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Author Topic: Spirits of The Nameless Land  (Read 510 times)

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Spirits of The Nameless Land
« on: February 20, 2011, 06:45:48 AM »
The Nameless Land has, in fact, had many names. Whoever sits in power may insist that it be referred to after their family name or a loved one, but no one did by choice. The fighting for this land had been happening so long, and the name had changed so often, that people simply refused to choose one, certain it would change within their lifetime, or even within the year.

A land of beautiful green countryside, rich in mines, forests, lakes and mountains, it is hugged on one side by a prosperous coast, and on the other by dead lands of rocks and deserts. Through out all the world lay the ruins of an advanced civilization long dead. The Nameless Land itself is a hodgepodge of cultures and technologies. While originally, and for the moment predominantly a land Medieval Kings and their castles and knights, the constant tides of conquest has seen advanced clockwork technology from the Far East mix in, along with the mysterious Tribal's and Raider's from The Dead Lands, and countless other cultures.

However, a great discovery has been made, and in the coming years, it has changed the face of not only The Nameless Lands, but the entire world. While magic has been known to exist, it has been like the complex clockwork weaponry of the East, commonly accepted to exist, but not something you would likely see. Now, the secrets to magic have been revealed, and it is a devious design.

Within the Material World is the Spirit World. While many believe 'Spirits' to be the souls of our dead loved ones, this is not the case. A 'Spirit' is like blank paper, something infinitely versatile but absolutely barren. Spirits have all the power of nature behind them, yet they are dead and lifeless, without an actual form or a thought. This is where a Spirit Spinner comes in.

Drawing a Spirit into yourself, you can implant within it your own goals and thoughts, giving it a measure of self awareness. This Spirit is then applied to an item, a site, or even a person or animal. The more complex a function, the more Spirits you need, and each must be made more sophisticated. These new Spirits are capable of carrying out simple or complex tasks intelligently, not like a machine that can only work within set parameters.

For example, if you wanted to set a curse on someone and make sure that they die a slow and horrible death from starvation, you could take Spirits within yourself and change them so that they know to keep a target from being able to eat, then attach those Spirits to the target. They will carry out that task, making water boil when they try to drink, and food to burn.

Or, you can have a Spirit with a simple intelligence for a simple act, like a ring that would detect water or gold, or for something more complex, to detect thoughts that generally lead to treachery.

All of these Spirits remain with their power intact and shadows of their Spinners or Wielders memories and emotions. They feed on each other, or lay dormant, solidifying into Spirits with wills of their own, known as Demons. The nature of their creation leaves Demons varied in nature and goals, but many are unstable, and therefore dangerous.

The richest can afford complex networks of Spun security systems, while their armies or personal bodyguards have access to Spun weaponry or armor. A Knight with Spun amulets and Spun Clockwork weaponry is a force to be reckoned with.

Okay, I do not have a plot as of yet, but I am working on it. The main theme of this game is classic superheroes but in a fantasy setting. So Knights and Shaolin and Thieves and all manner of your typical characters with Spun equipment as their super powers.

Your equipment can be virtually anything, but the more powerful your set up, the more prone you are to Possession. For instance, it would take a lot of Spinning to get Gauntlets that could hurl large objects, simply because of the physics involved. Like wise, something that grants a kinetic shield would be just as costly. Not impossibly costly, but the physics behind a small detonation is much smaller and thusly requires less Spinning.

You could wear a piece of jewelry that warns against imminent violent actions, a staff that controls wind, light armor that hardens to absorb area specific impact, shoes that allow for water walking and bursts of speed, axes that use heat air, morning star flails that build kinetic energy with momentum... the possibilities are endless.

I've been toying with a character, someone who uses incredibly heavy armor, but has it Spun so that it moves on its own with kinetic energy, making it as light as a feather for him. His Spirit also grants him immense concentration, so that he can dodge and pick out gaps in an enemies defense, peppering them with pin point precision with small wrist mounted crossbows, East design. They can be loaded with cartridges of 15 bolts, can be fired automatically, and their velocity and penetrating power is enhanced with wind. They are also equipped with wrist blades that use wind to extend and retract, heating at the tips if they need to.

He is like an armored wasp, fast and accurate, taking you down with multiple shots with deadly accuracy, and can shrug off damage like a tank.

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Re: Spirits of The Nameless Land
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2011, 09:36:51 AM »
If you want to be a super villain, Possession is a good rout :) You've given in to the Spirits in your gear and the new power has driven you mad.