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Author Topic: Ancient Greece, SW, Fantasies ... F seeking M  (Read 821 times)

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Ancient Greece, SW, Fantasies ... F seeking M
« on: February 07, 2011, 11:31:04 pm »
Here's some story ideas I have! If any interest you, please send me a personal message. I'm open to contributing ideas too.

#1 - Spoils of War - Ancient Greece.
My role - the Princess/Priestess. Your role - the Hero/Sacker of Cities

A young Hero in his 30s leads an attack on a small kingdom after a series of successful raids. It is the most difficult kingdom to penetrate by far; and when at last the kingdom falls it is due to the efforts of the Hero. He chooses his prize from the treasures - the daughter of the King, who is also a virgin priestess of Athene.

She is, naturally an unwilling lover to begin with. The Hero sacked her city, killed her brothers and takes her prized virtue. For his part, he finds her beautiful, but nothing more than a sex slave. In time however, as they travel whilst he continues his warrior's lifestyle, they begin to develop feelings for one another ... but it is confounded by her reluctance to accept she loves the Sacker of Cities, and his long prearranged marriage with a princess of Troy ....

#2 - Mine! - Star Wars.
My role - the female Jedi. Your role - the male Jedi!

They knew one another as children, training in the Jedi Academy together. As they grew older their hearts grew fonder of one another, but given the Jedi code they could not permit themselves to acknowledge their love or display any affection for one another. As the years pass and they leave the Academy and become Jedi Knights, their paths cross now and again. Each time their desire is rekindled, but nothing comes of it.

Each has been steadily going crazy with desire, obsessing about the other in secret. The need culminates when He sees her undercover at a ball. Incredibly, she is flirting with her mark! At first he convinces himself his rage is that she seems to be breaking the code, but soon realise it is because she is showing another affection.

That evening, he breaks into her quarters and seems to fall into a madness. He initially forces himself on her, but she soon reciprocates the passion. Afterward, they realise they cannot hide their feelings from one another any longer and begin a very secret affair spanning a few years, meeting infrequently, whenever they can.

This all leads into the Jedi purge, and who knows what happens then?

#3 - For My Own - Medieval/original fantasy realm
My role - the young Queen. Your role - the dark Lord

Two kingdoms have been at war for years beyond count. Kingdom A is basically good and they are fighting to keep the darkness of Kingdom B at bay.

Coming into this is an alliance between Kingdom A and Kingdom C. A princess from C is brought to marry a King of A, to secure Kingdom C's involvement to help fight the dark forces of Kingdom B. The princess is married and all seems well.

Then one day, her convey is attacked and she is kidnapped by the Dark Lord. The Queen is taken to his dungeons and forced into submission by the Dark Lord himself.

This becomes a tale of twisted romance - she gradually comes over to the Dark Lord's side, seeing all is not as she was told by her Kingdom ... and she finds that little bit of evil in her heart. She's basically corrupted and the Dark Lord, in turn, finds in her the first person he has ever cared for. He intended to use her as a bargaining tool and return her to Kingdom A when his demands were met, but when they finally are ... what will he do?

#4 - The Visionary - Original fantasy realm.
My role - the Visionary. Your role - assassin/bodyguard.

In a world where the future is just a window to be opened, there come a strain of peoples known as Visionaries. Only two or three are born per generation; and they are worth more than gold and jewels. Visionaries are usually held captive by prospective rulers of each realm and used as objects rather than people.

The Visionaries obtain their visions of the future through orgasm. It has become superstitious tradition for the Visionary to therefore be taken publicly, in front of the whole royal court, by the princes of the realm as it is believed that they give the Visionary the best orgasm and she can then speak a few vital words from the future she has now foreseen.

The Visionary is to be transported from one castle stronghold to another and is given a retinue of protectors. However, the convey is attacked and only she and the Kingdom's chief assassin escape.

They are lost together in the wilderness, making a slow and steady progress back to civilisation. The assassin is surprised to learn she does not attempt escape, but has accepted her fate. This appals him, he did not know how Visionaries were treated. Along the way back, they fall in love and discover that her visions are stronger when she orgasms with someone she loves.

They're faced with a difficult choice. She believes they must return as this is her purpose. He does not want to take her back. But if they don't, the realm will send assassins after them ...

Please contact me by Private Message if any of these stories appeal to you! You can also click my link below, "Paper Lace Masks", to see my On & Offs and a bit of information as to what I'm like as a roleplayer, and what I expect. :)

Hope to hear from you soon!
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