Princess and Captain - Honor and Temptation

Started by Tom, February 07, 2011, 07:54:47 AM

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The princess has her father's most loyal captain as her personal bodyguard. He is extremely protective of her, but he will also obey her every command. His orders are simple:

1. Protect the princess' life and safety.
2. Protect the princess' honor and virginity.
3. Do whatever she asks unless it contradicts 1 and 2.

The princess wants to seduce the guard, but he seems unyielding. In fact, he is really in love with her, and has a great inner struggle to keep both their honor. With him in her room at all times, when bathing, masturbating, changing or engaging in sexual playtime with her handmaids, he will be there watching. Slowly, she will break down his limits - engaging in one activity after the other - watching - touching - using mouth - (anal maybe) - and finally it's a question if he will go all the way and claim her or if he will let her be married off.

I can play either role.