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Author Topic: Interest Check and Brainstorm Thread: Dead Space Tabletop  (Read 527 times)

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Offline Laughing HyenaTopic starter

Interest Check and Brainstorm Thread: Dead Space Tabletop
« on: February 14, 2011, 12:10:26 AM »
DeadSpace 2 Lullaby Trailer

Obviously this is going to be an Extreme thread as this deals with survival horror and is based on a game with absolutely merciless death, mutilation, gore and body horror. However looking at the multiplayer and playing it I feel there is some hidden potential in a dice system that could be used to perhaps have people play a game. As it stands now its just a pipe dream until I can come up with a detailed scenario.

The basic idea was I divide stats like this with each representing a type of challenge or trait needed in survival horror. There are three core traits and all are equally important in determining survival and then there are six attributes which not only contribute to these core traits but also help you survive the waking nightmare within the black void. The six attributes have dice attached to them which will help one conquer dangers and obstacles that will impede your survival.

After this there would be classes or jobs that would determine or modify certain skills as well as determine just what you would state with. No job is better then any other but just giving unto you certain advantages. I will get into this more later but I shall list a few things down below. If others have ideas that can help or suggestions or even wish to show interest in this do tell me.

Health - Your body can only take so much punishment. This represents how much you can take before you are nothing more then fresh meat at room temperature.... only after something horrible has happened to you of course.

Oxygen - In a place where the atmosphere itself can be hostile or where there is none to be had you must rely upon your own supply of oxygen to keep you alive. Run out and it wont matter how strong or sane you are, you will die.

Sanity - Your mind can be your own worst enemy in such a horror filled environment. This stat determines how well you can cope with trauma of the mind. Once your sanity reaches its breaking point, it's game over.

Strength - This represents not only your ability to push, pull and display feats of strength but also measures how physically strong you are in a life or death situation and how much force you have behind a physical blow. You may have to fend off an attacker any way you can and sometimes there just isn't a weapon that will do other then your own two hands...

Dexterity - This represents how skilled you are at keeping your balance, maintaining center of gravity, reaction time and so forth. This helps you stay alive since you'll be able to avoid danger faster and in such hostile places a split second is usually what separates the living from the dead...

Endurance - This represents your tolerance for pain, how long you can physically go without sleep or food or water or even air and so on. A physically fit body is worth its weight in diamond semi conductors and truer words were never spoken.

Affinity - This represents how attuned you are with using Stasis and Kinesis Modules and allows you to use them more effectively. You'll be able to manipulate objects better, lock things down for longer periods of time and overall use these abilities more often. Like all things however there are limitations to what humanity can do even in this age.

Courage - This represents how well you can stay calm with the world around you going to hell. It is a potent defense against sanity loss and fear and will prevent you from behaving without reason such as freezing in fear, panicking and so forth.

Technology - This represents how knowledgeable you are in troubleshooting, hacking, and dealing with technology. A common staple among this time period where planet cracking and space travel are common place. Few people are ever truly without some degree of knowing how to troubleshoot but not all are made equal.

Riot Police - In all of this mayhem and terror the police still exist if only in a limited quantity. They are naturally more physically stronger and healthy, start with superior armor but have a Pulse Rifle that is less useful in dealing with the unnatural Necromorphs.

Medical Officer - These doctors, nurses, and other majors of medical science are not as used to physical violence then most but are also familiar with gore and blood in many cases due to their line of work. As such they have a heavier grasp on reality but are less physically adept then other survivors. However they have one of the best starting weapons one could ask for which is a Plasma Cutter.

Engineers - The best at troubleshooting troublesome technology, the Engineers have decent overall stats, start with fair armor, but have no weapon beyond Kinesis and Stasis modules.