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Author Topic: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - LF Snow White Read Within]  (Read 10111 times)

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Offline ladyelizabeth

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #50 on: February 18, 2011, 09:59:08 PM »
LOL i read it and cried.  I also remember wondering what the princess would be like after being with him.  Its what inspired my character.  :)  ty for the compliment on pics.  I kinda knew what I had in mind.

Offline Ebb

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Need some Baddies]
« Reply #51 on: February 18, 2011, 10:26:51 PM »
The way the RP goes is the Queen is evil. It is why Fantasia fell into darkness. The talking animals are all placed into slavery. Why wouldn't Fantasia not think she's evil? It's no different than living in a society with a horrid ruler. There are just those who are too afraid to do anything, those who rather kiss ass, and then those who actually work for her because they think she can't be beat any way. There are also the neutrals who care about their own survival and just try to benefit any way they can. The Rebellion is the group who has the courage to try and go against the queen. I hope that clarifies everything.

I'm also not speculating, this is how the RP is. If you're now realizing this and are thinking, hey, I don't think I want to be evil anymore. Then there's always neutral or the goodie side, but we do need some baddies.

I hadn't caught all of those details from the original post. I'm fine with all of this, and think it's a good idea to have everyone on the same page. So for the Rebellion, it's really about working against the Queen, and possibly inspiring others to take up what seems a hopeless cause. Not about convincing anyone that the Queen is evil; that's taken for granted throughout the kingdom. Correct?

A question: At the start of the game, do the Queen and her forces know about the existence of the White Order?

Offline Nazora

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #52 on: February 18, 2011, 11:09:40 PM »
Tenebrae Order

It means Order of Darkness. This would be the governing body of Fantasia. The queen herself would be at the top. Her ultimate goal to establish her version of order on a fantasy land that is far too care free and chaotic. Like any true evil dictator, she won't necessarily see herself as evil and have a host of rationalizations for her actions. She might actually believe that if the citizens would simply stop opposing her, accept slavery, and bow at her feet she could bring a reign of darkness through the land and everyone would be better off for it.

Tenebrae custodes

Guardians of the darkness. This would be the Queen's elite guard, it would include her most powerful and loyal servants. The leader of the Tenebrae Custodes would also be a member of the Tenebrae Order.

Likewise, the evil queen can have a gathering of her generals and mention the suspected and unconfirmed rumors of a rebellion forming. She can issue the generals their duties (whatever she decides), and the drama can kick off from there.

This sounds about right, like a council of villains.


On the matter of the frog prince. I was thinking that the queen might use a carrot and stick approach by offering him a chance to get back to his human form once he is is 'finished' serving her.


It might be a good idea to know how much scenery I can write and how much freedom I am given in as far as world creation. I might run my more descriptive posts by the GM first so he can read them and suggests edits. It might be good to have some descriptive writing that portrays the oppressive order and the new 'laws' that the citizens of Fantasia must follow. I like the idea of a heavy tribute being imposed on all citizens, and forced labor for those who speak out against the queen or her favorites. There might be an army of underlings, npc goons, maybe the ginger bread soldiers, that would supplement the elite guard. The queen would also have the power to draft citizens into her service for any purpose she see's fit.

Offline midnight diamond

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #53 on: February 19, 2011, 12:42:08 AM »
Little Red Riding Hood aka Garnet Phoenix

Age:  29
Gender: F
Height: 5’7
Weight: 145lbs

Personality: Garnet, more commonly known as ‘Red,’ is the embodiment of passion in all its forms, and just as flighty. She is quick to anger, but once it is out of her system, it is like nothing ever happened. She is also quick to love (if one can call jumping from one flavour of the week to another love), and just as quick to forget. She is demanding, argumentative, and sometimes a downright bitch. Over the years, however, she has enclosed all of this inside a cold, hard outer shell composed of a mixture of her own personal vendetta against the Big Bad Wolf and the desire to restore Fantasia to it’s rightful owners (if one still exists) and end the Evil Queen’s reign.

Likes: fighting, drinking, laughing, sex, men, and Grandmother’s apple pie.

Dislikes: Wolves (one in particular), being disagreed with, the word ‘no’

Psychological Disorder(s): Displays a number of symptoms of an anti-social personality disorder, including: promiscuity, aggressive behaviour, inadequate control of anger and temper, recurring difficulties with the law, lack of remorse/empathy for others, and an often dangerous disregard for safety.

Background: Garnet Phoenix was a happy child. She lived with her parents deep in the woods, away from the worst of the Evil Queen’s influence, but it ended in a single night of horror that would forever change her. (More of that story to be revealed after discussion with Ebb)

Garnet recovered physically from that night, but mentally she was irrevocably altered. Everything she had ever known had been destroyed, and she now wears her red cloak and hood as armour. She has worked for years towards her ultimate goal of revenge—the destruction of the Evil Queen and her reign of terror is simply an added bonus.

Partner: none

Weaponry: A double-sided, silver-infused halberd (pictured) and four daggers.

Powers: Shortly after her recovery and her vow to take revenge on the Wolf, Garnet discovered that she had the ability to draw the life essence of those she killed into herself and focus it into her halberd during battle, increasing the strength of its blows.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #54 on: February 19, 2011, 01:04:21 AM »
@Ebb: The people already know she's a dictator. There is no reason to try to convince them. As I said previously, they are living in a state of hopelessness and cope. As long as they survive they have no complaints, and the Rebellion is the organization that wants a revolution to restore Fantasia back to what it was.

@Nazora: You got good ideas, I want to know if everyone will be okay with the Tenebrae as the name because I honestly don't mind it. I don't take the "name thing" seriously. Putting The Frog Prince on a leash would keep him longer, but then I thought since the seed turns him into a monster, it might have made him quite the ravenous hound. Once unleashed, just a mindless wave of destruction. But I think your ideas for the RP are okay because they follow how I envisioned it also. With the Citizens also being recruited, the typical dictatorship.

@midnight diamond: Great! I'll add you to the front page and now all the thread making shall begin. I'll start with the Character Thread, then the OOC, and if I'm still awake after that (feeling kind of drowsy) I'll put up the three settings. Just nobody get all anxious and excited because if I get too tired, then I'll have to put the main threads up tomorrow.

Offline ladyelizabeth

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #55 on: February 19, 2011, 01:05:52 AM »
i like the name.  *blinks*  it sounds... dark. 
:D if that helps.

Offline midnight diamond

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #56 on: February 19, 2011, 01:12:51 AM »
Tenebrae works for me.

Also: where the eff did my image go? >.> it's there when I go to modify it, but not when I look at the thread.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #57 on: February 19, 2011, 01:17:18 AM »
It could be a code error or something. I've been having to delete certain codes to make font colors and lists or getting any other formatting to work. By the way, I put up the Character Thread.

Voila! Character Thread


Feel free to continue to add more beauty to your already beautiful profiles. If you change anything major, just make sure to let me know.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #58 on: February 19, 2011, 01:40:07 AM »
I updated the front page with the current new links. I also edited my last post with the OOC page. I'm hoping to get the ability to be able to modify my posts in the NC Exotic section soon so I can keep all the pages up to date. Until then, I'm not going to be able to update the information if any new characters join or if I make new threads.

midnight, you should scale that picture down a bit. o_o It's enormous, and I'm glad I got a laptop with a decent graphics card. In case you may be unaware, there are programs where you can do such that such as photobucket or image shack. There are also online photoshop freeware/flash programs that can help you do so and also modify it.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #59 on: February 19, 2011, 01:57:33 AM »
I'm actually going to wait until I have that modify ability because I would hate to make a mistake on any of the three threads and be unable to fix it. So hopefully it won't take several days.

Offline midnight diamond

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #60 on: February 19, 2011, 02:03:43 AM »
Resizing complete ^.^ In both threads.

Offline Downfall347

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #61 on: February 19, 2011, 02:31:57 AM »
Hello everyone, I was reading over the plot layout and character roles and thought I would like to give the role of 'Little Bear' a crack. Let me know what you think, if you think I will fit your game I would be happy to play.



Age:  26
Gender: Male
Height: 7'4
Weight: 430 lb's
Personality: Ursak is unto granite. Cold, solid, but doubtlessly dependable. He prefers to leave his thoughts unsaid, and to allow others around him to take the lead on most things. He puts forth a mask of self control and regimented determinism, but it is only a thin shroud stretched over a black malice. He may love, may laugh, may mourn, but above all, he hates. It consumes him, the anger that boils just under the surface, like a tea pot heated by a single burning coal. Slow to anger, and slow to cool, his personal battle with his own rage defines him, so much so that it frightens him at times. So he forces calm on it, order onto a chaos that is too dark and twisted for his freshly sane mind to truly comprehend.
Likes: The Night Sky, Battle, The Chase, Feasting, Napping
Dislikes: Little Girls, People who talk too much, Thieves
Psychological Disorder(s): Ursak suffers from very serious anger issues, although it takes a moment to notice. He does not lash out at the slightest inconvenience, but rather absorbs it, speaking little to none of his own thoughts on the situation, building until he explodes in a rush of adrenaline and rage that never ends without blood. Furthermore he experiences periods of borderline sociopathic behavior, experiencing episodes of total detachment from himself and those around him, viewing the world rather than experiencing it, and removing himself from his own actions.
Background: Like all things twisted, he was born in blood. One dark night, the hushed tones of his parents as they discussed the young girl they had discovered in his bed. He remembers leaning over and smelling his own pillow, the light feminine touch of her scent almost intoxicating. It was that same scent that awoke him when she came back. Her hands were engines of death, the blood that hit his face warm and thick; it smelled like mom. He hid under his bed while she did the deed, her eyes, so degrading, so hateful as they bore into him.

For days he lay there, believing she had killed him, or perhaps too shattered to accept the cold reality of the dried and caked blood in his fur. It was not until the corpses of his parents began to rot and attract flies that he clawed his way out from beneath his bed, and forced himself to look upon the maggot eaten faces of the only people he knew in the world. He burned down the cottage, and took the wilderness. For years he went feral. Hunting where he could, scavenging until he was large enough to pursue bigger game, starting with the goblins who patrolled the near by roads for the new dark queen. It was his night time raids that got him noticed by the rebellion.

For a long while he struggled with the feral heart that was born in him that night. The rage, it consumed him, and he turned it into a blade against the dark queen and her agents. He has now risen to the role of a knight within the rebellion, using his trauma's and flaws to benefit those around him when he can, and getting them out of the way when he can't, always fearing that the next time the feral heart claims him, and the darkness of that night consumes him, he will not be on the battlefield.
Partner: No One
Weaponry: Natural claws and teeth which are kept at an unnatural sharpness.
Powers He is fueled by his hate. The trauma he endured at the hands of the golden haired devil awoke something primal in his heart, awakening the primordial beast within the animal. When angered in battle he is prone to entering a rage, during which his eyes glow a demonic red, and his strength nearly doubles, his already sharp claws becoming like razors. But such an exertion exhausts him, and after a prolonged rage he is weak, and needs to rest.
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Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #62 on: February 19, 2011, 03:39:28 AM »
I think my Tailor might be a little underarmed when compared to some of the other characters. :-(

Guess I'll toss in something else... Hm, how about acupuncture? I remember seeing a Jet Li movie once where he used acupuncture as a means to disable and even kill a foe. It would certainly fit the Valiant Little Tailor well, I think.

Offline LadyDiscord

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #63 on: February 19, 2011, 07:44:49 AM »
This is looking very nice.

Offline Dino

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #64 on: February 19, 2011, 08:17:31 AM »
~Puss in Boots~

Art created by CreativeUncut

It’s funny how nicknames come about. 

Once upon a time, there was an old miller with three sons.  When the miller grew old and died, he left all of his belongings to his three children.  To the oldest son, he left the mill.  To his middle son, he left his donkey.  There wasn’t much to leave to the third son – only a cat.  Now, the cat was a curious thing.  During the miller’s youth, there was a tavern in the town that was quite the place to steal a kiss from a pretty miss.  On a night full of drunken escapades, the miller stole quite a bit more than a kiss from a particularly pretty miss.  Unfortunately for him, she turned out to be more than met the eye.  Nine months later he found a basket sitting on his front steps in the rain, and underneath the wicker lid was a tiny orange kitten.

The miller had always been fond of animals, and he couldn’t find it in his heart to leave the sweet little kitten out in the rain.  He brought the little thing inside and gave her a saucer of milk.  Of course he was shocked when she thanked him for it.  A talking cat!  And so the story goes.  The kitten played and grew in the miller’s home, keeping him company as his parents died and he started a family of his own.  She would often leave the house for days at a time, but she would always return home to the miller – her father.

When the miller died, the cat was quite torn about what to do with her life.  Shortly after the funeral, she heard the third son declare that he was surely doomed.  “I have nothing but a cat.  How shall I make my way in this world?  After I eat the cat and make a muff with her fur, I will have nothing!” 

Now, the cat certainly did not want to be eaten or turned into a muff.  Luckily, she was more than just an average cat.  She was a cunning thing, and she vowed to find a way out of this tricky predicament.  She could have just run away, but it was best to stay and utilize the resources that she had.  Though she had not played with the rotten third son since he was a young lad, she went to him and promised that if he would find her a pair of very sexy boots and perhaps some other equipment, she would improve his lot in life.  The third son was skeptical, of course, but what did he have to lose?

The very next day, she went out and caught a fat, juicy rabbit.  She took the rabbit to the King and requested a private audience with him.  She presented him with the rabbit as a gift from her Master, the Marquis of Carabas.  After presenting the King with the rabbit, she showed the King something that she had only ever showed the miller – she transformed into a tall, lithe, leggy miss wearing sexy, thigh-high boots.  She locked the King’s audience chamber and gave him a gift truly fit for a king. 

She continued her private visits to the King for several months, and the King looked forward to the weekly visits from his “Puss in Boots.”  She knew that the third son could never get away with killing her now.  She even considered leaving the son to flounder and die for his wretched thoughts, but she felt that she owed the miller for his kindness. 

One day, when she knew that the King would be traveling the countryside, Puss told the third son to bathe in the river if he wished to secure his fortune.  Just as the King was nearing the river, Puss hid the man’s clothes and ran out to the King’s procession in her feline form.  “Help, help!” she cried.  “Someone has stolen the clothes of my Lord Marquis of Carabas!  He will surely drown if he cannot leave the river soon!”

The King, recognizing his “Little Puss in Boots” in her feline disguise, agreed to help the man by giving him an outfit of fine clothing.  He even let the Marquis ride in his fine carriage with his daughter, calculating the brownie points that he was earning with his Little Puss.  As his carriage ride continued, Puss disappeared, running ahead of the train of carriages and servants.  She slipped into her human form just outside of the carriage’s view, and accosted the first man that she saw.  She snuck up behind the poor peasant and touched a sharp dagger to his neck.  Whispering in a deadly, sexy voice, she murmured, “You will tell the King how pleased you are to see that he has met the Marquis of Carabas, owner of this great and fertile land, or I will chop you into mince meat.”  The man was startled and frightened and incredibly aroused by this scandalous woman in boots, and he agreed immediately.

Puss continued to accost and threaten peasants all the way to the castle of the ogre.  She had heard of this ogre and gathered information about him from the local villagers.  She asked to speak with the ogre (a hideous thing, really) and told him what she had heard.  “One villager told me that you could transform yourself into a large animal – a lion, or an elephant!”

“Indeed, I can,” said the ogre.  He transformed himself into a lion and gave a ferocious roar that frightened Puss so much that she leapt onto the roof of the castle in terror.  Quickly regaining her wits, however, she pressed him, “Oh, neat trick, but I bet you cannot turn into a tiny animal, for that is so difficult that it is impossible!”

“Impossible?!” roared the ogre, and then he turned into a mouse.  Ever the quick and cunning one, Puss leapt down and squashed the mouse with her boot heel before eating him for good measure. 

Soon, the King arrived at the castle, and Puss lied and welcomed him to the estate of her master, the Marquis of Carabas.  The King was so impressed with the castle and the following evening of drinking that he allowed the Marquis to marry his daughter.  Puss learned several important lessons that day.  The first moral was that men are easily manipulated, and it was oh-so-nice to get her own way.  The second moral was that the third son now owed her a great deal, and she would never have to want for anything for as long as she lived.  The third moral was that nothing spells success like a pair of sexy boots.

Alias: Puss in Boots
Age:  Hard to be certain.  Nine lives, you know.
Gender:  Female.
Height:  5’ 6” (human), 9” (cat)
Weight:  135lbs (human), 8lbs (cat)

Basic Appearance
Puss is relatively small for a cat.  She’s a classic orange tabby with a dainty, pink nose.  She can walk upright in cat form, but she prefers to walk on all fours because the feline spine is not really designed for bipedal movement.  The only difference between her cat form and that of a normal cat is the movement of her tongue and lips as she speaks. 
In her human form, Puss is tall and lithe.  She has the body of a gymnast and she keeps herself in good shape.  Her stride has a distinctly feline quality to it, and she tends to perch on high lookouts or sprawl languidly across plush furniture when she is resting.  She often wears modified hunter’s garb, always with her characteristic boots.  She spends a good deal of her time traveling and sneaking about, so flashy clothes are often not an option.  That being said, she is incredibly feminine, and she loves to dress to impress for fancy occasions.  Puss has a delicate face with a small, straight nose.  Her cheekbones are prominent and her skin is pale despite all of the time she spends outdoors.  Almost startling green eyes with bright, yellow rims glitter from the darkness under the hood of her cloak.  The orange-red color of her hair is similar to that of her cat form, and the cut allows straight strands to fringe her lovely face.  Her mouth is a perfectly red, down-turned bow. 

Puss tends to portray herself as an uncaring individual.  She appears nonchalant, nonplussed, disinterested, uninterested, and suave.  She is generally very laid back, concerned with quietly absorbing information and allowing situations to unfold from her vantage point as the clever mastermind.  That is, until it is time to put some key play into motion.  This is in contrast to her personality when she goes into manipulation mode.  Like any feline, she can be completely deadly if the situation calls for it.  At other times, she can play the cuddly kitten or the talented seductress.  A lot of her outwardly displayed emotions are acts, carefully cultivated facades that hide her true motives and feelings.  She mostly treats men like pawns, and females fall somewhere along the continuum between pawns and competition. 
Beneath the confusing façade, Puss is a clever manipulator.  She has the unique ability to understand people and complex, dynamic, large-scale situations.  She is also well known for coming up with unexpected, improbable solutions for problems that appear impossible to solve.  This is the skill that will make her most valuable to the White Order.  Her ability to employ stealth, both in cat form and human form, allows her to collect information that most spies would never dream of having access to.  When she does not wish to be seen or heard, she is not seen or heard.  She thus conducts business in two main areas:  information and strategy.  Name your price.

Despite her apparently impenetrable exterior, Puss has some specific weaknesses.  As a perfectionist, she finds it difficult to deal with failed plans.  She is able to adapt new plans to suit changing situations, but total failure is unfathomable.  She has also learned to be careful in the choice of her pawns because some men (and women) are able to reach her emotions easier than others do.  She avoids these individuals as much as possible, preferring to keep her distance and avoiding relationships in these troubled, uncertain times. 

Likes:  Dairy products, meat, chasing mice and butterflies, sexy and powerful men (preferably rich), successful plans, riddles, challenges, catnip, and boots
Dislikes:  Having her tail pulled, ugly men that must be persuaded, failed plans, small dogs, the third son of the miller, and rain
Psychological Disorder(s): Prone to unhealthy relationships designed to fit into her master plan, trust issues, and a superiority complex.

Partner: No one

Weaponry: In cat form, she has her teeth and claws, but these do no more damage than your average tabby.  As a mistress of intrigue, she often travels alone, on foot, and in full stealth mode.  She carries a bow with her for hunting, as well as a large knife for skinning and cleaning prey and enemies.

Powers Puss in unusually difficult to kill in cat form.  That doesn’t mean she is immortal – she is simply much more difficult to off than your average cat.  Don’t forget the nine lives.  Her only ‘supernatural’ power is the ability to transform between cat form and human form.  This transition is incredibly rapid (“poof”) and does not leave her vulnerable during the transition period.  Changing multiple times in a short period will leave her feeling weak, however, so she tends to chose one form or the other for several hour increments.

Photo from EverythingAnimal
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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #65 on: February 19, 2011, 03:36:52 PM »
Okay, so I got a lot to comment on lol. All right. Let me first begin by saying that I got my "edit" ability back, so I will be setting the IC up today. Yay~!

I will be working on that so that we can get this RP kicked off. If ever, after seeing the IC, you want me to add more floors, more this and that. Just tell me in the OOC, and I'll get right on it.

Also, if ever you would like a subplot for your character. With the evil NPCs, I have created some for certain characters such as Gretel and most players are going for the Evil Queen, Goldielocks or The Wolf lol. If you would like me to add a nemesis in which you'd want your character to go after. If you feel it would help your character's background develop more. Let me know. I will add them to the list.

Now, onto the profiles.

@Downfall347: Wow, everyone is coming up with these brilliant ideas. I love the pictures. Your version of Little Bear is just awesome! You, my friend, are accepted. *bows* Go on ahead and post that beautiful profile up in the Character Thread.

@Moon Hound Hati: Feel free to add more information to your profile, and if anyone would like to switch characters, they can always do so. Just let me know. Go ahead and add more to your profile. I encourage it.

@LadyDiscord: I know, it's making me anxious to begin. But I have to get these threads up! I'm going to be working on the Queen's castle. So as soon as I get that one up, you guys are welcome to post in it. Just everyone remember the RP shouldn't be rushed. It's not going anywhere. So take your time with your posts.

@Dino: You've sent me this profile, and I've approved it. I like how you really emphasize Puss's strategic mind and you also made her a stealth assassin-like chick. Go on ahead and add her up in the Character Thread.

Now, I'm sure all those who are playing villains are thinking, holy crap, there are a ton of good guys. You are also well-supplied with Baddie NPCs that you can use to your advantage, but I will be putting a cork on the Good Guy roles. I'm awaiting another player who may play a good guy, but after that, unless someone wishes to play Hansel, I'm damming the river. No more goodies. If people join, they can join as generals or whatever on the evil side.

I have caught up on all my comments and now I'm going to work on the IC.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Request for a Hansel by Gretel]
« Reply #66 on: February 19, 2011, 06:11:13 PM »
Here is the link to the Queen's Castle thread.

Let's move over to the OOC from now on. For today, I'll keep posting links in here to let people know who haven't moved to the OOC yet or seen this message yet that I've written up the new posts. So yeah, try to convert to the OOC because I don't want you to miss anything I say from here on out (in the case I say anything important in regards to the RP).

Queen's Castle

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Need a Hansel!]
« Reply #67 on: February 19, 2011, 09:36:53 PM »
Here is the link to Rebellion's HQ. Again, I hope everyone moves to the OOC because we're kind of moving there now.

Rebellion HQ

Offline AusGre

Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Need Baddies!]
« Reply #68 on: February 20, 2011, 01:14:02 AM »
Alias: Alrik Hawke (Hansel)

Age:  25

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 178 lbs.

Basic Appearance
Facial Appearance
Body Apperance

Personality: Alrik is a calm man, with a kind heart. He sees the world as something than it actually is, although the world holds a bleak and harrowing appearance he believes that there is something good inside of it. Although, he is not a weak hearted man, he is known to be stern and serious at most times. But, he is also a man who likes to relax and can take a joke, even make one aside from his serious demeanor. Although he is not tricky and "silver-tongued", like his sister, he is know for staying true to the task at hand and never faltering when trouble comes about.

Likes: Alrik enjoys the most simple things in life; lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, sleeping to the crack of afternoon and a good meal. He enjoys studying the arts of magic as well, and practicing his swordplay. Alrik is also unable to resist the charms of women, he is a sucker for them in most ways. He enjoys the comfort of friends and family and when something right is done.

Dislikes: Alrik dislikes the general view of the world: dark, depressing and overall the tyranny of the Queen. He is also quick to snap when injustice is made and people end up hurt, those who don't need to be hurt. Unnecessary death and the suffering of others are among the top things he hates, but he has one dislike above all, perhaps even a fear. He fears being alone, he was always with his sister when they were young. He doesn't want to be left alone.

Psychological Disorder(s): Alirk is known to have horrific nightmares concerning his past, that has symptoms including: Sleepwalking, Sleep-talking and waking up in a constant fear.

Background: After the incident with the cannibalistic woman inside the house made of gingerbread, Alrik's mind started to feel the guilt over what they had done to the old woman. Although they were only defending themselves, Alrik was overwhelmed by his actions and his general conscience took a turn for the worse. He had left the company of his sister, running away more or less. Losing himself inside the woods, he found space to think to himself, without the constant barrage of words from her sister's own mind. He almost felt a calm presence with him, himself. Yet, time moved on and he was truly lost inside the woods, he eventually found his way to a town and attempted to make a life for himself.

It was not as easy as that though, Alrik found a hard time inside the town. Nobody knew who he was, he was a stranger and treated as such. People spat on him and called him a vagrant, treating him as if he was nothing more than a pile of shit. What more could he do? Besides live on the scraps of society and attempt to survive as best he could, this is when his sister return to him... In a manner of speaking, he had hallucinations about her. She invaded his mind and told him what he was doing was wrong, he was living wrong. Alrik attempted to push her out of his mind, but she kept coming back. Alrik and the hallucination fought and fought, until she had finally left him alone. Alone...

Alrik was Alone, he could feel it inside his bones. The wreaking emotions pushed him over the edge, he broke down to the point where he couldn't grip reality any longer. People stared at him more intently now, some even lashing out at him as he approached them with hysterical cries for his family. Beaten and broken, he was finally noticed by a strange man, with a tall hat and a long red coat. The man captured Alrik and forced him to work inside of a traveling carnival. A shit-digger, crate pusher, cleaner, at least he was fed and had a comfortable pile of hay to sleep in. Time had moved on, and Alrik began to stabilize before the man in the red coat, started to beat Alrik down. Alrik pushed himself into a corner and tried to escape from his clutches. Closing his eyes and focusing on the pain of the beating, it eventually stopped and when he opened his eyes, the man had turned into a pile of ash. Alrik had killed him, he had killed somebody again.

Alrik drifted from the carnival and eventually find the rebellion and his sister. He was motivated again, his spirits lifted and his body rejuvenated. Taking up the sword had put his life back into meaning, and he vowed to make the world a better place.

Partner: Although he does not care for Gretel's almost romantic nature over him. He still considers Gretel family and even calls her, his partner.

Bastard Sword

1. Iron Will - When push comes to shove, Alrik is know not to back down from wounds or mental damage.
2. (Moderate) Magical Abilities - Alrik has shown a good skill in the arts of magic, with his constant studying of the art he has grown to adapt his magical abilities while wearing heavy armor.
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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Need Baddies!]
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Oh man! Dark Deception, I think I'll have to pull out from this RP. I'm having my examinations soon and won't be able to commit to this rp at the moment! Really sorry for the trouble!!  :-[

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Need a Goldielocks Desperately!]
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The RP needs a Goldielocks desperately, so if we can find a player to replace the one we had that would be awesome. I'm not accepting any other characters but a Goldielocks right now.

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Will be accepting more players later]
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I don't mind taking her on , i do really like the character she created, that's if you don't have some one yet :)

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Will be accepting more players later]
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She decided to stay because she didn't realize that I was capable of adjusting the RP until she returned.

However, if you are interested in playing any sort of Grimm or Hans character, you're welcome to apply or run your ideas past me if you would like. I have had 3 people interested in this RP and none of them have been able to work a back story for the characters they were interested. o_o I want new characters to join, but depending on the story you make, I may have to place your character on hold until the conclusion of the first chapter (which will happen soon), or I can implement you into the SL right away (it just depends on how complex your story is).

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Will be accepting more players later]
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okies , no problem dear
Its kind of hard to choose pouts but i will wait and see  ;)

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Re: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - Will be accepting more players later]
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Hey Duchess, I could let you have the character if you want it, I wouldn't want to trouble Dark Deception and change the story due to Goldie's absence!