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Author Topic: A Fantasy Romance - Were-Wolf seeking a woman with a history...  (Read 494 times)

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A Fantasy Romance - Were-Wolf seeking a woman with a history...
« on: February 08, 2011, 06:48:32 AM »
Galgate was a border town in the North West of the Kingdom of Ravenslaw. It neighboured the neighbouring country Anslaw to the west and guarded the mountain passes into the North.

There had been peace in Galgate for over fifteen years and every so often adventurers visited to head into the passes and make their name in the mountains that were said to be home to Orcs, Ogres, Duergar and Dragons.

Tom Friend however had not come to Galgate to become famous or make his name but instead had come to buy a small Smithy and have a quiet and settled life. He arrived with a cart pulled by an Old War Horse and not a draught horse. The two were inseperable.

Tom Friend was in his mid thirties and had the physique and manner of a noble and warrior but he was a quiet solitary man. He had arrived ten days ago and had moved into the empty Smithy with little fuss. His quiet manner made him easy to get on with and his good looks made the local wives and daughters shiver.

He was over six foot tall with thick black curly hair that fell to his shoulders and strong powerful limbs that proved his strength as a warrior and a smithy. His skin was a dark tan but he had thick hair over his arms and chest.

Tom Friend was a strange man, quiet with an air mystery. He spent his evenings sitting quietly in the Tavern with few words to anyone and by day he worked hard and spent the day by his forge. It was obvious he was primarily a weaponsmith or armourer but he worked as a blacksmith well and no one complained.

Tom Smith is not who he seems to be. He has a history to uncover and a dark secret that he is desperate to keep hidden.

I am looking for a female character to charm and seduce Tom Friend and find out more about him. Why did he come out to the border alone? Is he really a blacksmith? Why does he distance himself from the rest of the town?

Tom Friend as you might guess is a Were-Wolf. He will keep himself apart for fear of hurting them. It would take a strong woman who didn't care for the risks to love him and  find his secret. But would she also want to know about his past? He is a sad, lonely and mixed up man who has much to offer a woman but also very much to lose...

Perhaps she is a spinster or a widow? Perhaps she also has a  deadly secret? Or perhaps she just wants an elligible husband? Or perhaps she is a whore who fancies snaring a new man?

Please get in touch with your ideas.
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Re: A Fantasy Romance - Were-Wolf seeking a woman with a history...
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2011, 03:23:55 PM »
 :D.. I'm so down for this.

 Hilda Dovecourt was once a tavern wench in the country Anslaw. Though she was gorgeous and fair skinned, the age of 27 was creeping up on her. Women werent known for living very long in these days, and she was one of the lucky ones. But with time, rumors began to spread as the men she courted began to talk. Her skills werent exclusive to waitressing, it turned out.

 You see Hilda was very polite, and very easy to like. But her taste in men was.. plentiful. The wives of the men she had seduced had banded together one night and threatened to burn her small house down. Hilda talked them out of it, but only by denying everything and convincing the women that their men were filthy liars. She was well liked before by these women so they hesitantly obliged and made off.

 It wasn't long before the king had come to notice Hilda through gossip.. he came to her one day to see if the rumors were true. They were. A couple months later, Hilda came back to him with bad news and a round tummy. The king had her beaten until the child inside her could no longer possibly be alive, and exiled her.

 Now, she resides in Galgate with her son of two years, in a small meager house working long days and nights at a tavern.