 year old shoulder length brunette hair brown eyes has been best friends with Chrystal since the 7th grade, maid of honor at the wedding. They even went to college together. Ron occasionally flirted with her but backed off in the best interest of not losing his primary target except the night before the wedding he laid a lip lock on Kelly but nothing further. He called it too much to drink. Kelly never told her best friend because she didn’t want to hurt her friend.

There was a house warming party at the Andersons. The honeymoon was of course over and Chrystal was so proud of how she had gotten decorated. Several friends were invited for both Ron and Chrystal. A lot of drinking was going on but Ron abstained as he doesn’t drink. Targets become better prey with alcohol and he doesn’t like to impede his hunting skills.

As the night wore on the guests were leaving and it was getting late. Chrystal was concerned about her friend and did not want her to drive home. Kelly had more than a couple of beers and mixed drinks. Chrystal was also a bit intoxicated. She asked her sober husband if he would be so kind to drive Kelly home.

“Sure honey, I don’t mind. Why don’t you go up to bed and I’ll be home in no time.” he replied to his wife.

“Well, my lady your chariot awaits.” he took a stab at being humorous toward Kelly. His wife just called him a clown and laughed. She knew Kelly was barely amused at his brand of humor.

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Re: RLA68's request thread
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2011, 12:58:44 PM »
Please PM me if you are interested.

Story: Dad waited till Mark was 18 to divorce his wife Jennifer. There was a prenuptial. So, she got very little and no alimony or big lump sum of money. Jennifer wanted to stay living in a nice house on the same side of town but had no idea of the financial strain it would be. She was able to use all her money for a down payment but quickly saw the house payments would be too much.

Mark on the other hand was given a trust fund that was his once he turned 18. Jennifer 34 years old (had Mark at 16) was trying desperately to get back in the work world but with no college education and a stay at home mom her entire adult life…all she could land is a entry level receptionist job paying just above minimum wage.

Mark has agreed to live at home while attending the local university to get his business management degree. Jennifer is not able to keep up with the bills with her meager salary particularly to keep the house.

Jennifer’s self esteem is low after the last 5 years pretending her marriage was fine when her husband was sleeping in a different bedroom as well as she knew for years of his affairs. After having Mark at a young age…she was scared to conceive again so she went on birth control. She didn’t have any family to turn to as her parents had an average retirement down to Arizona but not much more. She is an only child.
Jennifer 34 years old. 5’4 110 lbs Blonde hair Blue eyes.

Mark 18 years old 5’11 195 lbs Brown hair Blue eyes

Mark walks in the house. He notices his mom sitting on the couch with a sour look and just looking down. TV is not on. Did someone die or what is going on he thought.
"Hey mom, is everything okay?" Mark states and walks over into the living room and sits beside her on the couch.

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Re: RLA68's request thread
« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2011, 12:59:43 PM »
Please PM me if you are interested in this RP. I have one scene I would like to include.

Ron Miller 28 years old 5’11 205 lbs brown hair and green eyes. Has been a lawyer for 3 years in a top firm. Never married and engaged twice. He just never completely has connected with the right woman. Ron had an issue, that to move up in the firm, he needed to attend the many functions with a pretty woman on his arm and look the traditional part. The decision makers were old as dirt and believed in extremely traditional values. He did all the right things with the school he attended and fraternity he was a member of. He needed that last element.

Ron’s only sibling a sister 25 years old recently divorced a cheating husband and was trying to find a place to live. She was working with her husband in his business. The unfaithful bastard cleaned out the accounts over a period of months and let all the bills go before leaving the country with the company receptionist before anyone was the wiser. She was left with not only the impossible debt but everything including the house being repossessed. His sister was staying with a friend here and there trying not to wear out her welcome.

He called her. Ron suggested she move in. Ron was after all trying to help her with the legal issues.
“Hey sis, I have a crazy idea. Why don’t you move in with me? It is rent free and I would enjoy the company. I can dig into your legal issues better with you around.” Ron said and waited for a response.