After Disaster

Started by Bloody Rose, February 13, 2011, 05:50:07 PM

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Bloody Rose

It was a normal day in St.Jaques High school, everything was going fine and everybody was making their day pass as soon as possible. However today stress get over people and what they do, a young student brought a gun to school and took hostage a entire class. Everybody in the class was afraid as he threatened to kill everybody. When the police did not gave into his demands the student started killing everybody on the class, one by one he went to each and killed them. Just as he was going to kill a group of friends huddled together a sniper took him out. Now safe the group of friends must settle with the friends they lost, and maybe some romance can spark.

OOC: ok I want this to be a plot based rp, of course romance will occur and in fact is encouraged. This story is about what happens to those friends that survived and how they are going to live on what happened, will there be romance? love? even hate?. I am looking for three people (I will play the fourth) to help me with this rp.