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January 26, 2021, 07:40:34 PM

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Author Topic: (Dom) Male Roleplayer Seeks Female (Pref Sub) for 1-1 RP  (Read 875 times)

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Offline WyrmsbaneTopic starter

(Dom) Male Roleplayer Seeks Female (Pref Sub) for 1-1 RP
« on: February 08, 2011, 04:48:42 AM »
Hi, I am a Dominant Male Roleplayer seeking roleplay

I have a number of characters ready to play and if any of them appeals to you I would love to hear from you.  Alternatively, if none of these characters appeal I can always a new one for a specific roleplay.

I enjoy playing any dominant roles, in more or less any setting, I am open to suggestions and have very few limits.  So if your struggling to find a partner for your particular fetishes pitch me an idea.

My main characters:

*Lord Flynn Fain
(Elven Vampire Mage)

This character is one of oldest, he was originally from Krynn.  Originally a warrior he was part of an adventuring party, defeating evils and protecting the innocent.  But while his party were trying to fight of a vampire investation he was taken by them and turned into one of them.  His Master forced him to commit great evils against his will, including forcing him to kill his own companions and his own family as well as many innocents.

Eventually he broke free of his masters control and managed to slay him, but the damage had already been done, the evil and corruption had eaten away more or less all that was good inside of him.  He became the master of a large group of vampires....among those he created was Lord Ralph, who was noble and pure, a reminder of his past.  When the mists took them both, and he was left alone with that one good vampire, he began to find part of his pure heart, ironically doing so in a world of evil and darkness.

Although a skilled fighter, he turned to magic training to become a powerful mage, he escaped the mists and found his homeland.  He became the ruler of his own kingdom and began to adventure with Lord Ralph and various other companions.  Despite their nature they were able to do some good, however a darker part of his soul still remained.  Through his magic he found his way to many other worlds, setting up a small kingdom in many of the worlds he visited.
He set up a network of portals connecting his kingdoms together allowing the transportation of resources and troops.

He currently lives in the city of Avalon, a large walled city in the mountains to the north of a land of my own design, however I have only designed some basic details of this world and therefore there is plenty of room to expand on this with a RP partner.

(Drow Fighter / Rogue)

Kel'Brynn is of no house, however despite that, and despite being male, he has found a place in drow society.  He is both feared and respected by many drow, having set up a mercenary house, selling his services to the highest bidder.  His house will gather and trade information, perform military missions and even assassination or protection services.  Although he will work for anyone, even surface worlders, he will never take any action against a fellow drow, unless he is hired by a Matron Mother in the council of eight.  The ruling council of his home city.

He is a skilled assassin and often carried out missions alone when more subtlety is required.  In addition to this he often travels to the surface, either alone or with some of his men, to capture slaves which he takes to the underdark to either sell or train for his own use.  He takes some to be trained as gladiators, some are sold to priestesses to be tortured and sacrifised.  Some are trained as sexual toys, concubines, either to be kept by himself or to be hired out to the house of pain and pleasure, which is the drow whore house.

(Genetically Engineered by an alien race aeons ago - Demon Vampire Shapeshifter)
Kael's history is far too long to easily shorten for this purpose.  He believes his race were captured and enslaved by the aliens that actually genetically engineered them.  His race were created for one reason, for war.  Their genetic material was gathered from literally hundreds of planets, created to be the perfect warriors.  The race that created him, were like a virus, spreading outward through the universe, they expanded so quickly as they created clones of themselves, as they expanded their empire.  They would conquer planets and make them clone worlds or research world, or some planets were turned into giant ship yards.  This race, had to find faster and faster ways to expand to new worlds, prior to creating Kael's race they used high energy high radiation weapons to clear all life from a planet, but the planet would become a nuclear waste uninhabited for centuries, delaying their expansion.  They could not fight themselves as they were physically weak, so they made a race of warriors who they would send to planets to kill all life, then they would turn them into home worlds.

Kael's race has a true form which is somewhat demonic in appearance, they are immortal and the older they get the more demonic they appear, their bodies growing armoured shells, spikes growing out of that body armour.  Horns atop their heads and wings sprouting out of their backs.  Tentacles are able to slide out of their armoured bodies.

They are however able to learn to shape shift into different forms, including taking a completely human shape.  His race are able to heal from pretty much any wounds, but they need to feed on compatable blood to maintain their full strength and power.  He has any powers you would commonly associate with either vampires, werewolves or demons, being their genetic ancestor.

Having been created countless millions of years ago, he escaped slaver, freeing many of his race along with another race, which unknown to them was the race used for their base genetic code, who had compatable blood.  They created their own world to live in peace, when their creators found them and attacked the planet destroying it.

Kael and his people escaped with one mother ship and some light fighters.  They seeded life on earth and a number of other worlds many galaxies away and then went into hybernation, occasionally awakening to check on the people on their various worlds.

This character can turn up in ANY era and can be played in pretty much any setting, ask for a more detailed history.

A male leopard anthro

A lunar exalted