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I've been gone quite a while. I hope nobody has been offended in any way. This is the latest that I've been waiting to try out. Hope the massive information (which comes mainly from Firefly/Serenity) won't bore anybody.

Title: Companion's Guild

Roleplay Type: Hybrid - It is primarily a Group Roleplay, since it has multiple characters. IC posts general may be similar to Solo Roleplays.

Roleplay Range: Light-H - NC-H

Genres: Post-Modern, Near-Future, Romance ...

Inspired from: Jotei (J-drama), Firefly/Serenity (TV show), Dollhouse (TV show)

Synopsis: The Companion's Guild is a high-class organization catering to the wealthy and powerful. The Guild is run globally as a whole, but each Guild House runs its own set of rules (the particular county or state the House is in also enforces laws on the Guild's activity). There are numerous houses in one each Continent, each house catering to its own personal set of clients. The Companion's Guild has yet to settle in colonies outside the Sol System, but certain Companions do occasionally rent out rooms on star liners for the guests' enjoyment.

You can choose from a range of characters. You can choose to be a client of the Guild, who requests lengthy assignments with Companions. Whatever you want, the Companion's Guild will most likely serve you with a Companion suitable for your needs. You can also take on the role of a Companion, and willingly serve the needs of the many rich and powerful clients registered to the Guild.

House Manager (Headmaster/Headmistress)

  • Mr. Thompson - Universal NPC
Note: In the event someone wants to be a full character for a House Manager, the former House Manager will retire from his position and the PC will take his place.

Wing Monitor [2 needed or NPC]

Hall Monitor [2 needed or NPC]

  • Cole Carlson - played by Swordsman18

Teacher/Mentor [no limit]

  • Cole Carlson - Judo/Kickboxing/BDSM Instructor - played by Swordsman18

Empress [1-2 needed]

Companions [no limit]:

  • Jacqueline Baron - played by Eliza
  • Sarah Yamada - played by Joslyn

Clients [no limit]

Other Characters [limit two per player]:

  • Benedict Barnum - NPC played by Eliza

RP Style: I want this RP to be both a serious (meaning detailed posts) and laid-back RP. For main types of characters like Companions and the House Manager, I want serious roleplayer to play as those characters. Character types like clients have the liberty of not having to roleplay as frequently and they have the freedom to opt out at anytime (though, if a client backs out of an assignment, he/she loses 50% of the money they paid).


Characters - Below is the list the different types of characters, included ranks in the system, available in this roleplay

Wing Monitors - Wing Monitors answer directly to the House Manager. The name of their position pertains to certain parts of the House building. Most Houses are actually mansions with some built-in features. Wing Monitors are in charge of certain wings of the House (East Wing, West Wing) or may be in charge of a level of a multi-story building. A House employs at least four Wing Monitors. The duties of a Wing Monitor is to regulate hiring of Hall Monitors and the placement of Companions in his assigned Wing.

Hall Monitors - Also known as Oppa (Korean for older brother, either related/non-related), Hall Monitors are in charge of the Companions in each Wing of the House, ensuring the Wing is a safe and friendly environment for the Companions.. Hall Monitors interact directly with the Companions and assist them in many tasks, such as driving them to and from assignments, changing and preparingwardrobes, shopping, or simply just for company. Hall Monitors are also in charge of "interviewing" old-enough trainees and signing up potential Companions for their licenses. As many as eight Hall Monitors may be on-site, though they are rarely requested by the House Manager to be live-in Hall Monitors.

Companions - A Companion is a multi-skilled, well-educated and well-respected member of a guild of professional courtesans/entertainers, somewhat similar to oiran. While they do frequently engage in a form of state-sanctioned prostitution, they are nonetheless treated with a great deal of respect and deference from nearly everyone, though non-guild prostitutes are generally treated in the reverse, even if they are former Guild members. Many Companion's outside their respective Houses are seen as celebrities, since many have had roles in movies, music, and television.

Contracting with a Companion earns the client "an evening of pleasure," also known as an assignment that goes far beyond the sexual encounter. A Companion is trained to listen, to entertain, to soothe, and even to offer advice, for they are well-versed on any variety of subjects from politics to the economy. A Companion knows traditional and contemporary dance, some even modern dance. They are skilled musicians, schooled in literature, and stay current with all significant newsworthy events. Some are even trained in combat, both in martial arts and in weapons, for the purpose of teaching "teachable" clients or for self-defense. They have a high degree of empathy and are trained in psychology, so they can understand their client's needs.

The beauty, elegance, and skills of the Companions have earned them the highest respect in social circles. There is no stigma to bringing a Companion to a party, as doing so proves you have both money and the ability to impress the Guild, whose members set very high standards. However, few Companions marry the wealthy prince and go off to live in the glittering castle. While of the social elite, Companions still exist outside society. Though a Companion is welcomed as an escort at a party, a Companion would not be so well-received as husband or wife. A Companion might commit to an exclusive, long-term contract, but that would still be a business arrangement. A Companion is encouraged to enjoy the work, but is taught to stay emotionally detached from the clientele.

There are numerous rules and customs Companions have and which they follow strictly.

  • A Companion cannot choose his/her own clients. Companions are assigned to clients who are interviewed thoroughly in order to match them with a Companion with the necessary skills and knowledge. Once a perfect match is confirmed, the House Manager (or Headmaster), the client and the chosen Companion have a ceremony to introduce the Companion to the client as well as discuss the assignment.
  • It is not unusual for a female Companion to be assigned to a female client. Clients are asked what gender they want their Companion to be. Although rare, male Companions may be assigned to male clients.
  • A Companion must have a yearly physical and psychological exam in order to keep his/her license. Some Companion need more exams than others due to some types of assignments.
  • It is not unusual for children to start Companion training. Though it is rare, in cases where debt burdens a family, children are sent to train as a Companion to pay the debt off in the future. Sexual training does not begin until the trainee reaches their 18th birthday. Most children who train to be a Companion come from middle class families and the training houses have high academic standards.
  • Clients must pay a subscription fee (paid every month or once a year) to earn a place in the client registry. The Guild and the Companions must approved of the clients; numerous background checks is common to further approve or disapprove a client. A client who mistreats a Companion outside the guidelines of the assignment, is given a black mark in the client registry, preventing him/her from securing such services for a certain amount of time.

There are several ranks with separating certain Companion with others:

  • Empress - Known as tayu in Japanese Houses, Empresses are the highest ranking courtesans of the Companion's Guild. Their wealth and high social status marks their rank in the Guild. Companion's with this rank are placed in assignment lastly from ten months to two years, if not longer. Empresses are the only type of Companion who have the skills and the power to cater to the most wealthy and powerful clients, which include political figures, CEOs of major companies, and those born into wealthy and power by blood. Empresses are rare in the Guild. Some Empresses although are employed for their teaching abilities and they teach younger courtesans the art of a Companion.
  • Companion - This rank makes up the majority of courtesans employed by the Guild. Most Companions live in their own dwelling places, since they have gathered enough savings to pay on their own. Companions are placed in assignments lastly from two weeks to six months. Some Companion rent out rooms on star liners in order to cater to guests staying on these vessels.
  • Rookie - These are the younger courtesans in the Guild. Rookies are the lowest rank of Companions, and their income and skills reflect this rank. Rookies are only suitable for assignment lasting 24 hours to a week at most. Most, if not all, are given sexual assignment, for they have to learn from these assignments the basics in how to be a Companion. By being an expert in the bedroom, Companions can become experts in other places as well. Most Rookies live within the House itself, due to their unstable and low income.


Post Locations:

These are where the actual RP will take place. Companion forums will be placed in the Solo forum.

  • Guild House - The only topic that will be placed in the Small Group forums.
  • Metro City - Setting outside of the Guild House.
  • [Companion] Jacqueline Baron - Interaction between "The Baroness" and her clients.

More information to come...


Character Submission Format:

[b]Name:[/b] (The name of your character)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (Any other names other people call your character)
[b]Age:[/b] (The age or apparent age of your character)
[b]Character Type:[/b] (Choose what type of character you are; available types are Companion, Empress, Hall Monitor, Wing Monitor, etc.)
[b]Musical Skills:[/b] (What type of music your Companion excels in; choose from instrument and/or music genre. Only applies to Companions)
[b]Dance Skills:[/b] (What type of dance your Companion excels in; please specify what kinds. Only applies to Companions)
[b]Combat Skills:[/b] (What type of combat your Companion excels in; Only applies to Companions)
[b]Ceremony Type:[/b] (Specify a choice of ritual ceremony your Companion will partake to meet clients. Only applies to Companions)
[b]Description:[/b] (The physical characteristics of your character. This include character image and details like tattoos; something worth noting and unique. Please included usual attire when on and off of assignments)
[b]Background:[/b] (The backstory of your character)
[b]Other notes:[/b] (Any other information of your character that cannot be categorized above)

To show you an example, I'll submit my character here:

Name: Jacqueline Baron
Nickname: Jacquie, "Baroness"
Age: 23
Character Type: Companion
Musical Skills: Plays the piano. Favorite genre of music is jazz, R&B and blues.
Dance Skills: Excels in the Cha Cha and club dancing.
Combat Skills: Tai Chi and Jeet Kun Do martial arts. Able to use a knife and 9mm pistol in combat.
Ceremony Type: Japanese Tea Ceremony
Description: Jacqueline stands about 5'4" and weighs in about 107 lbs. She has a slim figure; in slang terms, she has a "spinner body." Jacqueline wears her blonde-over-brown hair straight. When her hair is down, the ends reach until her waistline, forcing her to braid her hair to keep it from being unkempt. Jacqueline has star tattoos on her chest, arms, and hips and has a large tattoo of four koi fish jumping above water on her lower back, above her waistline. Jacqueline has a minuscule, raised identification number on her left arm, starting from her wrist and ending an inch from her elbow (this number is from her advancedgender reassignment procedure three years ago; see below under Other notes). She usually dresses in cocktail dresses, but she is not afraid to take on a casual outfit when in the clubbing scene. Most of the time, she wears platform heels with all her outfits.
Background: Jacqueline Baron, following guidance from her uncle and physician, Dr. Isaiah Baron, applied to be a Companion at the Metro Guild House. After a grueling "interview," which observed her multi-tasking ability, her endurance under pressure, and overall desire to satisfy clients, she was hired. She quickly made and maintained a relationship with the House Manager. After 8 months as a Rookie, Jacqueline received her Companion's license and registration.
Other notes:
- Formerly Jack Barnum, Jacqueline Baron underwent an advanced gender reassignment procedure from her uncle and doctor, Dr. Isaiah Baron, two years prior to being hired as a Companion. Jacqueline took Baron as her surname, the reason because her biological father disappointed her when she was Jack Barnum. Every six months, Jacqueline must visit Dr. Baron for a full-body check up.
- Jacqueline currently lives in a spacious apartment overlooking The Crown Plaza. Her apartment is on the 35th floor. Her brother, Benedict Barnum, a Metro Detective, looks after Jacqueline's apartment when she is away on assignment.

More information to come...


Post Style

This is the style I want all post to be. No one-liners allowed. At least 2 paragraphs of story plus dialogue.

[color=please refer to text color of your character type below] [b][Character Name][/b] - [i]with [Additional Characters], at [Location], [estimated time][/li][/color]

[float=left][img][Image URL][/img][/float]

2 paragraphs of story.

An example of the correct post style:

Jacqueline Baron - with Headmaster and Client, at Private Room 1, Guild House, 20:00 PM

The ceremony was about to commence. The kitchen staff had cleared the table of food and turned off the background music. The sound of a pin hitting straw mats could be heard. A few seconds later, a tune from a shamisen could be heard, though whoever played it could not be seen. It indeed set the mood and put an oriental vibe and atmosphere around those sitting at the table. Shuffling footsteps could now be heard, originating from a hallway behind the Headmaster, who sat across a client dressed in a black suit and tie. Out of the hallway, Jacqueline Baron appeared dressed in a loose, red robe, similar to a kimono. She had an obi tied behind her, keeping her robe in place. The collar of the robe were wrapped around Jacqueline's arms, below her shoulders, to showcase her unblemished skin around her shoulders, neck and collar area. Jacqueline wore her hair up in an intricate headpiece that kept her hair from being unkempt. Blonde streak of hair escaped from underneath the headpiece. Jacquie's trademark braid was moved toward the front of her body, the plait running in between her cleavage.

In her hands, she held the traditional equipment used for a Japanese Tea Ceremony. The Headmaster noticed the client's eyes lit up as he saw the equipment and the beautiful woman holding them. Jacqueline set the tray holding the equipment on the table before the two men. Not once had Jacquie look into the eyes of each of the men before her, wanting them to withhold the beauty of her face before she looked upon them. She lifted the collar of her robe over her shoulders, hiding her exposed shoulders from view. She did this wanting the ceremony to be the focal point rather than her body. Jacqueline rolled her sleeves to her elbow and proceeded in making tea for the ceremony.


I loved Dollhouse and this seems to have a Dollhouse theme to it. I would be very interested in it. I have to ask is it possible for a person to be a Hall Monitor as well as a Teacher/Mentor in their spare time?


Sure. Teachers/Mentors don't have to be former Companions or Empresses. They could be regular people who want to provide Companions with skills needed for Assignments. What kind of teachings did you have in mind?


I was thinking a mixture of regular teachings like combat of all types or such and possibly sexual teachings as well.


For combat, any particular disciplines? For sexual training, what could you offer that some Companions have a lack of?


I was thinking for combat probably Judo, Kick-Boxing. And sexual training of the newer girls, as well as refreshing the older Companions of dealing with Bondage fetishes and being tied up and such as well as how to escape said situations.


Jacqueline Baron has had little training in the BDSM section, she would be a potential student under your tutelage.

Also, Judo and Kick-boxing, popular martial arts, even in Metro City.


Do you want a more specialized form of martial arts? I can look things up and see what I can find. Remember I am planning on having him be both a Teacher and a Hall Monitor. And like any good Hall Monittor the companions he watches over come first over his teaching.

Name: Cole Carlson
Nickname: C.C.
Age: 29
Character Type:  Hall Monitor, Teacher
Combat Skills:  Kick Boxing, Judo Able to use Snipers and Handguns with great accuracy
Description: Cole is tall and muscular. He has two scars, one on his right bicep that is from a bullet wound so the scar itself is circular and looks about the size of the bottom of a coffee cup. And the other is a long line that goes diagonally from the upper right side of his chest almost to his waist. He also has a tattoo that is a large barcode that goes around his right forearm. This one he typically covers up with makeup so that no one will know that he was once a soldier. Cole is usually seen in a typical black suit with a tie. His hair is alway kept short at military like lengths. When dressed casually it is typical to see him in a white tank top with either camo pants or shorts. If he is on the job he is usually wearing nice dress shoes. But off the job he wears boots, or tennis shoes.
Background: Cole was once a soldier for the army. After completing a dangerous mission for them he was captured, tortured and finally left to die when he did not break. A Companion and their client happened to find him by chance. After being treated nice by them Cole decided that when he got out of the army he was going to go join a Guild and protect people like the Companion who saved him. His wish was granted just as soon as the army found him and sent him back to the States with a Purple Heart. Once he was healed up and felt ready enough. He applied to a guild and has been working there for quite a little while.
Other notes: Cole has a strictly business kind of relationship with those higher than him but with the Companions he is caring and compassionate. And he will go well outside of his job description to protect a Companion at all costs.
This is not to say that when he is teaching his BDSM lessons that he will go easy on them. He will train them as he believes they are capable of.


Whatever you like. Know that the Companion, Jacqueline Baron knows only Tai Chi and Jeet Kun do. A new discipline wouldn't hurt. It would actually be beneficial to her.


I understand. Tell me what you think of Cole's profile.


Me likey. Much like a Handler from Dollhouse. Cole is a must-have in the Guild. It will be no surprise to see him supervising assignments from an undisclosed location.


That was the idea. Well I hope some more interest pops up. I would really like to be able to use Cole.


Okay, Swordsman. Do you have any questions about anything? Anything you want clarifying or detailed with more information?



Since companions are just regular humans and such. How do they not end up developing emotional attachments with their clients if their client is a regular of they have a long term assignment with one?

And is it possible for a client to ask for a companion to accompany them on an dangerous task?


1) Remember that everything between a Companion and a client is more or less a business transactions. Love to a Companion isn't something to be cherished and given up for, it is a tool to find the pleasure spots in a client. If a client happens to get emotional attached, it is the Companion's duty to keep the business relationship in check and prevent it from ever becoming a relationship out of love. Yet, mistakes do happen. If a Companion does get emotionally attached, they risk future engagements/assignments with different people when they favor their emotionally attached client over others. Companion can get suspended and be on leave without pay. Hope that is what you were looking for. I just thought it up in my head.

2) If the skills and the resilience of the Companion is up to par and up to a level where he/she can handle it. Remember, a Companion must be willing to consent to a potential dangerous assignment before going on one and they must also have knowledge of potential uncertainties in a dangerous assignment. Considering this, I don't think Companion will be able to take on a task of assassinating a target. If an assignment is committing a crime, especially if it's in the same state or country, then the assignment is turned down (and the authorities are made knowledge of the attempt).


Hi. :) I hope this game will get off the ground, as I was very inspired by the premise. I have a character idea I'd like to share, hopefully it's not too long. Also, if any of the ideas I have here about the setting don't fit, I can certainly alter this.

Name: Sarah Yamada
Age: 26
Character Type: Companion
Musical Skills: Violin, classical music
Dance Skills: Ballroom dancing, exotic dancing
Combat Skills: Combat medic, Earth Military CQC (close quarters combat), sniper training
Ceremony Type: Chess (she considers the game a good way to gauge a client's personality)


Sarah is a short and slender woman of Japanese ancestry. She has pale skin and long dark hair, which is either worn up with hairsticks or allowed to fall naturally. While her clothes are expensive, she avoids looking ostentatious—usually she will be seen in a simple black dress with matching heels, with silver or platinum jewelry. For makeup, she rarely uses more than eyeliner. She will wear something more elaborate—or for that matter, more trashy—if the situation or client calls for it.

Due to her entry in the cybernetics program (see below), she still looks to be seventeen years old. But in unguarded moments her expression can betray a world-weary fatigue far beyond her apparent, or even actual, age.


Sarah is originally from Metro City, and was born an only child to middle-class parents. She was an exceptional student growing up, and her dream was to become a doctor. Unfortunately, her father had a gambling addiction that left him owing a lot of favors to criminals. To save him from being drawn into a life of crime, Sarah volunteered for the Earth Military Cybernetics Program at age seventeen.

In exchange for a very large sum of money, she agreed to a twenty year commitment—and to have her brain enhanced with electronic systems and transplanted into an artificial body. Though her new body is indistinguishable from how it used to look and feel on the outside, inside there is nothing organic except her brain—a micro-fusion reactor runs on simple water, and a lightweight titanium-aluminum alloy endoskeleton gives her superior strength and quickness.

After two years training as a combat medic she was shipped to the inhospitable world of New India, where the conglomerate Interstellar Resources Unlimited (IRU) held sway. This place was a planetary scale version of a 19th century company town—the people there were paid in company scrip useless offworld, and had no rights to speak off. The system was rigged to cause permanent indentured servitude, as each person owed the company in living expenses more than they were paid.

The intolerable situation sparked a fantatical group of Marxist rebels, and government forces were sent in to suppliment IRU security personnel. Sarah soon saw her naive optimism crushed by bitter reality. Due to corruption and bribes IRU was calling the shots, using the Earth Military almost as if they were mercenaries. Things got even worse when Sarah was put through a year of sniper training and then moved into black ops against her will. She saw many atrocities committed by both sides, and was at least indirectly responsible for some. It seemed she had no recourse to escape this hell, as her military contract had signed away most of her rights for the duration.

After several years of this Sarah had managed to accumulate dirt on quite a few important people in the military, government, and IRU. She hid fatally damaging information in various ways, all with instructions that it was to be released upon her death. With this step complete, it was a simple matter to blackmail her way into an early honorable discharge.

Sarah came home to find that her parents had frivilously squandered her cybernetics money, and with no qualms told them they were dead to her. She has not spoken to them since. It was then she truly realized how much her personality had changed—she felt dead inside, with no attachments to anyone.

Her desire to avoid interpersonal attachment and a healthy sex drive made becoming a companion an appealing career option. Sarah has only just recently been upgraded from "rookie" to full-fledged companion. She is bisexual, though left to her own devices she is more interested in other women.

Other notes: Sarah most prefers playing the role of high-class courtesan, and enjoys discussing things such as philosophy, science, and art. She is surprisingly personable and easy-going, but this just belays a lot of pain and apathy below the surface.

Due to her electronic mental enhancements, Sarah has a digital memory of everything that has happened since she was "upgraded." She can also do complex math and network searches in her head with these systems, and has an affinity for computers.

For obvious reasons, she is secretive about her past. Not everyone she works with even knows she is a cybernetic organism.


Love it, love the backstory as well. Cybernetics ... I never would've thought about that. And the Chess ceremony ... wonderful, and clever. Check mate.


Join my village and make money.


Great ... would you like to be a real Empress or one that is employed as a teacher for Companions?


I real Empress please ^^. Unless you need a teacher.
Join my village and make money.


I'm glad the background is okay. :) As we get more characters, it might be interesting to decide what if any interpersonal history they have.

For example, maybe Cole knew or at least saw Sarah on New India--she would have been a mysterious figure outside the normal chain of command, her records classified or falsified when she was transferred to black ops.