Romantic Comedy with a twist(modern, freeform 2 or 3 players)

Started by Celestial Goblin, May 14, 2007, 09:57:46 AM

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Celestial Goblin

Who'd like to play this? It could be a short episode or could spin into a gods-know-what huge adventure. The lens I am looking at are a typical 'romantic comedy' like movie. That means, it's sometimes funny, sometimes romantic, but it's mostly about people's romance being needlesly complicated because it makes for a good movie.

The premise:

A woman travels to an exotic tourists paradise, likely somewhere warm and by seaside. She stays in a nice hotel, enjoys life, etc.

The country she is in might be modern and beautiful, but it's got a suprisingly harsh judical system. It is not uncommon for people to be sentenced to forced labour and public service.
While there is no uncontrolled abuse and prisoners have their rights provided for, it does not change the fact that restrained, clearly marked convicts can be seen moving trough the society and performing their jobs.

Of course foreigners like the lady mentioned earlier are not likely to suffer such a plight, even if caught doing something bad. Generally, countries will not let their citizens suffer such a humilitating punishment. Generally, but not always.

In the very hotel the lady is staying at, there is one such a person. A foreigner, maybe even from same part of the world as she is, convicted to a few years of punitive work. Not a grievious felon, but more of a young man who had plain bad luck. It could have been something as banal as being caught with drugs, defacing something that turned out to be a monument or using a credit-card that out of the sudden turned out to be bogus.

This game does not care to be pointed out how patently unrealistic it's premise are. If someone wants realism they can go read a fantasy novel.

The way things are, the lady tourist and the tourist-turned-slave man will find themselves meeting quite often. Romance is a possibility, especially a melodramatic, complicated one with a lot of suprises. The lady being mean to the 'convict' is another angle that could happen.

I am seeking a person to play the role of the tourist.
Myself I want to play the convict.
If someone is interested, the hotel manager can be another role to be played. I would assume that the hotel manager(whatever gender) would be a rather mean, slave-driving one that would complicate the convict's life sufficiently.


even though i'm currently maxed out with threads, i'm finding myself drawn to this one. must've been the 'romantic comedy' in the subject. let me know what you're looking for, and i'll see what i can do.

Celestial Goblin

I'm looking forward to someone willing to play the female part in this game. A tourist staying at a hotel and getting to meet the handsome and not-so-evil convict.

I mentioned romantic comedy because somehow I assume that the game would have place for all the usual tropes of such. A meeting, falling in love, annoying things happening to stop the love, a moment of distrust, finally a happy end...

Alternatively, an evil hotel owner role is also open. Someone to make things difficult, like Cinderella's stepmother would:)


*laughs* i should have made myself more clear. are you looking for a female with any specific qualities, traits, attributes? or is all of that left up to the discretion of the player? i have an idea that might work well with this particular plot, but i'd have to spend some time working up the character, and tonight i'm not available for roleplay.

Celestial Goblin

I won't really force a character concept on another player...
Though in this scenario, it would of course be a requirement that the characters would be interested in one another, since otherwise there's no game.

Of course they don't have instantly fall in love with each other or nothing like that.

But generally, I'd rather let you play however you feel to:)


of course, thank you. i'm always interested in pleasing my wp, though; if there's anything you'd like added/changed for the character, i'm more than happy to do so.

if you needed to discuss the details a bit more, feel free to send me the questions. otherwise, if you'd set up the thread, i'll get a character together in time for the opening scene. =)

Celestial Goblin
Here it is.

The opening scene is before the hotel you have reservation in. You're assited by a helpful local cop.