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Author Topic: New Idea  (Read 653 times)

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New Idea
« on: February 18, 2011, 12:43:31 AM »
'Saturday Morning'
A story of espionage and taboo
Saturday morning, in the next bedroom of the suite at the Hotel La Perouse, nestled on the cliffs of Nice, France facing the Mediterranean Sea.   Within the long disenfranchised daughter of the American playboy Clark Deveroe of the Mediterranean region.  With her brings a blast of the past with her sudden appearance and documentation.  Her mother remembered Natasha Rostroski a Russian intern at the Russian embassy in London.   A summer romance that had been a whirlwind of two people self-indulging themselves.  That would leave a long lasting memory of what had been and lost.  His job had taken him away,  his mission had only been for the summer in London that year.   But more then a long lasting memory of the red headed Russian vision that Natasha was, it seemed a more lasting one had become of that whirlwind summer sixteen years ago.   The word disenfranchised is not truly the all-encompassing word.   To be such one would have had to have knowledge of having a daughter.  All night he had checked out the documentation and legal papers that she had shown up with in hand.  Indeed the sixteen-year-old young woman in the next room Annabelle Rostroski is his daughter.   A British citizen, born in London and thus registered as a British citizen.  Although her passport had a recent stamp from Moscow.,  showing that she had been living in Moscow the past few years.   The news of such is further laden with the news of Natasha’s death.   She had died in a car bombing in Georgia.   Which leads to what he had often speculated over the years.  She had been more then just a intern at the Russian embassy.   

Pausing at the door of his daughter’s room, Clark would hesitate.  Wondering if she was up yet, not sure if he should go in.  She could still be sleeping.   She is a teenager after all and despite the fact it is eleven thirty in the morning.  She may just be still asleep.  Should he even go in, start a relationship with a daughter he never knew he had.  What would he say, his lifestyle and what he does is not conducive to having a family.  It is the reason he had never married.  The question is what happens after he gets to know her.  Having to send her away, something he is certain is not what she would expect.   This must be hard on her.  Hearing the sound of movement within the room, signals she is awake.   Reaching and taking a hold of the doorknob, Duncan would turn it and push open the door.    Before realizing it he enters the room to the following vision.   Like her mother, Annabelle has the long flowing red tresses.  She is on the bed on her hands and knees.   She has not a stitch of clothing on as she apparently slept in the nude.   Her heart shape derriere is in the air facing Duncan.  Her breasts full hang free underneath.   It can be seen she is looking out the window of her room down onto the Mediterranean below from her bed.   A vision upon a sea of white sheets, comforter and bedspread.   

It had been a long night with not much sleep.  Excitement had dominated her, making her too restless to sleep.   It had been all a whirlwind the past few days.   Mom having been killed in a car bombing.   Uncle Boris coming to the apartment in Moscow.  Saying she would be traveling to meet her father.  A father who she thought had died.  A father who she had assumed had been a British soldier.   Even though her mother had not said as much.  For the longest since she had been little, she had memories of a man in uniform in hers and mother’s life in London.    Given a packet with all the necessary documentation of legal papers.  Annabelle found herself flying to southern France and the capital of that provenance of France, Nice.   What bothered her is not the fact that her mother is dead or how she had been rushed and sent away by her uncle Boris a day after her mother was laid to rest.   It is the fact that her mother and everyone else in her life had kept from her  such a fact.    Back to the having a British father, that is thrown out the door upon meeting her father the day before.   He had been caught totally off guard at her sudden appearance.   He though quickly recovered and had changed rooms at the hotel, switching to a suite for the two of them.   

Annabelle for the longest had always slept in the nude.  It is no different here and now.   Especially the fine Egyptian cotton linen cotton sheets on the bed.   It is like sleeping on a cloud, is how she would describe the feeling of the sheets against her own soft skin.  She had mainly stayed awake that night.   It had not been all the thoughts that led her to this room and the man in the other room.  She stayed awake cause of two reasons.    First the realization her father is American and he is very hot, a hunk.  You know the hot kind like George Clooney. 

The sound of crashing waves down below on the cliffs causes Annabelle to shed the cover of sheets and comforter.  Rising up on the bed on her hands and knees to peek out the window.  So she could see the crashing sound of surf against the rocks below.  In the midst of this the door suddenly opens and her father steps into the room.    Catching her by total surprise as she looks out the window.   Instead of causing her to jump in embarrassment, it sent a sudden thrill through her.   Causing her heart to race and swoon in the way of one that is suddenly smitten in amour way.   

Looking for a writing partner to assume the role of Clark Deveroe.   A story of espionage and whirlwind jet setting fast pace action.   Filled with a taboo incestuous romance.   

As for Clark Deveroe other then being thrust with a gorgeous sixteen-year old daughter who has matured into her full womanhood.   I leave up a detail of his personality to whoever plays him.   Also leave open the option he can be an agent for an agency or a free agent in the espionage game.   

Possible story plot lines within.

Annabelle determines to become part of the business.  Clark drawn into the taboo relationship with his own daughter struggling to keep Annabelle from following into the family business.   


Clark with the taboo relationship brings Annabelle fully into the espionage game, teaching her, as they become a team.