A story idea (Female looking for Male) *update March 6/11

Started by Loves, February 13, 2011, 10:30:02 AM

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The plot is not detailed, just a general idea to begin the adventure. I firmly believe a story plot should be worked out between us both (or all depending on how many people are involved)

Abduction or The Auction   Taken

Women are disappearing all over the world. Many would say that wasn't news, its been happening for centuries. However, the numbers have more than doubled and what makes it more puzzling is how they have disappeared. That is, with no clues left behind. Each case exactly the same way. The girl, single and living alone. No sign of struggle and in many cases the scene of the crime tells a story of a live being lived (dinner being prepared - chopped vegetables on the board, food well into the preparation stage, television or radio on, nothing out of place but the missing woman.) What more, the doors and windows are all locked from the inside. The authorities are puzzled. How did the suspect get in or out for that matter? 

The women all have features that are similar. In their early twenties, attractive and fit, each having had recently completed a physical with their doctors and show a subject in complete health.  Then news has put two and two together and soon a wide spread panic begins around the world. Is anyone safe? Young girls all over brush up on ways of protection though it would seem to be of no importance. The abductions continue.

What is abducting these lovely ladies?

This is where the plot discussion come is... either an alien race from another solar system or perhaps a race  from middle earth (both would work) are taking the women. Why? Their race is dying. My thoughts here are gender control.  This race would be very male oriented and in being so over time due to gender control. Families wanting only males to carry the family name went without check... or... due to a gene defect the female of the race are dying before they reach the age of maturity to mate (both work for the plot, again it would be agreed on during the plot discussion... I am open to all suggestions.)

Originally I had this as a solo (one on one) though I would imagine it could be adopted into a group. However, for this purpose I will continue as if it was in fact a solo story.

The girl (my favorite girl Samantha Weston ) is taken from her apartment leaving nothing behind but a television playing the news and a fridge open with spilt milk on the floor before it. She wakes up in single small cell in the alien ship (or holding area) before being force along with other girls to stand before a council of males for inspection. Each girl would be inspected before brought up to a stage where the bidding begins. (yup, you got it, like an auction.)

Here is where the story can go either way. The man buying her could  end up falling in love with her or there could be  a hero involved that will finally work things out and save the girls and ya you guessed it falls in love with Sammy (I like a happy ending..lol)

If this interests you please PM me


The plot is not detailed, just a general idea to begin the adventure. I firmly believe a story plot should be worked out between us both (or all depending on how many people are involved)

The Cabin                   Taken

I was watching Criminal Minds and this idea popped into my head (no, not serial killers ) But it does involve an escaped convict. You can choose why he was put away and if he was innocent (yeah, I know... they are all innocent) of the crime he was accused off.

My character is a girl trying to get her life back on track due to various personal problems ranging from loosing her job, cheating spouse/boyfriend, possible other world shaking events come to light.

The cabin is in a remote part of the woods. The time late fall so the rest of the cabins wouldn't be occupied. My character is there to find peace with her life and try to figure out what she's going to do next.  He comes across the cabin, and the girl.

Join me in the adventure to see what will happen.

If you are looking for forced scenes (although I am normally against it) this story line would have it fit. So green light from a normally more timid player looking to spread her writing fingers into new venues.

If you like this idea PM me