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January 25, 2021, 01:56:34 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a Male to brainstorm with - Fantasy, Horror and Modern  (Read 882 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Hi!! :3
I'm Jay (Short for Jayde, my real name) =3

Now...lets get to know eachother shall we.
I am 20 years old, female and I live in the cold, rainy place of the UK. I love sex in rps, it gives the rp a sence of realism and I love romance and fluffyness, my weakness is a good fluffy love story.
Im engaged to a man i've been with for 4 years and I've been rping since the age of 13.

As for roleplaying-

    * At least 3-4 paragraghs per intro and 1-2 per post.
    * Good grasp of English
    * Good character development
    * Creative
    * Long Term Rp

I am dyslexic so you will have to forgive the odd spelling mistake but I make up the lack of big words with length of posts and creativity with characters, plots and twists.
Im a creative indivual, I would like you to be too and to be able to come up with events and carry the rp with me, instead of just letting me do it. I love twists and comical events also and I like character sheets.

Things I simply cant tollerate-

    * Oneliners
    * Broken English
    * Basic intros
    * Chat Speak

I also rp over emails and YIM

The first idea I have been playing on is a pirate rp. I dont mind however it goes, if you are a pirate and you kidnap my character, a princess or noble from a ship, or, If my character is a captain or crew member but since it is unlucky to have women on board, could be quite comical. Open to ideas and suggestions!

Second idea is a 'gifted' rp. i have two ideas. First is much like the boarding school in Xmen. or a freak storm caused super powers in many people, alldifferent and unique. How would you live with a super power may didnt even want.

Third, I would LOVE to do a Horror rp. Perhaps a duo of supernatural fighters. Zombies, ghosts, demons, angels you name it. No matter how gory or disterbing it may be! I already have a mission lined up!

The Rich Boys Maid

A girl gets a job in a rich familys home, needing the money to carry on studying and paying the rent on her flat. Their son is studying to take over the family trade. Now he could make up a lie, and blackmails her with this lie and makes her do all manner of things or they could just agree to be casual sex partners...but later, begins to fall in love with her. As he comes to terms with his feelings, a childhood friend whos mother owns a large company, appears and the sons father pushes him to marry her in order for their companies to combind more easyly.

Few other cravings-
Forbidden Love (DemonxHuman, AngelxHuman, AssassinxNoble, PrincessxTheif, PrincexMaid ect)

Also wanting to find someone to re-write the events of Final Fantasy 7
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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Male to brainstorm with - Fantasy, Horror and Modern
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2011, 11:49:35 AM »
Just thought of a few more

Playing on the idea of a 'two worlds' kinda thing. Like your world is our present day, and mine is alternative...Modern yes, but full of magic and dragons...n such. Which happens to be in the middle of war. By you have found a way to pass through.

A richgirlxbutler pairing. A young woman has just inhertied 30 million from a grandparent, after buying a large house, she doesnt know what to do with herself! She hires a bulter to help her around the house, but maybe he'll spark a light in her life also?