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Author Topic: Cravings and Desires ;) Sub F seeking a dominant somebody  (Read 799 times)

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Offline Alienz8mypopcornTopic starter

Cravings and Desires ;) Sub F seeking a dominant somebody
« on: February 09, 2011, 06:24:58 AM »
Hello E!

I am brand spanking new to this website, but I am also a long time story-writer and role-player. My replies are usually a few paragraphs long, and I would be hoping for about the same, with proper grammar and mechanics. I have not had a role-play on here at all yet, and I so dearly want to participate in one. Anyhow, here are a few skeletons of ideas that I have, and maybe someone would like to write them out with me?

Or, maybe you like some aspects of a certain idea, then you can change some of it around to your liking? I'm definitely open to changing ideas as I'm more about the actual storyline and plot development than anything...with a lot of naughty added in of course.

Either way, I don't care if your a male playing a male, a female playing a male, a male playing a female, etc etc. I just want an honest to God good role-playing partner.

All of my ideas say "F/M" but they can be changed to "F/F" if I have any ladies interested in rping with me.
Here they are:

Old West Tombstone, Arizone 1846

A young women has rolled into town that no one has ever seen before. She is quickly noticed by the men in the town for her beauty and timid nature. Until she hustles a gang member in a poker game at the local saloon. Upon being accused by this man, she denies it all, further angering the man she had hustled. He goes back to his gang boss, explaining the situation, and she is kidnapped. She is thrown into a cell at their hideaway with another man, the son of the elderly town
mayor, who had been kidnapped for ransom. Knowing Tombstone was a town where she knew no one, then no one would care what happened to her. She teams up with the mayors son to help each other escape, and ultimately falls in love with him. However, him being the mayor's son, he has the pick of the women in town. And she is a nobody with nothing to offer.

Salem Witch Trials Salem, Massachusetts 1692

Unbeknownest to her, the young, beautiful local seamstress has been accused of dabbling
in witchcraft, during a closed-door court discussion. That night, one of the men on the Witch
Hunting Brigade is sent to her home to investigate, question, and "force" her confession. However,
this young man had never questioned someone thought to be a witch before, and his morals and
thought process were much different from others' on the brigade. Will he give into his duty, and force her into confessing through various means, or will he give into his morals and sense, believe in her innocence, runaway with her, and ultimately aid in her escape?

Also I would really enjoy a medieval/fantasy themed role-play, but I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a storyline. Ideas would be much appreciated :)

Offline Jovian

Re: Cravings and Desires ;) Sub F seeking a dominant somebody
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2011, 07:01:09 AM »
I've an idea for a fantasy setting.

Two girls, have been hired by rich old Lady to care for her in her dying days. Unbeknownst to them she is a dying sourceress.  Tidying one of the many dusty rooms they come across some jewellery and start trying bits on.  One of the items is a magic ring used by the sourceress to get revenge on a man years ago for betraying her. 

When one of the girls puts the ring on she discovers its purpose :  it changes a persons sex organs to that of the opposite sex, and causes the girl to grow a cock.   

And the ring doesn't appear to come off and they must appeal to the sourceress for help.

Offline Alienz8mypopcornTopic starter

Re: Cravings and Desires ;) Sub F seeking a dominant somebody
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2011, 08:04:00 AM »
Me likey Jovian. Wanna PM about it? Or, if you prefer, I'm adding YiM right now, you could message me with your username there if you have one. Or we could discuss it right here. I'm not against forum rps.

Offline Jovian

Re: Cravings and Desires ;) Sub F seeking a dominant somebody
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2011, 08:37:34 AM »
I think I'll send you a pm. :-)