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Author Topic: Assorted Desires (mostly M/M) (Ranging from Van-Ex)  (Read 437 times)

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Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Assorted Desires (mostly M/M) (Ranging from Van-Ex)
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:28:41 PM »
I'm looking to start a few new games, here on the forums. I have some ideas listed here which are currently tempting me but these are just starting points. If none of these appeal but you still want a game, then feel free to look over my Ons and Offs and get in touch with me to brainstorm some other ideas.

I am only wanting to play games on the forums and not via AIM, Messenger, IM or PM.

If I prefer a specific role I will mention it, but otherwise I'm happy to play any gender and both dominant and submissive roles.

Brotherly Bonds
Modern world, M/M, Incest, Bondage, possibly M/M/M or M/M/F

Fairly simple idea. Two brothers are both home over college break. They've been keeping in touch via e-mail and the older brother has told the younger how he has discovered that he is either gay or bi-curious but despite very much wanting to, he hasn't had the courage to experiment or date another man. One morning, when the parents are away, the younger brother sneaks into the older brother's room and ties him up while he's sleeping. The older brother is woken up by his brother tenderly touching, kissing and caressing him, giving him a chance to experiment without the option of backing out.

I'm happy to play either character in this story. Although there might be some initial reluctance and surprise I'd prefer it not to be a NC story. One idea I'd love to do with this is for the younger brother's friend, boyfriend or girlfriend to also be involved turning it into a threesome.

Blind Date
Modern world, M/M, Bondage

A submissive man interested in bondage has had a long history of bad relationships and unsatisfying sex. He discusses the problem with a group of his close friends and one of them offers to set him up on a blind date with a difference. He agrees to be blindfolded and tied up, at the mercy of his blind date.

There are a couple of places we could go with this story. The blind date may be someone he knows, perhaps the friend who was setting the blind date up or perhaps an ex who wants a second chance. Another idea is to make the character less submissive, normally dominant but after finding it unsatisfying takes this opportunity to give submission a chance.

Lots of options, fairly vague idea

I have a craving to do a story about cinematic international superspies, suave, skilled and deadly. I don't have a specific story for this. It could range from a romantic vanilla game between two spies or a spy and their target all the way to an NC game where the spy falls victim to their nemesis "No Mr Bond, I expect you to <censored>".

If you find the idea of international men and women of mystery as intriguing as I do, then we can chat and figure out where we want this one to go. One thing though is that I'd prefer original characters, rather than using Jason Bourne, James Bond or other famous spies.

The stories below I'm already playing, but I may consider doing a second version if someone is interested and we can come up with a different take on the situation.

Currently Taken Strip Search
M/M, NC, Abuse of authority, forced nudity

This one is a bit more of a specific craving.

A shoplifter gets caught and the police are called in. In the store's security room, a policeman performs a strip-search on the shoplifter and forces him into NC sexual acts. I'd want to play the shoplifter in this scenario, though I can negotiate if you'd prefer I play the policeman. In particular I'd like this story to have a strong focus on the stripping, slowing down to enjoy that aspect without skipping past it in a single post. I'd also like for the policeman to remain in uniform for most of the time, contrasting his being fully dressed with the forced nudity of the shoplifter.

Another element I would like to weave into the game is for there to be some witnesses, either the staff of the store, the shoplifter's friends or possibly even customers to add in some public humiliation.

That's all the ideas I have for now, but if you have any ideas you want to do feel free to contact me. Also I might add some more ideas in if inspiration strikes again.
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