Shoutbox issues?

Started by Xillen, February 17, 2011, 11:28:23 AM

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The shoutbox suddenly went blank for me.

When I visit it says "User or IP is banned."

Other people still seem to be able to access it just fine.

I haven't been informed that my shoutbox access has been revoked, and it doesn't say so in the Pillory either. Neither do I know of anything that could have had my access revoked as of late.

Is there something wrong on my end? If not, can a moderator PM me and inform me why my address is banned?


Yes, reading through the logs, I see that you have been kicked from the SB for 30 minutes.  I believe that a PM is on the way to you (if you've not already recieved it). From what I saw looking in the logs, the issue is something that we have discussed in PM on another occasion.
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Uhm, sigh... I'll await that PM, then.



Ok, PM received. Apparently it's a misunderstanding.

I'll just take it from here with the Siren that applied the ban. Locking this thread.