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Author Topic: Raven is looking for some forum fun.  (Read 687 times)

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Raven is looking for some forum fun.
« on: February 08, 2011, 11:14:48 AM »
Hello and welcome, I'm normally one who plays through IM's or over IRC but I'm currently looking for some forum plots and partners to introduce myself to new writing partners. So if you see anything here that piques your interest, by all means send me a PM here on the site and we'll discuss the plot points and your ideas in detail. Suggestions and changes are always welcome and I'm always willing to tailor the idea to better suit a partner's desires. After all, we're both here to have fun. I look forward to hearing from you.

An Alien World The basic premise for this idea is about a guy and his step sister, both 18 years of age. The guy is a nerd, a typical skinny, unathletic, glasses wearing, smart kid. That causes his no end of torment from his fellow students and his sister who is pretty and popular, possibly a cheerleader and what not. Very typical roles for both of them, his sister realizes that her brother has never been with a girl, never had a girlfriend and she takes great pleasure in teasing and tormenting him at home because she knows he thinks she is pretty.

The story, however, takes a twist when the two are on a field trip together to the local museum. On exhibit is a strange orb that was reported to have mystical powers to make whoever possesses it fantasies come to life. In the story the two siblings are both looking at the orb when he touches it and suddenly the world they know is gone. They're transported to a fantasy realm of her brothers choosing much like the video games he loves. He is a huge, hulking Conan-esque type and she is dressed in a very skimpy, typical sort of fantasy slave girl outfit. The story would play out from there with the sister being forced to be her brothers personal slave for his protection from the horrible ravages of this new alien world. The general idea itself is pretty heavily inspired from Heavy Metal and I think it could be fun.

Her New Life This is a new idea that I've been toying with for a while now. The inspiration comes heavily with a roleplay that was began with another but which never progressed much past the first session. At the moment I am still toying with the details but basically it centers around a woman. A very vanilla, very straight laced woman who for all intents and purposes has been a bit of a prude most of her life when it comes to anything and especially when it concerns sex. All of that changes on the day she wakes up from a coma and finds herself staring a strange man claiming to be her loving husband. The only problem is that she can't remember him, she can't remember herself, she can't remember anything at all. The doctors tell her that she is suffering from a sever case of amnesia and that she might not ever remember anything about her former life. The general premise behind the plot is that this man is not her husband, but her husband's best friend a man that she cannot stand and a man who has always harbored a secret desire, a secret lust to see this extremely beautiful, straight laced woman become his perfect vision of sexual desire. He goes to great length to create a fake background of her 'old' life married with him where he is the owner of an Production Company, and she as his wife is the number one star and fan favorite in all of his Adult Films. I think the plot offers a lot fun for deception, and plot as well as lot of heated sex driven scenes where this straight laced woman is forced to finally confront all of the sexual desires and kinks that she's repressed all of her life.

A Son's Discovery This is an incest driven plot that has been nagging at me for a while. It would be the story of a Son/Mother or Step Son/Step Mother, it doesn't matter which just whatever tickles a potential partner's fancy. The general plot is that one day the son (or step son as noted earlier) is bored and extremely horny. He's browsing a site hosting free Porn videos and finding nothing that turns him on that day, at all. Until, that is he stumbles across a newly posted video of an older Porn movie. The screen shot shows a very attractive and for some reason extremely familiar woman from the neck down taking a man between breasts. Excited and eager for something new, the son clicks on the movie and begins watching only to be shocked when the woman's face is shown at the start of the movie and he finds out that movie features his mother. This sets up the basic plot and from there it can go a number of ways to be honest, it can involve the son blackmailing his mother into performing more and more of the scenes of the movie with him over time, starting slowly and progressively becoming more and more intense. Another way I see it going is that perhaps there is a banquet/part being held by the Adult Film industry and the son calls up the people organizing the banquet/party and tells them that he can arrange for his mother (who is well known for her one time film) to attend and then go about convincing his mother to go with him either through blackmail or deception. There are a lot of potential ways for it go and a lot of fun to be had with the story

My Sisters Keeper

This one as of right now is a pretty bare bones idea but one that is inspired from a manga I was reading recently. The story will center an older brother and his younger sister. (Note the sister would be 18 or so at the oldest) The general premise is that the older brother will have been away at college for a year or two while his sister remained at home and still in High School. When he left his younger sister was pretty enough but he'd never taken much notice of her, she hadn't really quite started to develop and he still saw her as basically a kid. The start of the story takes place around Halloween or the night of Halloween when Jake finally makes his first trip back home from college. He's returning to see his family, but mainly returning to attend the local Halloween party that the High School kids throw every year and to see some of his old friends. His parents, however, have made him agree to take his sister to the party with him this year to make sure she's safe and that he brings her home on curfew.

Naturally, this pisses jake off as he wants to hang around and get drunk and enjoy the party but he agrees and when his sister comes downstairs in her costume its the first time that Jake has seen her in a few years. This is where the story gets interesting. His sister has really developed while he's been gone, her body has blossomed -a lot-. This is amplified by the fact that she's chosen to dress as her up as her favorite video game character (or comic book heroine or some such) and the outfit that she has on is incredibly revealing and shows off her new body. From that point on we can develop the story where Jake may attempt to get her drunk or even be tempted to slip her some X he brought home from college for the party and then naturally the coming days will be the two dealing with what happened, with Jake attempting to force his sister to repeat their first night. Thats just the tip of the iceberg really the story could be expanded in a lot ways into a lot of fun I think.

Assistant to Pornstar (Extremely Craving this Plot)

A woman comes to interview for a personal assistant job, the man interviewing her is shocked to learn its the very same girl who used to tease him and be a little cocktease in Highschool. He asked her out once and she agreed going out with him only to get him incredibly hard and then left giggling with her friends. He looks different now than he did then, he's muscular, athletic, good looking and so she wouldn't recognize him but he recognizes her because he has been harboring a revenge and lust fetish for her ever since high school.

After looking at her resume and her background check, he finds out that she has a crushing debt looming over her head and needs the job, needs money badly. So he decides to tell her that the assistant position has been filled. Before she can leave, however, he mentions that his company handles 'models'. She has no idea what the company really does, but its actually a very successful internet porn company. He tells her that she can come down and audition just to 'model' for him and attempts to see how far he can get her to go. What she doesn't know is that the whole time of this so called audition, there is a hidden camera in the room running and taping the entire thing.

He would then, of course, turn to using the tape against her as blackmail. Threatening to show it to her family, her boyfriend, to post it on the internet where no doubt all of her old highschool friends would see it. I think there is room for some fun to be had there and some plot to be developed as well.

Taming Randy's Mother (Extremely craving this RP)

This one I sort of like because it indulges a favorite old fetish of mine that I often ignore, the mature fetish. It would involve a young man, recently turned 18 and just sent off to college. His best friend Randy has also recently left for a different school out of the area, however Ben's attending a local community college. All throughout his life Randy's mother has been like a second mother to him and Randy's home has been a second home to him.  Ben, however has always held a secret, lusty desire for Randy's mother. She had Randy at a young age and she was always working out to keep her wonderful figure which has only matured and improved over the years. large breasts, plump hips, toned body, she was quite attractive and deep down she knows it.

That is the hook that Randy uses to snare her and lure her into the trap that he's been working on for the past several months. He's taken most of his saving and put them into renting out a run down building which he has been restoring and then filling with rented furniture to make it look like a modern office. One room is even set up like a Photography studio which just happens to be Ben's major in college or so he's been telling everyone, especially Randy's mother whenever he stopped by to visit her. So, one night he sets up a fake email address and a fake website for a modeling company and then sends an email to Randy's mother who he knows still harbors a deep desire to achieve her dream of modeling that she never obtained when she was younger due to becoming pregnant with Randy.

Once she arrives at the address, the office that Ben has been restoring, of course he greets her at the door. He makes up some story about the company being new and needing photography talent and that he applies and got the job on the condition he worked for nothing more than being able to add it to his portfolio. He'd then invite Randy's mother back into the studio and begin taking pictures, flirting with her, making her feel good, working at seducing her with the camera and seeing how far he could push her with the goal of eventually blackmailing her with the photo's that he'd taken of her and making her submit to him.

Stranded - This is another pretty bares bones idea but I'm putting it up here because it really interests me after I came up with the other day while watching a movie. The basic plot is that there is a plane crash that ends with only two survivors. Your character, is a young woman traveling across Europe and making her first trip overseas, while mine is not really a friend of hers but a friend of her husband. Your character dislikes mine but my character has always thought that your character is gorgeous and sexy and he's always held a secret, hidden lust and obsession fetish with her. So when the plane goes down and the two awake to find themselves alive on this desert island, except that your character is wounded. Its not life threatening but she has to depend nearly completely on her husbands friend for her very survival. This is where the story takes a darker turn as the husband's friend decides that this is chance to make you his own, to completely possess you since your character is dependent on him for her very life on the island. I could see this involving a lot of kins, non/con, even blackmail if the two survived to make it off the island one day. It could go a lot of ways.

The Wizard's Apprentice This story centers around a typical, medevil, fantasy town that has been built up at the foot of a dark, mysterious Wizard's Tower. The people of the town live in constant fear and dependence on the Wizard who lives in the tower even though few of them have ever met or seen the man. The rumors that circulate around the local tavern are that the Wizard and the Tower have been there for as many generations as the town has existed, that the wizard uses some dark power to extend his life force over the centuries and maintain his hold over the town. As our story opens it is the night of a dark and hated ritual in the town. All of the young women have been rounded up, the ones just come of age, and sent to the tower for 'examination' where the Wizard will determine which one of them has enough magical talent to become his apprentice.

The ritual, however, is all a lie. The Wizard isn't interested in an apprentice. All he desires is for young women that he can work his cruel magical experiments upon. Young girls that he can use his transformation magic to fleshcraft and sculpt their bodies into his personal tastes. This will involve breast expansion, changing her hair, hips, the general shape of her body and so forth, possibly multiple times, as the craving strikes him. There will also be a heavy element of D/S as the Wizard delights in humilating and tormenting the girl with her own sexuality as he attempts to mold her into his perfect little toy to experiment upon and become the object of his obsessions and dark lusts.

I think there is a good amount of room in this story for exploration of all of the kinks that me and any potential partner can come up with to keep the story entertaining and evolving as the master/slave relation evolves between the two characters. I'm looking for someone that is descriptive, verbose, can post several paragraphs as I often do myself when playing. Write with me and I will write with you. As always pm me if you're interested in this idea and we'll discuss the details.

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Re: Raven is looking for some forum fun.
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2011, 12:29:34 PM »
Updated this thread with the full range of my current plots and marked the ones I am currently craving. Have fun reading everyone.

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Re: Raven is looking for some forum fun.
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2011, 12:50:22 PM »
Edited Paradise Island Plot heavily for better wording and a more concise idea of what I want from that plot.

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Re: Raven is looking for some forum fun.
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2011, 12:54:06 PM »
One final edit for the day to remove Paradise Island as I am currently highly craving that plot and feel it deserves its own seperate request thread.