Seeking F for a romantic sensual F/M/M story set in the wild

Started by snowleo84, February 07, 2011, 02:39:53 PM

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Here's an idea which I think can be developed in a lot of ways depending upon tastes of the players involved.
I'm looking for a female, while I'll be playing the two male characters.
The premise is such that one can take this in any direction, surely some NC stuff coming in during the later stages. Romance plays a huge part, I'd love the girl to feel torn between the love of the two men.
If you like it, or would like to discuss anything about it, please do PM me.

Mother Nature's Children

Jenna has always been the 'nature girl'. Right from contributing insightful content on nature to the magazines & websites through her school and college years, to her years with National Geographic as a presenter, she'd lived a good part of her life atop trees & machans, in DIY tents pitched up in rainforests or the African grasslands, capturing films of the wildlife from the Indian marshlands to the Australian outback. But looking at the email open on her screen, she wasn't sure if this was the opportunity of a lifetime, or just a quick buck earner for the channels.

Discovery & Nat geo had decided to fund a special project - to find out the real-life "man of the wild". A la Tarzan or Mowgli, this man was rumored to have grown up in the wild, living as one among the animals. The only evidence so far had been the references made to him by several tribesmen who were being interviewed for other documentaries, and even assuming that the translation was correct in all the cases, it was sketchy at best. But be that as it may, both the major channels were intent on being the first to discover the wild man. And hence both chose one presenter to lead the expedition.

Discovery's choice was hardly a surprise - Mark Archer was the channel's leading wildlife specialist, and his shows notched up high ratings week after week. He had good survival skills, with few tips thrown in during each episode of his series. Jenna had heard the guy was good natured but some called him eccentric, saying his time spent with the tribes, even before he was a television presenter, had left its mark on him. No crew would accompany the presenters, apart from the driver who would leave them with supplies at their base camp, slightly north of Masai territory.  All filming would be courtesy a handheld camera used by either of the two presenters.

Jenna was cracking her knuckles, thinking about this - it would be raw investigative film making, independent of the irritating channel crew, a chance to explore nature with a worthy companion. But if this failed, as she believed it would, it would be big messy pie in both their faces. And there was the ever present threat of the newbie nature presenters taking over at the channel - the 'encyclopedia enthusiasts' she called them for their bookish knowledge, and as they made sure at least one fact from the encyclopedia kept popping out of their mouths every minute.
What would Jenna do?