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Author Topic: A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - LF Snow White Read Within]  (Read 11914 times)

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A Dark Tale [NC Exotic - Horror RP - LF Snow White Read Within]
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:21:29 PM »
A Dark Tale

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there existed a realm by the name of Fantasia. The forests were green, the rivers were crystal, and all sorts of flora and fauna lived in harmony. There were creatures one might have dreamt of or read about in storybooks; and in this land, no tale was ever wrong. In this land, fairytales were real.

There were princes and angel-haired damsels, trolls, goblins, ogres, and demons—fairies, dwarves, and talking animals and trees. They all existed here. But alas, as most tales go, the stories are not always peaceful.

One day, the king and queen of Fantasia discovered a complication. The queen was sterile and the king desired an heir. Although loving his wife more than anything, he was slowly giving in to the suggestions from his adviser to divorce her. A maidservant happened to overhear the discussion amongst the king and his adviser and quickly relayed the news to the queen. Fearful and distraught, the queen called for the most powerful being in all the land unaware that her wish would change Fantasia for several years.

A witch came to the queen with the solution she sought. In a vial, the witch carried a bloody serum that within it held a black seed. She said to the queen that the seed would give her a child and that her king would love her again, but unknowingly to her, the seed was far from normal. Desperately, the queen took the vial and sent the witch away. In just a few days, the queen became round and plump with a child. The king was overjoyed and all of Fantasia celebrated.

As days passed into weeks, to the king’s horror, the queen would not stop growing and soon was crazed and bedridden. The queen's condition was kept in tight secrecy from the rest of the kingdom, and any that dare speak of the situation were either killed or disappeared.

One night, the queen was found dead, her belly torn open as though something had clawed its way out. The king was found murdered, and striding back into the castle was the witch, taking the throne of Fantasia as queen. All the creatures of the land were left in ignorance to what had happened that night. Rumors said the queen gave birth to a monster that was now controlled by the new queen. Whatever the story be, Fantasia was no longer the same again.

There was a new monarch that cast her dark hand across the kingdom, destroying or enslaving those who wished to oppose her. Fantasia quickly morphed from a land of milk and honey to a land corrupted by sin.

The Main Plot – The Run Down

There are two main factions that exist in this role play: The White Order a.k.a. The Rebellion and The Dark Court a.k.a. The Queen's Legion. You will plot your character’s story around those factions. As for neutrals, I am only allowing three neutral slots in order to avoid there being more neutral characters than there are characters in either faction. So the three neutral slots are first-come first-serve and the characters that wish to be neutral must have profiles that pass the profile process. If they don’t, then the slots will be open.

In this RP, players will be secretly plotting against other players. Depending on how sides team up against each other will determine if this RP has a “happily ever after” or not. So understand that your characters are capable of making serious mistakes that can lead to the advantage of the other team. Also understand that this is a storyline game. I put this on Elliquiy because this is a mature role play, but this RP is more storyline than porn. If you want to join this game for the sole purpose having your character screw another character and that is all, then I will ask you to leave the game.

The Setting

This was a little difficult to convey, so I hope you get an idea of what I'm looking for after reading this. The fashion is 1800s Victorian Era, but the technology is 1700s, meaning guns do not exist and gunpowder only exists as fireworks. The transportation is horse and carriage. I will also allow lace being invented during this time (even though that was 1900s). The architecture is 1800s to early 1900s. I hope this help conveys my crazy idea. All this and fantasy. Medieval is even allowed.

Animals talk, sometimes trees can too, but you'll be allowed to have free reign over those ideas. Fairy tale aspects are always allowed here since this is a fairytale RP.

Oh yes, and this is a horror RP. There shall be horror aspects.


The only kinds of characters permitted in this game are characters from: Grimm Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Andersen. No other storylines are allowed. You can Google these fairytales to get ideas for a character that is not currently listed. The characters listed below must be role played as their gender. I will not allow for there to be a male red riding hood. If they were female in the fairy tales, then they must be female. If they were male in the fairy tales, then they must be male. Some of the characters below have set jobs and positions already, so any characters that aren’t listed below that you decide to make, you must run their job by me.

You are allowed to portray the characters however way you like. Characters that are animals do not have to appear anthropomorphic or straight up quadruped. They can be human with animal features. Go crazy with the background history, but to enhance interaction, try to form histories around enemies or other characters. Please avoid dictating another character’s life. If you Rp a character that originally was paired in a fairy tale with another, if a player ever decides to join as that character, I doubt he or she will want to RP what you dictated happened to him or her. So please write a history focused ONLY on the character you’re playing. That way, if a character joins that is related to the fairytale your character is from, THEN you can rewrite the background to fit him or her in.

Yes, you are allowed to role play a character that will eventually become good or a character that will eventually become bad. The "***" next to a role's name are roles that MUST be filled in order for the RP to begin.

Just adding some new information here. I will not be allowing anyone to role play The Snow Queen. She's just kind of overpowered. Her story also kind of seems too big for this RP and would conflict with the queen of Fantasia. So no snow queen. I'm sorry.

The Queen’s Legion
  • ***The Wicked Queen (The Witch)Nazora – Leader – the queen is wise in the art of potions and spells. Magic is her forte as well as her best weapon. She is a clever and devious leader who is not to be taken lightly even by her own subjects. A player wishing to take on this role must be confident in his or her ability to play an evil ruler. This role is very important.
  • ***The Wolf a.k.a. The Big Bad WolfEbb – General – A Master of Disguise and loyal knight of the queen.
  • ***GoldilocksLuella – General – Mistress and enslaver of all talking animals. She hates bears especially.
  • The Frog Prince - Dark Deception - General - A cursed prince turned monster by the magic of a wicked fairy.
  • The Shadow Princess - ladyelizabeth - General/Deceiver - A dark princess of the court.
  • Sleeping Beauty - Serishen - Seer - A narcoleptic and useful addition to the Dark Court. Despite her condition, her premonitions can prove to be rather haunting.
  • Rumpelstiltskin - Goss - Blacksmith - The ironworker of the court with kidnapping tendencies.

New players can be added to the above list. Be sure to run your character by the GM.

NPC Evil Subjects

  • The Three Little Pigs – Three piggy lords that run a brothel where they enslave young men and women. They are fat and wealthy piglets that love to make money and also love to whore around. They are pigs after all. They work under The Wolf.
  • The Muffin Man – The Muffin Man? Who lives on Dreary Lane? Yes, The Muffin Man. He assists the evil queen by baking her giant Gingerbread Men or otherwise known as Golems. They range in sizes from giant to tiny proportions. These creations are only out for one thing, blood.
  • Matilda – The queen’s cousin. Hansel and Gretel would remember her best. She is the old woman that lives in a house of desirable sweets. You don’t want to eat her desserts or you’ll never be able to stop. She loves rounding up fat little boys and girls to bake into delicious cookies. She is a cannibal. Don’t let her sweet and frail nature fool you, she is quite lethal and very frightening. Thought to had been killed long ago, the witch has returned thanks to her cousin’s rise to power.
  • Humpty Dumpty - Minister of Propaganda - court jester, town crier, and propaganda master. He sits on a wall and shouts queen's news to the world. [created by Nazora]
  • Trolls, Goblins, Giants, Gargoyles, Demons and Gnomes – They are the typical henchmen of the queen. They can be found as soldiers, scouts, guards, etc.

The Rebellion

  • ***Little Red Riding Hoodmidnight diamond – Leader – Perhaps no longer “little.” She is the creator and leader of The White Order. A once innocent little girl gone dangerous, she swears revenge on The Wolf. A player choosing to RP this character must be confident in their ability to lead. This is a very important role.
  • Little BearDownfall347 – Knight/Berserker - One of the three bears, whatever happened to his parents? Far from “little” the bear has grown up and swears revenge on Goldielocks.
  • HanselAusGre – Executioner - A long time ago, he and his sister escaped the clutches of Matilda. It was thanks to his sister that he wasn’t trapped under her spell. [D e a d]
  • GretelLadyDiscord – Executioner – A long time ago, she and her brother escaped the clutches of Matilda. She freed her brother from Matilda’s clutches and swore they had killed her long ago.
  • Puss in BootsDino – Strategist/Assassin – She’s not just your average cat.
  • The Valiant Little Tailor - Moon Hound Hati - Conman - A clever addition to The Order, Tailor proves to be an asset to the faction by taking on the dirty jobs. He is capable of getting the group information or materials most cannot.
  • Snow White - Open - Boss of Seven - She is the mafia head, dona, and leader of the notorious group known as Seven. Remember Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Well, you haven't heard this version.

New players can be added to the above list. Be sure to run your character by the GM.

NPC Allies of the Rebellion

  • Talking Animals – These fable creatures are usually enslaved. Animals used to talk, but ever since the rise of the new queen, they have become afraid to. The animals aren’t stupid. They are smart and hear better than you think.
  • Fairies, Plants, Elves & Dwarves - These creatures are also friendlies if they aren't slaves, caged, or servants to the queen in some way.
  • Seven - They are the notorious, seven dwarven killers. [Any of these seven NPCs can become an actual playable character if a player is interested]
More may be added as the story progresses

Rapunzel - Pearl Ruby - Potion Maker - A troubled, once-enchantress, owner of the Apothecary in Brogdin. She is renown for her master potion-making and experimentations.
The Little Mermaid - Aragem - Prostitute - An exile with the gift of song. She's not just a woman. Prostitute at The Three Little Pig's Brothel.

[Neutrals have been filled. No longer accepting.]

The Character Code

Code: [Select]
[b]Alias[/b]: (as in what fairy tale character)
[b]Age[/b]:  (if applicable)
[b]Basic Appearance[/b]: (Pic and brief description if pic doesn't summarize.)
[b]Psychological Disorder(s)[/b]: (any problems or fetishes go here)
[b]Background[/b]: (I expect a brief dark story here lol)
[b]Partner[/b]: (if your character comes from a story where he or she is usually with another or whoever you choose as a partner can go here. If no one, then no one. If you don't want your character to have a partner, then put no one.)
[b]Weaponry[/b]: (If he or she carries anything and it can also be natural weaponry such as teeth or claws)
[b]Powers[/b] (I’ll be checking these. I want everyone to at least be sensible with their powers)


1.   OOC will remain in the OOC thread. That is what the OOC is made for so please do not post OOC bubbles in the IC. If you’re going somewhere or are trying to talk to someone specifically, PM them or use the OOC thread. Thanks.
2.   Do not post pictures in the IC thread. I never saw the point in that. We can always go see who your character is. Please don’t post pictures in the IC thread. Also, I notice some people like to post pictures in the IC thread because they feel it helps them convey what they are describing better. Usually people who post pictures in the IC thread, post ridiculously enormous pics. If you are a writer, then conveying the mental image you're trying to present in your writing won't be difficult. A mental image is more effective than an actual image because the reader's opinion creates what you're trying to describe. If you are reliant on pictures, then use this RP to learn how to not be reliant on them and to practice bettering description and detail in your writing.
3.   Do not auto-hit another player’s character. There is a correct way to attack the character of another player and that is to write the action as an intention. Meaning it hasn’t happened yet, but depending on the other players response, it can happen. Example: Bob swings his fist at Jay’s jaw. In that statement, the action was never confirmed to have happened. The intention is just there. In the case of two characters running into conflict, I recommend they discuss how the fight will occur in the OOC to eliminate any drama.
4.   What I say goes. I try to be as fair as possible, if you’re trying to ask a favor of me that I say “No” to, then please respect that it’s no. Do not argue with me. No is no.
5.   Interaction. Do not join this RP if you do not plan on interacting with another player. I will not allow tea parties. Tea parties are when two players constantly post to one another and ignore everyone else. This RP kind of makes interaction very impossible. I don’t see why a tea party would start up when your characters are all working together. If your characters are separated from the group, then this is fine. I’m sure you know what I mean by tea parties anyway, so I’m not going to drawl this explanation on.
6. Respect each other’s O/Os. I recommend players keep in contact with anyone they are interacting with. Always make sure that what you are doing doesn’t offend another player. If there is a problem in the RP that you wish to tell me, the GM, you are welcome to PM if you think it may affect your continuation with this RP.
7. Do not control another player’s character. Always give the other player a chance to respond. If you feel impatient, then go do something else. Take a break. There is no hurry.
8. Post at least 200 words. This isn’t a lot. I just do not like one-lining. So please try and meet the 200 words minimum.
9. Communication. This is what makes RPs last a long time. If you disappear please be courteous to let us know in the OOC. I can make adjustments to the RP this way. If you quit, then please say you’re leaving. But once you quit, please refrain from talking in the OOC. Once you are gone, you are gone. The OOC is for players involved in this storyline.
10. RP Speed I expect people to post once a day or at least 2 to 3 times a week. I understand everyone is busy. I'm busy at times. I want this RP to move at a comfortable speed. If a player hasn't posted for 4 days straight, without informing the Rpers of his or her negligence, then skip him or her.
11. No Futanari Self-explanatory.
12. Have fun. Please write enough so that we can appreciate your character. I am very lenient with this RP, but please don’t give me a reason to be strict. Use spell check, read over your posts, and don’t post for the hell of it. If no one has posted yet, then don’t just post to post because it makes you feel accomplished. That is clutter. Do not clutter up the RP. At the end of the day, when people get out of classes or off work, they want to come online and find something worth reading. Just go find something to do until someone posts a reply.


The Valiant Little Tailor - The White Order/Conman - (Moon Hound Hati) ♂
Gretel - The White Order/Executioner - (LadyDiscord) ♀
The Frog Prince - The Dark Court/General - (Dark Deception) ♂
The Evil Queen - The Dark Court/Leader - (Nazora) ♀
The Wolf - The Dark Court/General - (Ebb) ♂
The Shadow Princess - The Dark Court/Deceiver - (ladyelizabeth) ♀
Little Red Riding Hood - The White Order/Leader - (midnight diamond) ♀
Little Bear - The White Order/Knight/Berserker - (Downfall347) ♂
Puss in Boots - The White Order/Strategist/Assassin - (Dino) ♀
Hansel - The White Order/Executioner - (AusGre) ♂ [D e a d]
Goldilocks - The Dark Court/General - (Luella) ♀
Rapunzel - Neutral/Potion Maker - (Pearl Ruby) ♀
Sleeping Beauty - The Dark Court/Seer - (Serishen) ♀
The Little Mermaid - Neutral/Prostitute - (Aragem) ♀
Rumpelstiltskin - The Dark Court/Blacksmith - (Goss) ♂


Character Thread


Queen's Castle

Rebellion HQ


Goldilocks's Mansion

Fairy Woods


Q: I plan to use the profile template, but am I allowed to plot the profile however I wish?

A: I want everyone to use the template, but if you wish to create your own layout, you are welcome to. You are also allowed to mention any information that you think will be important or portrays your character best.


This is a dark role play. There will be macabre. What there won't be are any fetishes that involve toiletries. There will be gore, sex, maybe rape, and just things along the dark fantasy lines. This won't be Clive Barker and this won't be Playboy (meaning endless gore or endless porn). This is simply a RP with a storyline. I expect everyone to respect each other's O/Os at all times. This is RP will be placed in: NC: Exotic Free-form Small Groups.

If the character you chose didn't have a name in the story, you are welcome to give him or her a name for this RP.
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Offline Nazora

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2011, 10:07:29 PM »
I'm a big fan of your role-play ideas, they never fail to amaze me.

I would love to play the wicked queen. I'm going to use the profile template but I am wondering if the profile for the wicked queen would be different in any way. I'm busy, but I'll find a way to fit it in.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2011, 10:29:13 PM »
You are free to use the character code as a guide. If you want to write more than what the guide offers feel free. I will be adding this question to Q&A, and I have reserved The Wicked Queen for you.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2011, 12:45:22 PM »

I made some changes to the Puss in Boots character. Originally, the character was male, but I am making that role an exception. Puss can be either male or female, and I have marked the role as "Open." It was closed originally, but I opened it for grabs.

I also added a new rule.
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Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2011, 04:30:14 PM »
I was just going down the Grimm's Fairy Tales list on wikipedia after reading your setup and thought the Valiant Little Tailor might be a nice addition and fun to role play. Mind if I play him? I'm not sure which side he'd be on though. Judging by his tale's summary, he seems like a very manipulative guy, but not evil or anything; just very cunning.

Here's the link if you want to take a look for yourself.

But if it's not allowed, the big bad wolf sounds like a fun role too.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2011, 04:36:04 PM »
I think it sounds fine. I can't think of a side to suggest for him to be on either. He can always be neutral since I'm allowing three slots. But it depends on what side you feel like playing or you think you'd play best. I can imagine the Tailor being a recruiter, negotiator, or as they say, swindler lol. He just seems on the same level of guile as Puss in Boots.

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2011, 04:47:55 PM »
Well, I guess he could be like the more shady member of the good guys, the one most of the others are weary of but who can get them the harder to acquire things like illegal items or dirt on their enemies. A swindler, as you say; a black marketeer; a con man; a manipulator.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2011, 05:00:52 PM »
A Dirty Harry lol. Yes, I'm sure he'd be the best man to get them things most can't.

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #8 on: February 16, 2011, 05:02:55 PM »
I'll go make the sheet then. Already found a nice pic for him. :)

Offline LadyDiscord

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #9 on: February 16, 2011, 05:17:49 PM »
I'd like to play as Gretel.
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Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #10 on: February 16, 2011, 05:51:00 PM »
Val Tailor

Alias: The Valiant Little Tailor
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet and 1 inch / 1.86 meters
Weight: 176 pounds / 80 kilograms
Basic Appearance: Having spend some time as a pirate before joining the rebellion, the Valiant Little Tailor still incorporates some of the dress style into his own. Most notable is his parrot companion, who has a mouth worse than many a seaman.

Personality: The Valiant Little Tailor -- "Val" or "Tailor" for short -- is not a good man, and he'd be the first to admit it. He manipulates both friend and foe when the opportunity presents itself and is hardly a novice at lying, deceiving, and telling half truths. He knows how to exploit ones weaknesses, or how to turn ones strengths against oneself, making him a noteworthy foe both on and outside the field of combat.

Likes: Mystery novels, mint tea, teaching his parrot new swear words and insults, seeking his fortune.
Dislikes: Royalty, the military, giants, unicorns.
Psychological Disorder(s): Though it has not been confirmed, some believe he might be a compulsive liar.

Background: Born a common tailor's son, he set out at a young age to seek his fortune and become something more than a simple tailor like his father. The young man's bright mind was soon corrupted by the harshness of the world and its inhabitants. But rather than succumbing to it, he adapted to it, using his cunning and intelligence to deceive and manipulate others to his own advantage. The world was his apple tree, and he was picking ripe ones left and right. After spending almost two years at sea as a pirate on one of the more infamous pirate ships, he joined the rebellion under the guise of wanting to free the land of oppression just like them. However, his main motive was to hide from the pirates he had robbed blind after slowly and carefully gaining their complete faith and trust over the last two years. Though far from being a fully trusted member of the organisation, he does prove his worth to the rebellion by supplying them with hard to get information and items from the black market. His real name is unknown to both ally and enemy, but he goes by the made up name of Val Tailor, which is a play on his nickname, "The Valiant Little Tailor".

Partner: No one.
Weaponry: Having grown up a tailor's son, it was almost natural for him to trade in the needle for its larger cousin, the elegant rapier. Strapped to his right lower arm, just beneath the part covered by his long gloves, he has a wristband packed with several thin needles. However, those are not sewing needles, but rather needles used for acupuncture. However, he still carries a normal needle and thread around for other reasons.
Powers: He has the ability to sew closed small to moderate wounds or gashes with needle and thread, after which the injury will heal itself within moments without leaving any visible scars. It cannot heal deep wounds that cause internal bleeding or other such serious injuries. Aside from that, Tailor also uses the mysterious eastern art of acupuncture to paralyze specific parts of and enemy's body by placing tiny needles on specific pressure points. He can use this skill with deadly accuracy, even in the heat of battle, and rumours say that he even knows a pressure point on the body that can cause the victim to die horribly.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #11 on: February 16, 2011, 07:46:47 PM »
@ LadyDiscord: I'll reserve Gretel for you.

@Moon Hound Hati: Accepted. I'll make a character thread when we get more players. Your screen name reminds me of the Norse Mythology Rp I wanted to make. I have its blue prints, but I won't be going through with the idea unless some RPs I'm currently in die off first.

Just to let other players know who may be reading or plotting characters that I am unaware of. I'm currently working on The Frog Prince. I was going to be Puss in Boots at first, but meh. Someone else can play him/her.

Offline LadyDiscord

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #12 on: February 16, 2011, 08:29:04 PM »
Thanks darling!

Alias: Gretel The Witch Hunter. Formerly Little Margaret (Gretel in German).
Age:  20
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6
Weight: 127 lbs
Basic Appearance:
uniform 1
uniform 2
Personality: Gretel is witty. She has always been witty ever since she was little girl. Always thinking and pondering about how to fix things or solve a problem. Her quick wit and slick tongue have always been a part of her appeal. Since the days of her childhood her best interest was to always take care of brother for she loves and cares for him deeply in a way that is almost borderline romantic. However her dreams soon turned to dust in her hands when she found out that the Matilda had survived her trickery. At first Gretel wasn’t willing to believe that the witch lived because she had seen the witch burn and watched her die or at least she thought she did. Gretel is as logical as she is beautiful, but her willingness to kill can prove problematic.  Over the years trust has not been easily to gain with her and now every old and ugly woman she see’s she shutter’s at in distaste. She hates trolls, goblins and anything else ugly and frightful. On the other side she is very passionate almost to the point of obsessing. Like any Heroine she dreams of returning the land into the beautiful realm it once was. However she is not as quick to adapting to situations like her brother. So she has become ‘darker’ with a “hit first ask question later” attitude towards solving problems. The best way to remove a obstacle or solve a problem is to kill it.
Likes: The idea of revenge on Matilda, sweets and shiny objects.
Dislikes: Injustice, that terrible queen ,Old ugly women, when men call her “sweetie” and Matilda.
Psychological Disorder(s): Obsessive compulsive
Background: She remembers those things they witch made her do and say. Every action lead to her further betraying her brother. She remembered giving in to despair and realizing that the evil old woman would have her to as soon as she was done with her brother. Eventually she got tired of crying and praying and built enough courage and hatred in heart to defy the old man-eater. When she pushed that woman into oven and watched her burned she took a moment to watch and it indulged her. That’s completely normal for one to seek justice even at the cost of killing, but somehow the old woman didn’t die. It eats at her every day the thought of Matilda surviving. She joined the rebellion to seek vengeance and swore that then next time her and Matilda meet will be the last time. In between then she uses her wits and femininity to get her way.
Partner: Hansel
Spear ➸In the presence of evil the alicorn will glow with  bright light. Her spear is nearly unbreakable. It can pierce through anything and when summon by it's wielder it will appear. The weapon it's self has a slight intelligence to it. The alicorn horn it's self can purify any tainted element such as water that has been poisoned or venom from a snake bite.
Double SwordWhen together the damage is greater, when apart it becomes an art.

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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #13 on: February 16, 2011, 08:34:18 PM »
I'm jealous of you guys. You were able to produce profiles so quick and I'm sitting here stumped on a Frog Prince document. I know what I want for him, but I'm just running into writer's block after block. But I'll get it up shortly.  :-\

You're accepted. Lovely profile. She won't like The Frog Prince too much lol.

Offline LadyDiscord

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #14 on: February 16, 2011, 08:37:24 PM »
Lol, I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing.

Thanks, lol. I had to do a little research to really express how I wanted this Gretel to be. And I can't wait to meet the Frog Prince lol!

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Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2011, 08:56:22 PM »
Mmm can I make one of the Neutral people? I am maybe planning to do a half girl half cat character (if that is allowed? I did not read anything not allowing this so I thought I better ask first)

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #16 on: February 16, 2011, 09:47:48 PM »
The half-cat girl has to be an actual someone. If she's not a character from a fairytale or a talking animal (and I mean animal not half or anthropomorphic) or any one of the listed miscellaneous creatures, then I won't be allowing it because I don't want non-fairytale creatures popping up in a fairytale RP.

Edit: You know, if you were making a half-cat girl, you could just make her Puss in Boots, and if you were hoping for Puss in Boots to be neutral, I can make it so.
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Offline Dino

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #17 on: February 17, 2011, 06:31:38 AM »
Love the idea.  :)  I PMed you already, but I want to apply.  What do you think - shall I try to make a profile for Little Red Riding Hood?

Offline Luella

Re: A Dark Tale
« Reply #18 on: February 17, 2011, 07:58:13 AM »
I'm in! I'd love to be Goldilocks! Will set up a character profile soon!

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: A Dark Tale
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@Dino: If you think you can handle the leadership portion of LRRH, then be my guest (oh god, Disney reference  O:)). I only expect the player, playing Red to be the one who is organizing the "hits," "infiltrations," and keeping everyone in the know by arranging meetings. She will be organizing most things, and if she needs assistance, then she can look to her strategist for ideas. But if you need OOC assistance to make sure what you're doing doesn't seem rushed or affect the plot, you can always PM me. I can also help you arrange some things so that it follows a plot. Perhaps slip you suggestions so you're walking into one of my NPC-run storylines (such as any of the NPC enemies).

@Luella: I'm glad you found someone you like. Welcome aboard =D.

Oh yes, I'm reserving Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. I'm reserving LRRH just in case if you decide to take her on.

As for me, I'm still working on The Frog Prince. No, he isn't hard, but I had realized I had a ton of homework due for French Literature last night. I was up until 6am doing it. My professor is crazy. I should have him up by tonight (perhaps in my wine class), but if I don't, it's because I'm working on another chapter of French. Just French, French, French...
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The role of Red Riding Hood is open. It is no longer reserved. I only ask that any players seeking to play any of the "Leader" roles understand that they are important in the sense that if you are playing that role and are ever called away or forced to go away on hiatus (leave the RP) or for any reasons, the RP can fall apart if I can't find a replacement. Usually, it is very hard to find a replacement if the RP gets deep into the SL. So, just understand how dedicated and committed you have to be to play the "Leader" roles. I'm not asking you to post every day or every second. I said in the rules either once a day or 2 to 3 times a week, which isn't much. If you need more time, if you're going to be held up for a couple days, just let us know and you'll be all right.

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The Frog Prince
Face Claim – Brandon Stoughton

Name: Prince Alrick Gerste
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 175lbs.
Personality: The Prince used to think highly of himself that is until he was transformed into a frog. The world has made him bitter since. Children try to catch him and little boys try to harm him. Women scream upon seeing him and try to kill him. He has long lost his appreciation for human food. When he gazes at fine wine and roast, he doesn’t smell or see anything desirable as he once did, but flesh is another thing. As a frog, he not only just enjoys the slurp and crunch of insects and vermin, but the chomp and chew of human meat. The Frog no longer trusts others, and feeling that no woman would ever change him back into a prince, he has become quite diabolical with his eating habit.
Likes: Women, eating others, bugs, ponds, travelling, and learning new things.
Dislikes: Peasants, people who remind him of his curse, the ill-mannered and unkind.
Psychological Disorder(s): Trust issues, pride, and self-loathing.
Background: Once upon a time, there lived a prince in a glorious castle. He was handsome and wealthy, and felt that he could have anything he so desired: the hearts of women, riches, and endless pleasantries. It was one day when he had caught the heart of the wrong woman, an evil fairy, that she turned him into a frog and tried to eat him. The prince, however, discovered that when exposed to a certain level of water that he grows in size. In retaliation, the prince ate the fairy and fled his kingdom in shame and embarrassment.

The prince travelled the world, seeking one with the power to undo the fairy’s curse. He learned that Fantasia’s new queen was a powerful witch and so travelled to the kingdom with hopes that the queen would take pity on him. Feeling sorry for the prince, the witch gave him a seed and said if he ate it, he would become human again. The seed transformed the prince into a monster that the witch unleashed upon the land to devour and destroy villages and towns. She hopes that in the monster frog’s craze that he would destroy the rebellion that had been secretly rising against her.
Partner: HeinrichNPC – Alrick’s servant that has been following him around, making sure he is well. He sympathizes with the prince and is trying to find a way to cure him from his curse and the witch’s spell.
Weaponry: Tongue, venom, and appetite.
  • Devour - as a frog, the prince can devour almost anything. People, weapons, magic, if it goes into his mouth, chances are, it won’t be seen again.
  • Venom – A disgusting sludge the frog will spew from his mouth to coat anything in its path and reduce it to nothing.
  • Mucus Guard – The frog can secrete a sticky film that covers his body and acts like a glue to cling to several things.
  • Tongue Lash – The frog’s tongue is dangerous. It is what he uses to snatch up food.
  • Vocal Shield – The frog’s vocal sac swells and deflates when he is croaking, but it can also swell to become a shield against frontal attacks.
  • Leap & Climb – The frog can leap great distances and cling to large buildings.
  • Water Absorption – When not a monster frog, the only way the prince would have been able to reach colossal heights is if he was exposed to a body of water. His body absorbs the water and thus increases his size, but when not around water for too long, he’ll shrink back into a dinky frog.
Passive traits: the frog carries a foul odor and frogs migrate wherever he goes. He is a prince after all. One may notice the plague of small frogs entering a town or city before they see the beast that’s following.

Not the scariest frog one might have ever seen, but there aren't too many monster frog pictures without the monster no longer looking like a frog.

Frog Monster Written Appearance: The frog is enormous, warty, and one can smell the beast from miles away. He smells like a bog, and it’s even worse when he’s in close proximity. When he’s a tiny frog, it’s not as awful. The frog’s skin is thick with protective black warts, sticky with mucus, and two, long antennae stretch from the bridge of the frog’s nose to fold back behind his head. The frog is fat and round with a short, tadpole-like tail. When face to face with the beast, he is quite a frightening sight.

If the prince ever becomes a prince again, well, then this profile will read a bit differently, but for now, he’s this way for event purposes IC.
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Alias: The Evil Queen.

Age: ??? 

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7

Weight: Unknown

Basic Appearance: An elegant woman of famed and ponderous beauty. Her silky raven hair falls in a delicate straight line to her ankles like strands of liquid, yet has a sheen like silver under most lighting. Her dark eyes are firm and commanding as if the very elements would obey her. She casts a tall and stately figure, long and slender yet with well defined curves. Her body remains eternally youthful, her soft ivory skin as soft and smooth as a freshly opened rose petal. As far as dress she does not prefer full regalia unless there is occasion for it. Most times she can be found in something elegant, feminine, and comfortable yet flattering to her form.

Personality: Ruthless, devious, and cunning. The queen gained her power by her ability to stop at nothing and spare no one who was in her way, and she retains and expands her power via the same means. She would put her own parents through a meat grinder if she felt it would further even an auxiliary goal or help her subjugate a far off province. Persistence is her forte, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, yet she is willing to go the long way around if that is the deemed the best way to achieve a goal. The queen a thinker, a strategist, a tactician, and a chess master who moves her people around like expendable objects in a game. To hold her power she is more than willing to entertain disagreement and infighting among her most powerful minions, as it must be seen that no one acquires enough power to challenge her authority, especially among those she regards as her own. At times she will pretend to be caring, loving and merciful in the most convincing manner, but only as a means to an end. Her favor can be gained, but it must come at the price of blind and unswerving loyalty to her will. Yet one might get the impression that if everyone obeyed her absolutely she’d have no one to plot her intrigues against and would become bored rather quickly. 

Likes: Those who obey without question, acquiring power, plotting intrigues against her enemies, making potions that disfigure or turn people into monsters, magic, the art of seduction, the night. 

Dislikes: Day light, Old People, Enchanted mirrors, Ignorance, Stupidity, Exhausting her magic, and those who profess a higher cause as a motive.

Psychological Disorder(s): She likes to impregnate her enemies with malicious beings if they are women. Watching her enemies struggle as they grow hugely with a beast is something that she gets a sexual pleasure from. She considers the former queen one of her greatest art works.

Background: After acquiring the curse of immortality, she lived in the swamps as an old witch while centuries passed. Over this time she devoted herself to the study and practice of magic. Eventually she became an incredibly powerful sorceress, a legend of the swamps that people sought for favors and made trades with. She could not find death, but she found power, and in her power, she was able to make a pact with a demon. If she could not find death, then she would find yet more power and gain back a youthful form as well. Fantasia would soon taste of her suffering. The demon she made a pact with wanted to be born into the world, she wanted a youthful and beautiful form so she could rule over fantasia. A deal was struck. 

Partner: No one.

Weaponry: None
Powers Potions that transform and disfigure. Magical abilities that manipulate available elements. (More Details later)

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Accepted and added ya.  ;)

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This get's better and better. For the love of me I can't not come up with a power for Gretel!! I mean what comes to mind when that name is  mentioned. 'Gretel'!

@Dark Deception, lovely profile. I almost feel bad for him. He's just as cute as he is ugly.
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