Paradise Island (Forced Sex, impregnation, Harem building and more oh my!)

Started by LaCroix, February 08, 2011, 12:54:55 PM

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Paradise Island (extremely craving this plot)
This is a new idea that I had the other night and is inspired from a very hot hentai manga I was reading the other night that involved the girls from the DoA video game. Keep in mind, this is a non canon story, however if you are familiar with the DoA girls I might be interested in discussing it with you, but for the most part this is strictly non canon. The general premise is that my character Allistair has gone to great lengths and personal expense to purchase a tropical island and turn into a paradise. He's built a luxury spa in the middle of a remote tropical jungle island with every amenity and luxury service you can imagine. The sole purpose of this island paradise is to attract the most beautiful, buxom, busty, shapely women in the world. He sends out invitations to every beautiful woman that captures his attention. Now, this story, will most likely be played a blend of modern/fantasy settings. Think Final Fantasy technology, with magic allowing for most of the modern technology that exists in the world.  The thinking behind that concept, is that allows for the first character on his list to be invited.

This character is a elf maiden, except that unlike her waif-like kin, she is busty, voluptuous and curvy. Because of those attributes in this world she has become a starlet, a famous actress using her looks to get famous through B movie roles (think Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry-esque late night Skinimax movies here). Because of that she was the first to catch Raven's attention through her sultry, seductive sex scenes in her multiple movies. In real life, however, she a bit shy, naive, even demure and not like her on screen character. She accepts the invitation, glad to have a chance for a vacation on a secluded island away from the leering eyes of her fans. Little does she know what Raven has in store for her though. I see this story featuring impregnation, dom/sub relationship, forced non/con (and what I mean here is a slow forced seduction on Raven's part, making her want it, making her want him, making her squeal and moan against her will) sex toys, and any other kink we can think to throw into this story. From there, if the initial relationship gets a little stale and we want to try something different, you can make a new character that will arrive at the Island. There does not need to be, nor do I ask for there to be any multiple characters played at the same time, lesbian interactions, any of that required though I wont say no if you ask for it specifically. The characters will each be kept in seperate rooms, locked away from each other with only interacts going on between Raven and each girl as he forms a harem from the characters you create for him.

Sound fun? I hope so. *grins* Here is a picture of the first girl, the busty elven actress that inspired this whole plot line to get you thinking.]
I like this idea because it provides a -lot- of potential for fun and indulging any and every kink we can think up for the hapless captives. Also, it saves itself from ever becoming really stale because the moment one pair becomes a little old together a new female character can be introduced by you, the potential partner and the game begins all over again, fresh and new.
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