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May 23, 2018, 11:41:26 PM

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Author Topic: Creative Female looking for creative male! Fantasy and Superpower plots inside  (Read 457 times)

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Offline kingsizedorkTopic starter

Hi!! :3
I'm Jay (Short for Jayde, my real name) =3

Now...lets get to know eachother shall we.
I am 20 years old, female and I live in the cold, rainy place of the UK. I love sex in rps, it gives the rp a sense of realism and I love romance and fluffiness, my weakness is a good fluffy love story. Im a very open person, and I can answer almost any question honestly.
Im engaged to a man i've been with for 4 years (Therefore Im not a horndog, and Im looking for a story not an accuse to cyber) and I've been rping since the age of 13.

As for roleplaying-

* At least 3-4 paragraphs per intro and 1-2 per post.
* Good grasp of English
* I prefer males who play male characters and females who play female characters as their Main. NCPs or Temp characters I dont mind)
* Good character development
* Creative
* Im am on a cock hunt at present, therefore FxF are out of the question, hooweevveerr, if event arises in the rp that requires or would make the rp interesting, I will do FxF and MxM. But not as the main pairing and dont expect it to happen.
* Long Term Rp
* Just because it has sex in it, doesnt mean we need Instant Romance and instant sex. Unless, the plot requires it. I flourish on more on Long Term rps with a detailed story. Not ones based on sex alone

I am dyslexic so you will have to forgive the odd spelling mistake but I make up the lack of big words with length of posts and creativity with characters, plots and twists.
Im a creative individual, I would like you to be too and to be able to come up with events and carry the rp with me, instead of just letting me do it. I love twists and comical events also and I like character sheets.

Things I simply cant tolerate-

* Oneliners
* Broken English
* Basic intros (As in - No detail of characters looks, past and present)
* Chat Speak
* Characters below the age of 18
* Anyone who has the IQ of a glass of water. Please be able to hold a descent conversation with me

Vaginal, Anal, Oral ect
Men who love women. Not just in a sexual way, in a deep conecting way. Compliments. Touch. Love. And of course, men who love to pleasure women Wink
Fluffy romance love story - I am a sucker to this. But I also love Love/Hate relationships and casual sex with hidden feelings relationships and even forbidden ones, they can all bit abit fluffy. I love the fluff, and if you give it to me, I will indeed love you!
Bondage - Not yet tried this
Forced Sex - Now...this is different than Rape. When I say forced...that even though she is rejecting it, you are still looking after her such as, making her wet and making sure she is comfortable and not hurting.
Non-Human partners - Angels, Demons, elves, made up races - You name it, I'll love it. (However, not too keen on beings like Centaurs, Trolls ect)
Creative Characters - Im sick of the usual, give me something unique and I'll love you!
Drama, Twists and Darkness - Love them all!

Maybe -
Pregnancy - I've not done anything that has involved this yet, I would love to try it out.
Dom and Sub - Im not a big fan of this, but the plot needs it then so be it.
Sex Based Rps - Not a big fan of this either.

Humiliation (Inc Cum facials. I find it degrading)
Bestiality (if shapeshifters then its fine)
Toilet fetishes (Inc vomit)
Rape (Different to forced, since rape is 'Im gonna fuck you and I dont care if it hurts)
Pain and torture
Non creative characters - Theres only so many times I force a smile of the mentioning of a guys 10" cock in the intro. Save it for when the sex does happen lads. Im interested on what creativity and personality you have to offer, not what is in your underwear.

I rp over Pms, Email, YIM and Forums. Take your pick! But to do ask that everyone PM me to discuss first! Dont reply here.

Plots! (All of which, I am craving!)

I am desperately craving an Assassins Creed rp! Please someone fullfill this!

Horror Fantasy -
This is be a dark, twisted rp with all kinks and disterbing events we can offer!
Medieval - We are Mercs, fighting for money. Traveling and sleeping rough. Fighting, killing and dismembering dragons, witches, necromancers, you name it!
Modern - We are a duo, living in a small appartment, barely any money. But we are hired to get rid of zombie hordes, ghosts, demons!
Anything goes!

Relationship between the character we will discuss-
Casual Sex
Meaningful relationship
Secret feelings

Apocalypse -

Also would like this dark and twisted.

I dont mind if this a zombie apocalypse or post nucular war, either way I have a character.

Nucular (Think along the lines of Fallout) - Everything is gone, distroyed but from a few buildings within cities. People have made settlements and towns. 100 years later from the terrible day, water is finally drinkable and even grass is starting to grow in some places. The human race is repopulating, but still, some people choose to be Raiders or scavengers. Raping, killing and stealing from towns and settlements, and even travelers and traveling merchants. Others earn their money honestly. Some animals have become mutated and even new breeds have ben created but guns have survived the blast!
There is still some pockets of eradated soil which causes mass mutation and even causes superpowers in some. Those who have them are considered to better that the monsters that roam the wastelands.
Humans havent been the only ones breeding. Humanoid creatures, mutated and rabid, are threatening humans which may lead to the war to claim earth.

Zombies - Our modern world has been overrun with zombies for just over 3 weeks now. Mostly everyone is dead...armed with shotguns and baseball bats. Maybe there is a settlement? Or maybe grab life by the balls, and kill em all?

Superpowers -

Many plots that can go for this -

Young offenders, carrying out their comunity service. On their first day, a freak storm (inc hail the size of minivans) causes their probationary worker to go insane and try to kill them. While fighting for their lives, they find out that the storm effected them too and now have powers. Reading minds, rewinding time, immortality, turning invisable. But you can pick whatever you want. But the storm has affected a number of others also!
Expect sex, drugs, super natural...

A rare few begin to develop powers in their teens and no matter how hard people hide you, the goverment will find you. Putting the 'gifted' in cells and experimenting on them, using all sorts of ways to stop you from using your powers, unless they need you to. They plan to use you for war, in a speical group called The Gifted Progam. A sort of Spec Ops, which are used as spys and sent on dangerous missions to take out anything that needs be.
(Missions can be fantasy based, such as zombies, monsters and such. Not just terrorists)

Or just a plain rp with people trying to deal with powers they cant tell anyone about.

Rich Boys Maid

A girl gets a job in a rich familys home, needing the money to carry on studying and paying the rent on her flat. Their son is studying to take over the family trade. A childhood friend whos mother owns a large company, appears and the sons father pushes him to marry her in order for their companies to combind more easyly.
As for their relationship, I dont mind if he is already engaged to the arranged, or friends with her, or even gets married to her.
As for the maid - I would prefer if they kept their relationship secret, being all fluffy and romantic. It can go along way with the right people.

I do anime and games lists below but I DO NOT play the cannons with the cannon story line. I don’t mind playing a cannon for your OC if you do it for me too.

Assassins Creed
Fruits Basket
Fallout 3/New Vegas
Shaman King
Final Fantasy 7,9,10,13
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Avatar (James Camron)
Battle Royale
NiGHTS into Dreams