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Author Topic: To do or not to do....(M seeking F) (Lots of pairings)  (Read 804 times)

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To do or not to do....(M seeking F) (Lots of pairings)
« on: February 17, 2011, 03:33:55 pm »
To Do or Not To Do (The Deed)

Middle-Aged Man x Son's Girlfriend
Middle-Aged Man x Son's Wife
Middle-Aged Man x Son's Crush
Middle-Aged Man x Son's Prom Date

Librarian x Professor :: Two Professionals Find Comfort With Colleagues, Not Their Spouses.

Tennant x Landlord

Tennant x Landlord's Wife

Professional Football Player x Huge Fan
Professional Football Player x Huge Fan's Wife
Professional Football Player x Huge Fan's Girlfriend

Wrestler x Gymnast :: Oddly Winter Sports Wrestling and Gymnastics Occur Around the Same Time... With All of the Commotion Between Locker Rooms and Sports Buses, Boys and Girls Still Gravitate Toward One Another, Especially When Extracurriculars Make Things More Convenient.

Wrestler x Swimsuit Model :: When A Winter Swimsuit Shoot Brings a Gorgeous Young Model to A City Roof Top, She Inevitably Grows Cold. Once Inside, She Realizes the Building Was Also an Athletic Gym... and She is Quite Intrigued By the Young Men Rolling Around in Spandex

Bartender x Young Hottie :: It Seemed Like It Would Just Be Another Night of Mixing, Until the Entire Night Changed With One Encounter... Where Will Things End Up?

Youth Pastor x Youth :: Well, This Is Against Both of Their Beliefs. He Could Even Be Arrested and Lose His Career. But Why Fight What Feels So Right? Especially When Things Between the Pastor and His Wife Have Grown Cold... It Could Really Only Be A Matter of Time...
Youth Pastor x Son's Girlfriend

Strangers Driving on the Highway :: The Highway Lets One Think For Too Long, About Things That Normally Wouldn't Mean Much. After Taking Turns Passing One Another, A Forest Trail Leads To An Event Neither Of Them Had Been Expecting.

The Story of a Hitchhiker :: When Car or Domestic Trouble Leaves One Person Without a Car, A Kind Driver Pulls Over and Offers a Ride... Conversation Picks Up and Things Lead in an Interesting Direction.

A Nearly Awkward Encounter In a Public Restroom :: "Woops, This Isn't The Lady's Room"

Strangers on a Plane :: Two People Meet In A Flight, Small Talk Takes an Interesting Course... Will They Join the Mile High Club? Or Can They Contain Themselves... At Least Until The Plane Lands?

Girlfriend x Boyfriend's Older Brother

Girl x Not-Bloodline Uncle

Small Asian Girl x Big Irish Guy

Traveller x Native

Coach x Athlete

Gym Teacher x Student

Policeman x Speeder

Policeman x Slight Offender

Wifeswap Contestant x Other's Husband

Employer x Employee

Employer x Employee's Child

Wife x Attractive, Single Neighbor

Wife x Married Neighbor

Husband x Attractive, Single Neighbor

Husband x Married Neighbor

Gardenboy x Homemaker

House Maid x Homeowner

Family Man x Waitress

Sex Addict x Bestfriend
Sex Addict x Neighbor
Sex Addict x Roommate
Sex Addict x Co-Worker
Sex Addict x Therapist

Parent x Daycare Instructor

Lumberjack x City Girl

Country boy x City Girl

Tourist x Native

Step-Father x Step-Daughter

Married Business Man x Secretary

Construction Worker x Passerby

Sweat, Weights, and Ecstasy :: Two People Meet In the Gym, Become Workout Partners and, Regardless of Actual Lives and Relationships, Begin to Participate In Much More Interesting Exercises

Pornstar x Fan
Pornstar x Stalker
Pornstar x Unknowning Stranger

Dancer x Patron

Boxer x Fan
Boxer x Friend's Girlfriend
Boxer x Friend's Wife

Trick-or-Treat? :: Costumes Have Become Quite Provocative... When Separated From Her Group of Friends and Intrigued By An Older Man Giving Out Candy, What Will This Halloween Have In Store for Sweets?

Teacher x Student
Brother-in-Law x Wife's Younger Sister
Sister-in-Law x Husband's Older Brother

Little Brother's Girlfriend x Step Brother

Busty, White Blonde x Big Black Guy

Adult Truck Driver x Young Gas Station Cashier

Stalker x Stalked

Door-to-Door Salesman x Customer

Snowboarding Instructor x Student
Surfing Instructor x Student

Chaperon x Student

Welcome to the Radisson :: Two Hotel Guests, Travelling Alone, End Up Meeting Each Other... With the Stress of Work and the Current Escape From Their Realities, How Far Will They Delve Into One Another's Comforts? Potential Meeting Places Include the Hot Tub, Sauna, or Pool.


Football Players x Teacher
Football Player(s) x Cheerleader(s)

Prom Couple x A Best Friend

Teacher x Two Best Friend Students
Advisor x Two Best Friend Club Members

Boyfriend x Girlfriend x A Best Friend
Girlfriend x Girlfriend x A Best Friend
Boyfriend x Boyfriend x A Best Friend

Road Trip! :: Two Friends Go On A Road Trip, Which Ends Up Being A Series of Extremely Hot Hook-Ups With Attractive Locals

Pizza Delivery x Party Participants

Honeymooners x Room service

College Student x Girls At Prom :: The Best Things Come With Age. A College Student, Home For the Summer, Realizes His Old High School Is Hosting Prom. Sneaking In, He Ends Up Being Much More Appealing to Not Only One Underage Girl...

Dancer x Patron & Best Friend

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Re: To do or not to do....(M seeking F) (Lots of pairings)
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2011, 05:36:10 pm »